Renegotiation 1) Ministers demand snap Cabinet meeting – or else they’ll break ranks over Brexit

ConHome EU shirt Cameron‘Up to 20 ministers are rumoured to be preparing to back the Leave campaign…Downing Street has warned any ministers wanting to campaign to leave the EU will have to wait until after a special Cabinet meeting for permission to speak out against the government’s pro-EU position. However, Eurosceptics warned they will break ranks and ignore Mr Cameron’s edict to stay silent, if he does not call an emergency Cabinet meeting to set them free next Saturday morning, after the Brussels summit concludes on Friday.’ – Sunday Telegraph

>Today: Tim Loughton on Comment: Why on earth is the Prime Minister rushing into this referendum?

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Cameron should adopt an equivocal tone in the EU referendum

Renegotiation 2) Cameron looks to extend welfare ‘brake’ to seven years

‘David Cameron is likely be allowed to limit benefit payments to EU workers for seven years. As his trump card in the renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the rest of the EU, the Prime Minister will claim his much-criticised ‘emergency brake’ has been beefed up following talks with European leaders. But Eurosceptics say the move is a ‘pitiful red herring’ which will have no impact on levels of immigration.’ – Mail on Sunday

>Today: ToryDiary: How Corbyn could help to deliver victory for Leave

Renegotiation 3) Dobbs: This deal doesn’t measure up – so it’s time to vote leave

DOBBS Michael‘The EU is not a place of worship. It is neither immortal nor inevitable. It is in a bad place. What we need, what we must have, is fundamental, far-reaching change — the prime minister’s words — yet the deal offered by Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, is a mouse that barely squeaks let alone roars. It fails to measure up to Bloomberg…Do we remain in an institution that shows itself incapable of fundamental change, or face the challenge of voting to leave? It’s the most painful decision I’ve had to face in politics. I applaud with all my heart the prime minister for his courage in giving us this choice. And I will vote leave.’ – Michael Dobbs, Sunday Times (£)

Gove and Grayling: Punishment and rehabilitation go hand in hand

‘Probation staff have delivered a vital transformation of rehabilitation, and we are hugely grateful for their dedication, commitment and professionalism. But there is more to do – our reforms must now continue in our prisons. Unless offenders are kept safe and secure, in decent surroundings, free from violence, disorder and drugs, then we cannot begin to prepare them for a better, more moral, life on the outside. This country’s persistent past failure to reduce re-offending was shameful. That is why we are reforming prisons and probation.’ – Michael Gove and Chris Grayling, Sunday Telegraph

NHS charge paid by migrants fails to cover cost of care

NHS‘The cost of treating temporary migrants on the NHS is four times what is collected from the Government’s much-vaunted new charge, official figures show. Eighteen months ago Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised the Health Surcharge and other measures would ‘make sure the NHS is better resourced’. But almost a year after it went live, the bombshell figures reveal British taxpayers are still subsidising the health costs of foreign students and others by hundreds of millions of pounds every year.’ – Mail on Sunday

Ministers accused of stealthy u-turn over wind subsidies

‘Ministers have been accused of planning a U-turn that would see consumers fund new onshore wind farms through green levies. The Government confirmed it was “looking carefully” at a wind industry proposal to continue public financial support for new turbines, despite a manifesto pledge to halt expansion. Critics described the proposal as a con, and said the Conservatives’ policy had been “crystal clear” that the subsidies would stop. Under the plan, households would still be forced to pay millions of pounds on their energy bills to fund new wind farms.’ – Sunday Telegraph

Morgan seeks American candidate for Ofsted

MORGAN Nicky officiall version‘Nicky Morgan wants to hire an American with a track record of taking on the unions to become the next chief inspector of schools, The Sunday Times can reveal. Senior government sources say the education secretary is aiming to recruit a new head of Ofsted from overseas to replace Michael Wilshaw, who will stand down in December. In a move that will unleash a fresh row with the teaching unions, Morgan believes that an outsider who has defeated union resistance to education reform abroad will raise school standards in the UK…The early favourite is Dave Levin, co-founder of the KIPP public charter group which set up a network of 183 high- performing schools. More than 87% of the pupils come from low-income families yet to date more than 90% have graduated from high school and more than 80% have gone on to college.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Hands: Our compromise offer to the Scottish Government

