Brady predicts 100 Tory MPs will campaign for ‘Leave’

EU Exit brexit“As many as 100 Tory MPs will line up against the Prime Minister and campaign for Britain to leave the EU, it was claimed last night. Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs, said he expected 100 MPs to vote against Mr Cameron’s deal.” – Daily Mail

  • Brexit poll puts Downing Street in a state of ‘panic’ – The Times (£)
  • Britain could end up paying more to Poles after EU deal – Daily Mail
  • Europe feels like days before Great War, warns President – The Times (£)
  • Tusk warns the migrant crisis may push Britain out – Daily Mail
  • President fears ‘populist wave’ of referendums – FT


  • What would happen to the EU after Brexit? – Daily Telegraph
  • Letter which proves Thatcher would back Brexit – Daily Mail
  • Spirit of Thatcher invoked in Tories’ referendum debate – FT
  • Scottish pro-EU campaign promises to be ‘Project Cheer’ – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Independent’ Brexit research groups have close links to Vote Leave – The Independent


  • Thatcher returns to haunt errant aide who claimed she’d support ‘Remain’ – Daily Mail editorial

Marina Wheeler: Without proper control of our laws, the rest of this deal matters little

“Aside from eroding national sovereignty (which it does) the current situation also undermines legal certainty — which, in turn, undermines good governance. Proper reform needs to address the EU legal order, in particular the jurisdictional muscle-flexing of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The new proposals do not do this. Instead, they duck the issue entirely — clearing the way for a whole new body of EU rights law.” – The Spectator

  • The full-length version – UK Human Rights Blog
  • Is Boris backing Brexit after his wife’s 2,700 essay savaging Cameron’s EU deal? – Daily Mail
  • Wheeler wields the knife on the Prime Minister’s renegotiation – The Times (£)


  • Why has no Cabinet member done the decent thing and resigned over Europe? – Nigel Jones, Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit could drag all of Europe into disaster – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)
  • Why British Muslims should vote to leave the EU – Naheed Majeed, Daily Telegraph

>Today: Lord Ashcroft in Comment: “If Britain leaves, we’ll be left behind with all these losers” – what the Dutch make of Brexit


Cameron appoints new exports Czar…

Building shield“The boss of Waitrose supermarkets has been appointed a trade minister by David Cameron. Mark Price, who calls himself the ‘Chubby Grocer’, replaces Lord Maude who is stepping down after less than a year in role. The 55-year-old has the uphill task of trying to reverse Britain’s dismal record on exports, on which the Government is way off its £1trillion target set for 2020.” – Daily Mail

  • Lord Maude, the Trade Minister, praised for ‘exemplary service’ as he steps down – Daily Mail

Other news:

  • Charities attack curbs on lobbying – The Times (£)
  • The Prime Minister suits the office as Brown and Major never did – Quentin Letts’ sketch, Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Mark Menzies MP in Comment: Relaxing arcane restrictions on Sunday trading is necessary to reinvigorate Britain’s high streets

…and throws down the gauntlet to the SNP on powers

“David Cameron has said that “no one is keener” to agree a deal on Scotland’s new powers because he wants to see the SNP is “made of” when it has to start making difficult decisions on tax and spending. The Prime Minister said he wanted to replace the Nationalists’ “grievance agenda” with a “governing agenda” but the financial arrangements that accompany the new powers need to be fair to taxpayers across the UK.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Prime Minister tells Sturgeon: your move on powers – Daily Telegraph
  • Nationalists deny ‘nobbling’ Fiscal Commission’s oversight process – The Guardian
  • North Sea only yields £7 million ‘Scottish’ tax per month – Daily Telegraph
  • First Minister admit Scotland’s GP recruitment challenge – The Independent

MPs warn EVEL is ‘likely’ to be scrapped

England Parliament“The Government’s English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) system is too complex and likely to be scrapped in the future, MPs have warned. The Public Administration Select Committee said the “hostility” with which the arrangements were viewed by parties other than the Tories suggested they could end up as a “short term experiment”.” – The Scotsman

>Yesterday: Henry Hill’s Red, White, and Blue column: Now Sturgeon accuses Tories of sabotaging talks

Ministers 1) Morgan rejects compulsory sex education

“Calls for sex education to be made compulsory were rejected by the government yesterday, angering many teachers’ groups and charities who had pressed for a change. Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, announced the decision in spite of calls for mandatory sex education from three cross-party committees of MPs, the children’s commissioner and the government’s chief medical officer.” – The Times (£)

