Cameron accused of recruiting France to ‘Project Fear’…

EU monsters project fear“Downing Street was accused of orchestrating an EU ‘propaganda’ campaign aimed at scaring British voters last night with an apparent threat by France to scrap immigration controls at Calais. First, French economy minister Emmanuel Macron claimed a Brexit would provoke France into tearing up the bilateral deal that sees thousands of migrants halted before they cross the Channel. Then, at a joint press conference with David Cameron, Francois Hollande warned Britain could face serious ‘consequences’ over immigration measures if it quit the EU.” – Daily Mail

  • Expect ‘consequences’ if you leave, warns Hollande – The Times (£)
  • Britain would need to pay in and take migrants, claims German finance minister – The Times (£)
  • Stewart claims Brexit would hinder fight against international wildlife crime – The Independent
  • Backlash as BMW threaten job losses – Daily Mail
  • In campaign urges young to lobby their gransparents on EU – The Times (£)
  • Sturgeon to campaign for In with public funds and civil service – Daily Telegraph
  • Momentum not campaigning in EU referendum – The Guardian
  • Rose claims he hopes he’s dead before the next EU vote – The Sun
  • What should the City fear most from Brexit? – FT
  • Lucas accuses Labour of ‘complacency’ on EU vote – The Guardian
  • Alan Johnson on why Wales needs the EU – WalesOnline
  • Cameron, Merkel, and Hollande tell Putin to curb Syria raids – The Times (£)

…as he promises to end personal attacks on Brexiteers

“David Cameron has agreed to end personal attacks on Brexit supporters after admitting his bitter onslaught on Boris Johnson has backfired. Lashing out at the London Mayor for backing the Leave campaign just to advance his Tory leadership hopes was “a mistake”, the PM has now conceded. During a No10 strategy session this week, aides told Mr Cameron it stirred up fury among Eurosceptic Tory MPs, made him look unstatesmanlike, and invited a series of high profile revenge attacks from seething Boris.” – The Sun

  • Chambers of Commerce support Leave to escape red tape – Daily Mail
  • Two hundred small businesses back Brexit – Daily Express
  • Boris urges Britain to stop ‘clutching skirts’ of Brussels bureaucrats – Daily Express
  • Cameron faces TV debate clash with Gove – The Times (£)
  • Boris belittles Osborne’s claim tbat EU won’t do trade deal with Britain – Daily Express
  • Villiers accused of side-stepping questions on NI Brexit impact – Belfast Telegraph
  • Javid remains Brussels basher despite opposing Brexit – The Guardian
  • British businesses that relish the prospect of life outside the EU – FT
  • Pro-Brexit lesbian and gay campaign launched – The Sun
  • Vote Leave told to stop using NHS logo on literature – The Independent
  • MoD mandarin claims quitting EU would help British manufacturers – Daily Mail
  • Swiss scrap decades-old application to join EU – The Times (£)
  • Vote Leave claims it will be the official Brexit campaign – The Guardian


Iain Duncan Smith: It’s time to cut the spin, smears, and threats

DUNCAN SMITH Union flag T-shirt“The Remain campaign’s case seems almost wholly based on what they describe as the nightmare of leaving. This case has in whole or in part become characterised by spin, smears and threats. This was not what we were told the debate would be about and so for those keen to stay in the EU I register a concern and also a challenge.” – Daily Mail

  • Ignore Mandelson, we’d trade much better outside the EU – Patrick Minford, The Times (£)
  • France is trying to blackmail Britain into staying In – Julia Hartley-Brewer, Daily Telegraph
  • Too much drama from the anti-Brexit campaigners – Sebastian Payne, FT
  • Why Boris is right about Europe – Ashoka Mody, The Independent
  • Cameron’s unlikely French love affair may be his saviour – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
  • These project fear scaremongers insult our intelligence – Daily Mail


  • Rose is now everyone’s favourite comic turn – Quentin Letts’ sketch, Daily Mail
  • Cameron and Hollande sound like a couple of gangsters – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


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Cameron claims Tories can stop Scotland being a one-party state

“David Cameron will today argue only the Conservatives can prevent Scotland becoming a one-party state after May’s Holyrood election and warn the SNP is now the “establishment” despite its “litany of failure” in office. The Prime Minister will use his keynote speech at the Scottish Tory conference in Edinburgh to attack the Nationalists’ nine-year record in power and argue that Labour’s “collapse” means it is no longer capable of holding them to account.” – Daily Telegraph

Osborne abandons planned raid on middle class pensions

OSBORNE penknife“George Osborne is set to abandon a planned raid on middle-class pensions in the face of a Tory backlash. Well-placed sources say the Chancellor will reluctantly drop plans to introduce a flat rate of tax relief on pensions in this month’s Budget.” – Daily Mail

