Raab says immigration promise can only be delivered by leaving the EU

RAAB Dominic headshot“David Cameron can only deliver his pledge to cut immigration to the “tens of thousands” by leaving the European Union, a justice minister warns today. Speaking to the Telegraph, Dominic Raab warned that the Government “can’t deliver on the promises” it has made to reduce migration while remaining in the EU. Mr Raab, who works in the justice department under Michael Gove, also said that there is “nothing” the UK can do to stop European courts having the “last word” on British laws unless we leave the EU.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • “Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said leaving the EU would be a “win-win for all”, urging those backing exit to “hold our nerve and vote for freedom”…suggesting the UK could ape Canada’s trade arrangement with the EU.” – BBC
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Osborne “plans insurance tax increase”

OSBORNE non-broken sword“The cost of motor insurance will rise by up to £80 in six months under plans to double a stealth tax on premiums, it emerged last night. George Osborne is believed to be preparing a dramatic increase in insurance premium tax, which is added to all policies, as part of next week’s budget. It is feared that the chancellor will increase the levy on policyholders to 12.5 per cent. The move comes only six months after the rate was increased from 6 to 9.5 per cent after changes in last year’s budget.” – The Times(£)

  • Doctors urge more social care funding – BBC
  • Don’t end our fuel’s paradise: Plea to Osborne as petrol prices rise – The Sun
  • There will be room for tax cuts – Daily Telegraph
  • Review of disability benefits to save £1.2 billion – The Sun


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Fallon sends more military trainers to Iraq

“The UK will send at least 30 more military trainers to Iraq to boost its training mission there, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said. This will bring the number of UK personnel in Iraq to more than 300. Mr Fallon said there had been “solid progress” in recent months against the so-called Islamic State group, which controls parts of the country. The team will provide training in logistics and include medical staff and bridge building experts.” – BBC

Feldman challenged over Thanet South election spending

Lord Feldman“The Conservatives face fresh questions over election spending amid claims that officials failed to correctly declare an accommodation bill for dozens of activists while trying to prevent Nigel Farage from becoming an MP. Lord Feldman of Elstree, the Tory chairman, has pledged to provide a “full explanation” over the party’s spending in the South Thanet constituency. It has been accused of failing to report a £715 bill to put up 40 Tory activists at a Margate hostel during the campaign.” – The Times(£)

McDonnell accused of talking Balls

“Labour’s former election chief Spencer Livermore has accused the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, of rehashing the tax and spending policy on which the party fought the last election. McDonnell used a speech…to announce a “fiscal credibility rule”, which would force a future Labour government to match tax revenues and day-to-day spending – while allowing borrowing to pay for investment. Lord Livermore said the rule was strikingly similar to the approach of the former shadow chancellor Ed Balls…whose policies were derided by supporters of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as “austerity-lite”.” – The Guardian

  • Livingstone stands by Savile jibe – BBC
  • Labour MP pulls put of segregated seating fund raiser – Independent
  • Labour’s biggest donors abandon Paryt to fund leadership rivals – Daily Telegraph

UKIP hope to rob Labour of power in Wales

UKIP logo“Ukip is set to surge to election success in Wales as Labour risks losing its control of the nation’s assembly, leading academics have predicted. Labour admits that it will be the toughest election campaign it has fought for the Senedd, where it has been in government for 17 years…Nigel Farage’s party is set to win up to nine seats in the Welsh assembly on May 5, according to polling, and Neil Hamilton and Mark Reckless, both former Conservative MPs, are likely to be elected for Ukip.” – The Times(£)

  • Labour pains – Leader The Times(£)
  • UKIP and Lib Dems to get two ITV election slots but Green Party just one – The Guardian

Trump calls off rally after clashes

“Donald Trump has called off a rally in Chicago after protests against the Republican presidential front-runner led to violent clashes. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the venue at the University of Illinois at Chicago hours before Mr Trump was due. Inside the auditorium, fighting broke out between supporters and protesters, who waved flags and chanted.” – BBC

Oborne: Cameron to blame for power vacuum in Libya

oborne“It is time that Cameron, too, is held to account for the military intervention in Libya — just as Blair was for his invasion of Iraq. The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee should summon the Prime Minister to explain his conduct during the Libyan adventure. It should ask why he appears to have ignored his most senior military adviser? It should ask if preparations for the aftermath of invasion were adequate? In particular, it should ask what is the point of the Foreign Office if it can’t even answer a desperate plea for help from the Libyan Prime Minister?” – Peter Oborne Daily Mail

Parris: Democracy is not such a good thing

“It is time to rank democracy along with so much else that is sometimes, and partially, and up to a point, a good thing. The discussion is overdue. Or else, as HL Mencken put it: “On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned with a moron.”- Matthew Parris The Times(£)

Moore: Obama has failed to lead the free world

MOORE Charles blue background“Mr Obama has been busy fighting climate change. When you are saving the planet, he suggests, there isn’t much time to deal with mere mass murderers, such as Isil. Despite his African heritage, the first black President seems more preoccupied than any other leader by what are known as “First World problems”. So, for nearly eight years now, the leader of the free world has not led it – time enough to notice the unfavourable difference this has made to the global balance of power.” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

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