  • Gibb slaps down pop star who questions curriculum – The Sun

>Yesterday: John Bald in Local Government: The Blob is really an octopus

Ministers 2) Hunt under fire for failing to protect whistleblowers

NHS_Logo“No doctors sacked for exposing care scandals have been given their jobs back at the same level, it emerged yesterday. Senior medical figures accused Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of failing to act on a landmark report into NHS whistleblowing.” – Daily Mail

  • More junior doctors defy strike action – The Times (£)
  • Health Secretary prepares to force new contract to end dispute – The Sun
  • NHS productivity falls for third year – FT
  • Department of Health receives £205 million emergency bailout – The Guardian


  • This persecution of medical tip-offs is another ‘triumph’ for Leveson – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Andrew Haldenby in Comment: Why now is the time to rally around Hunt

Johnson’s father will appeal decision not to prosecute Clarke

“The father of the young activist whose suicide sparked the Tatler Tory bullying scandal will today appeal against the decision not to bring criminal charges. Elliott Johnson, 21, was said to have been threatened by senior Conservative election aide Mark Clarke, who has since been kicked out of the party.” – Daily Mail

MPs: Wragg reveals difficulties of home-buying

HOMES Manifesto“A Tory MP earning £74,000-a-year has revealed that he is still living with his parents because he cannot afford to buy a home. William Wragg, 28, says he is part of the ‘clipped wing generation’ of graduates who are forced to go home to save a deposit.” – Daily Mail

  • Norman warns against lack of accountability at top of BBC – Daily Mail
  • Gray fights to stop Lords scrapping vellum-printing tradition – Daily Telegraph
  • Solicitor completely abandons £250,000 compensation claim against Merriman – Daily Mail
  • We’ll no longer know if MPs are arrested – The Times (£)

McCluskey hits out at Corbyn… and his critics

“The boss of Unite — the UK’s biggest trade union — admitted that the Labour leader has made mistakes, telling the Oxford Union there was “some sloppiness in the early months of his leadership.” Mr McCluskey also hit out at the “cabal” of Labour “malcontents” he said were plotting against the hard-left socialist leader.” – The Sun

  • Israeli Labour leader calls Corbyn ‘naive’ on fighting terror – Daily Telegraph


  • Both Corbyn and the moderates think they’re going to beat the other – Jenni Russell, The Times (£)

Is Khan’s fare freeze costing him his chance to be Mayor?

Sadiq Khan“The Labour candidate for Mayor of London has pledged a four-year freeze for bus and train fares in the capital if elected… But TfL has blown a hole in his financial estimates by saying his key tranpsort policy would actually cost a staggering £1.9billion… The Tooting MP has been taken to task over his showpiece election pledge in recent days.” – The Sun

>Today: Local Government: Counting the cost of Khan

UKIP knowingly ran criminals as candidates

“Ukip knowingly allowed dozens of racists, homophobes and violent criminals to stand as prospective MPs and councillors at the last election, The Times can reveal. The Eurosceptic party was aware that at least 14 of its candidates last May had violent pasts, including three who were guilty of assault and two who had committed grievous bodily harm. It allowed them to run anyway.” – The Times (£)

  • People’s Army faces debts and is struggling to pay bills – The Times (£)

Clegg backs medicinal cannabis legalisation

Nick Clegg 16-04-15“A campaign to legalise the medical use of cannabis is being launched amid warnings that up to 1.1 million people across Britain are currently breaking the law by taking the drug to combat the pain of chronic conditions. The drive, which coincides with a Coronation Street storyline focusing on the issue, is being supported by the former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and senior politicians from all parties.” – The Independent

News in Brief:

  • Eight thousand cabbies shut down central London in bid to shut down competition – Daily Mail
  • British boy of four seen blowing up ‘spies’ in ISIS video – The Times (£)
  • Supermarkets face ban on ‘special offers’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Experts urge Government to rethink Starter Homes plan – FT
  • UK licencing law to change to protect kids from powdered and vaporised alcohol – The Sun
  • Christie and Fiorina quit race for the Republican nomination – Daily Mail
  • Health campaigners call for alcohol-only counters – The Scotsman
  • Welsh Government abandons three quarters of planned education cuts – Wales Online
  • Bid to change Ulster abortion law fails after emotive debate – News Letter

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