Tory threat to oust Cameron after EU vote

Snip20160228_2“David Cameron has been warned he will face a Tory leadership challenge even if he wins the European Union referendum if he does not call a halt to ‘blue on blue’ attacks on fellow Conservatives. Tory ministers and senior backbenchers threatened a no-confidence vote unless the prime minister tones down his attacks on Boris Johnson and other Eurosceptics and withdraws a threat to sack them…”

  • Heywood summoned to appear before MPs – Sunday Times (£)
  • A senior backbencher said: ‘Cameron’s position will be untenable even if he wins the referendum if he carries on like this’” – Sunday Times (£)
  • Fretful anxiety in Number 10 as the rebellion flourishes – Anne McElvoy, Mail on Sunday
  • Divided Tories should play the ball, not the man – Sunday Times editorial (£)
  • Cameron must abandon Project Fear – David Owen, Sun on Sunday
  • All this sound and fury over Europe will do nothing to sway rational voters – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph



Cameron: A vote to leave is the gamble of the century

Snip20160228_1“A year ago, the Conservative election manifesto contained a clear commitment: security at every stage of your life… There is no doubt in my mind that the only certainty of exit is uncertainty; that leaving Europe is fraught with risk… A vote to leave is the gamble of the century” – Sunday Telegraph

IDS: I am prepared to be sacked

“In his first major interview on the EU ahead of the ‘in/out’ referendum in June, Mr Duncan Smith sets out the key questions that David Cameron and other In campaigners must answer. He warns the Prime Minister against a purge of eurosceptics at the next Cabinet reshuffle, and declares that if he loses his job, the battle for Britain’s future will still have been worth it” – Sunday Telegraph

Cameron to take on Boris or Gove in TV Brexit debate

“Boris Johnson or Michael Gove will go head to head with David Cameron in the most important television debate of the EU referendum campaign. Eurosceptics say either the mayor of London or the justice secretary will be their standard-bearer in a Question Time showdown to be broadcast by the BBC on June 15… The flagship debate will see the leader of each camp take questions from a studio audience one after the other so they will not share a stage at the same time” – Sunday Times (£)

Hammond hurls abuse at Cash

HAMMOND Philip white background“The Tory feud over Europe turned nasty last night when it emerged that Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond hurled foul-mouthed abuse at an anti- Brussels Conservative grandee. Mr Hammond called Conservative MP Sir Bill Cash ‘a total s***’ for publishing a secret Brussels legal report on the EU deal negotiated by David Cameron – in direct defiance of the Foreign Secretary’s orders to keep it under wraps” – Mail on Sunday

Osborne slaps down Boris

“George Osborne took aim at Boris Johnson yesterday – using the platform of a powerhouse economic summit to mock the London Mayor’s jocular advocacy of Brexit. The Chancellor said that his fellow finance ministers at the G20 meeting in China had all agreed that the global economy would suffer a damaging shock if Britain voted to leave the European Union. Pointedly, he then said that Brexit was not ‘some amusing adventure’, but a ‘deadly serious’ decision to take” – Mail on Sunday

  • How my brother Boris went for Brexit – Rachel Johnson, Mail on Sunday
  • Brexit is an economic opportunity, not a deathly curse – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Mervyn King warns the world is on the brink of another crash – Sunday Telegraph

Rees-Mogg identifies Kerry as “terrorist sympathiser”

Jacob Rees-Mogg 17-12-15“Barack Obama’s foreign policy chief is a one-time IRA sympathiser unfit to tell Britain to stay in the EU, Eurosceptic Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed. Mr Rees-Mogg, a leading ‘Out’ campaigner, sparked a diplomatic row by accusing US Secretary of State John Kerry of having harboured sympathies for suspected terrorists. The claim comes after Mr Kerry intervened in the referendum debate by saying the US had a ‘profound interest’ in the UK staying in the EU” – Mail on Sunday

Lidington says Brexit would lead to “economic limbo”

“The UK would face a decade of massive economic uncertainty with potentially disastrous consequences for business and the pound if it were to vote to leave the EU, the Europe minister says. The dramatic warning from David Lidington, a key figure in David Cameron’s renegotiation of EU membership, is part of a frontal assault launched by Downing Street and the Foreign Office aimed at discrediting the campaign for Brexit, now headed by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove” – Observer

  • Interview with Lidington – Observer
  • Nine deceptions in our history with the EU – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph

Fox: Our defence depends on NATO, not the EU

Fox“The safety of our people is dependent on two sources – NATO and our intelligence services, not the EU. NATO brings with it the defence commitment of the United States… It is a strengthened and more committed NATO approach that will contain external threats, including Russia” – Mail on Sunday

  • Brexit would strengthen our security – Colonel Richard Kemp, Sunday Express
  • Special forces veteran Jonathan Shaw says it’s too dangerous to quit the EU – Mail on Sunday

May accused of rushing “snooper’s charter” into law

“Home Secretary Theresa May was last night accused of rushing her so-called ‘snooper’s charter’ into the Commons while MPs are distracted by the EU referendum campaign. Tory rebels joined forces with Labour to criticise the Home Secretary for hastily putting the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill to a Commons vote next week, despite warnings from MPs that it did not sufficiently address concerns about the intrusive spying powers of the intelligence agencies” – Mail on Sunday

Britain sends no asylum seekers back to Greece

Greece flag greek“Britain has not sent any asylum seekers back to Greece for five years after human rights judges ruled that conditions there were inhumane. Under EU rules, refugees are meant to claim asylum in the first safe country they reach, and can be returned there if they instead seek refugee status in a richer nation. But Ministers have admitted that there have been no returns to Greece under the so-called Dublin Regulations since 2010 because of a judgment by the powerful European Court of Human Rights” – Mail on Sunday

  • The desperate plight of migrants in Athens – Ian Birrell, Mail on Sunday
  • Britain paid £886 million in benefits to jobless migrants in one year – Mail on Sunday
  • Judge lets Romanian rapist return to Britain – Mail on Sunday

Tory activist’s parents release suicide note

“The parents of the Tory activist whose suicide sparked a bullying scandal last night hit back at claims that his death was linked to a family row over him being gay. Ray and Alison Johnson released a heart-rending suicide note in which their son Elliott repeatedly tells them he loves them, thanks them for their ‘awe- inspiring help’ – and signs off with 16 kisses. The note suggests the main cause of his death was bullying triggered by a vicious Tory power struggle – as well as losing his job and going broke as a result” – Mail on Sunday

Labour activists complain that Corbyn prefers CND

CORBYN Jeremy“Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has caused outrage among his own party after snubbing plans to spend the day campaigning against Brexit. Instead, the leader addressed a crowd estimated to have been in the many tens of thousands, who gathered in London in the biggest anti-nuclear demonstration for a generation… Labour activists and supporters were quick to point out Mr Corbyn’s conspicuous absence from pro-EU effort” – Mail on Sunday

  • Corbyn and Sturgeon revive spirit of the 1980s at Trident protest – Observer
  • Think tank says Trident could be redundant before it is launched – Independent on Sunday
  • Sturgeon vows to make Trident key election issue – Sunday Herald


News in brief

  • Kenny plans to form government despite losses in Irish general election – Guardian
  • Clinton defeats Sanders in South Carolina primary – Guardian
  • Germans spied on British and Americans in Brussels – Sunday Times (£)
  • Meerkat handler speaks out over love spat at London Zoo – Mail on Sunday

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