  • Millions of savers could lose out in radical pensions shake-up – Daily Telegraph
  • Raid on middle class could save £10 billion a year – The Sun
  • Minister takes on Treasury over pension ISA – FT
  • IFS chief calls on Chancellor to give middle classes a tax break – Daily Mail
  • Scale of opposition tests Osborne’s radical plans – FT
  • City watchdog scraps rip-off pension fees – Daily Mail
  • Treasury balks at plan to charge companies £1,000 for foreign staff – FT

Fraser Nelson: We need a Conservative Chancellor, not more Labour policies

“So far, the Chancellor’s trademarks have been caution and intellectual timidity. Take his Budget last year, passed when the Labour Party lay vanquished and the Liberal Democrats routed. He had the chance to do whatever he wanted, to change the terms of debate. Instead, we saw a raft of Labour ideas: the abolition of non-dom status, a levy imposed on companies, putatively to pay for apprentices.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Osborne’s desire to further cut spending makes little sense – Martin Wolf, FT
  • Just stop tampering with pensions, Chancellor – Daily Telegraph editorial

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Hunt claims doctors won’t bully him

HUNT Doctor Carla Millar“An unpopular contract had to be forced on junior doctors to show that the government will not be “held to ransom” by militant staff, the health secretary said. Jeremy Hunt told NHS bosses at the Nuffield Trust health policy summit that scrapping the new contract would have “sent a signal” to the rest of the health service that striking could bully ministers into changing course.” – The Times (£)

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Labour spared £8 million in cuts as ministers prepare trades union climbdown

“Ministers are preparing to row back on controversial union reforms that could cost Labour £8 million in funding, it has emerged. A series of climbdowns is being prepared after Labour, the Liberal Democrats and crossbench peers said that the plan was a partisan attempt to slash the funding of an opposition party.” – The Times (£)

Jarvis receives major donations as he’s set up to challenge Corbyn

JARVIS Dan“One of Labour’s biggest private donors has made a donation to Dan Jarvis in a sign that the MP is seen increasingly as a challenger to replace Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Jarvis, a former paratrooper, received £16,800 last month from Martin Taylor, the hedge fund guru who gave £600,000 to the party under Ed Miliband. Mr Taylor is the second big donor to support the Barnsley MP, suggesting that he is being groomed as a potential leader.” – The Times (£)

  • MP claims Labour needs to undergo ‘fundamental reform’ – The Independent
  • Blairites would be foolish to launch coup against Corbyn, warns Abbott – The Independent
  • Leader warned Labour must win 400 new council seats to save leadership – Daily Express
  • Corbyn talks business with corporate chiefs – FT
  • Opposition leader fails to charm business – Tom Peck’s sketch, The Independent

How Blair spent billions going backwards on education

“In parallel with the ambitious new targets, Blair started spending. A total of 35,000 new teachers would be appointed and hundreds of schools would be rebuilt.Instead of giving head teachers more powers to sack bad teachers, he urged them to reward the good ones with extra payments. The policy was ill considered: in the end, nearly every teacher in England was rewarded with a bonus — with average pay going up by 6.6 per cent.” – Daily Mail

Union leaders expelled from Labour readmitted under Corbyn

LABOUR dead rose“Two firebrand union leaders previously expelled from the Labour Party have been readmitted after supporting Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership. Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union and Matt Wrack, who leads the Fire Brigades Union, have both been welcomed back to Labour after being banned for being too left-wing.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour leader centres moral compass by watching EastEnders – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn, master of the bored room – Patrick Kidd’s sketch, The Times (£)
  • Ex-Labour MEP used staff allowance to fund holidays – Daily Mail
  • Austin rages at Cameron for making British medals in France – Daily Mail

Trump fends off rivals in Republican debate

“On a night when Mr Trump was for two hours the sole target of other candidates’ assaults, the frontrunner emerged largely unruffled, heaping pressure on his rivals at the start of a fortnight that could effectively seal his nomination if he continues to outperform them in a flurry of crunch primaries, up to and including March 15.” – The Times (£)

News in Brief:

  • Staggering aerial photos of vast migrant camp on Macedonian border – Daily Mail
  • Scientists claim cure for cancer is closer – The Times (£)
  • Kim Jong-un orders nuclear arsenal put on standby – Daily Telegraph
  • Portuguese MP strips in Parliament to protest wage cut – The Sun
  • EU closes on migrant deal with Turkey – FT
  • Warring sides in secret talks to resolve parades dispute – Belfast Telegraph