‘The Scottish Government’s deal would mean the Scottish Government benefitting from billions of pounds from the growth in income and other taxes in the rest of the UK, long after these taxes have been devolved, whilst keeping all devolved taxes in Scotland to themselves. This is not logical, and does not meet Smith’s taxpayer fairness principle. But the UK Government wants a deal because we want Scotland to benefit from effective use of the substantial powers being devolved. And therefore we have proposed a new funding model to the Scottish Government, which seeks to meet the Scottish Government’s demands halfway.’ – Greg Hands, Scotland on Sunday

Dorries: How Batmanghelidjh mesmerised me, the media and Cameron

Camila Batmanghelidjh 04-07-15‘The conference delegates were mesmerised. Jeremy Paxman interviewed her, he was mesmerised. She appeared on Question Time and the audience was mesmerised. The whole nation seemed to be under her spell. Now it’s all collapsed, the spell is broken and Kids Company has folded. Two weeks ago the powerful Commons Public Accounts Select Committee released its damning report into the charity. It was not comfortable reading for any of us who’d been so badly mistaken.’ – Nadine Dorries, Mail on Sunday

  • Kids Company psychologist banned for taking drugs with vulnerable client – Mail on Sunday 

MP helps to deliver his baby daughter at home

‘Mr Quince’s wife, Elinor, had gone to hospital earlier in the evening but was sent home after a check-up. At midnight, the primary school teacher decided she should return, but just as Mr Quince was taking their bags to the car, her waters broke. ‘That was it. The baby was coming,’ Mr Quince, 33, said. ‘I thought crumbs! I’ve got to get on with this. Elinor loves Call The Midwife. I usually sit there on the laptop. Perhaps I should have paid more attention.’ – Mail on Sunday

Tory poll lead grows to 14 points

‘The Tories take a 14-point lead over Labour in this month’s ComRes poll for The Independent on Sunday. Labour’s 27 per cent support equals the party’s lowest level since just before the 2010 election. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, remains the least regarded of leading politicians, with 21 per cent having a favourable and 50 per cent an unfavourable opinion of him. While the favourability ratings of leading Tories has fallen over the past three months, Mr Corbyn’s has not changed significantly. ‘ – Independent on Sunday

‘Naive’ Corbyn will go before 2020, says GMB’s Kenny

LABOUR holes‘Jeremy Corbyn is not offering a “credible alternative” to the Tories and will not lead Labour into the next general election, according to one of the party’s biggest union backers. Sir Paul Kenny, outgoing leader of the GMB, suggested the hard-left Labour leader and his team were “naive” and must grow up and “get out more” if they wanted to come up with policies to win power.’ – Sunday Times (£)

  • Shadow Cabinet row over McDonnell’s backing for strikers – Mail on Sunday
  • Group backed by the Shadow Chancellor wanted extremist recruiter released – The Sun on Sunday (£)
  • Chuka lays into Marxists and hints at a return – Mail on Sunday
  • The Momentum leaders pressing for a purge – Sunday Telegraph
  • Anti-austerity comedians make a fortune from Government advertising – Mail on Sunday

Khan shared a platform with homophobic preacher

‘Sadiq Khan faced fresh accusations of associating with extremists last night after it emerged that he repeatedly shared a platform with a preacher who, on the night of the Paris massacres, joined a campaign for an Islamic state. Labour’s candidate for London mayor spoke alongside Suliman Gani on at least nine occasions between 2004 and 2013, even though Gani has called women “subservient” to men and condemned homosexuality, gay marriage, and even organ transplants.’ – Sunday Times (£)

  • The Government is to forbid public bodies from boycotting Israel – Sunday Times (£)

Putin tightens his grip on Syria

Putin hunting‘For now he seems to be calling all the shots in Syria’s civil war. Russian jets allowed Syrian government troops to break out of a stalemate in Aleppo, cutting supply routes into a city that has been a rebel stronghold for years. With hundreds of thousands of people facing siege in the ruins of Aleppo, and Europe fearful that thousands more fleeing to the border could trigger a new influx of refugees, top diplomats gathered to agree a flimsy ceasefire deal. Russia wrung so many concessions out of others around the table that the deal seemed more an endorsement of its role in Syria than a challenge to it.’ – The Observer

>Yesterday: Mark Field on Comment: This Conservative Government’s foreign policy has already marked a break from the Coalition’s

Hogan-Howe to meet Brittan’s widow

‘Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the beleaguered Metropolitan police commissioner, will meet the widow of Lord Brittan this week in a face-to-face confrontation over Scotland Yard’s disastrous handling of the VIP paedophile scandal. Britain’s most senior police officer will see Lady Brittan on “neutral ground” at a central London hotel on Tuesday because she does not want Hogan-Howe in her house, according to a family friend.’ – Sunday Times (£)

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