“Out means Out” says Boris on the EU referendum in Times interview…

timesborisu“Boris Johnson has backed away from the controversial claim that a vote to leave the European Union would force Brussels to give Britain a better deal, saying: “Out is out.” In his first newspaper interview since joining the Brexit campaign, the London mayor has, in effect, killed off the argument that a “leave” vote could bring another round of talks and a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership. Mr Johnson wrote on Monday that “EU history shows that they only really listen to a population when it says ‘no’ ”. Speaking to The Times, however, the mayor of London has now said that Britain should agree “a better series of arrangements” rather than seek a new deal to stay.” – The Times(£)

  • I’m like James Bond, on a mission to rescue Britain from Brussels baddies – Interview with Boris Johnson The Times(£)
  • “Ex-Conservative leader Lord Howard said an Out vote could lead to a second referendum with a better UK deal.” – BBC
  • Second referendum option is “complete fiction” says Cameron – BBC
  • Remain in “fairer, kinder EU” says Green Party leader – BBC
  • BBC failing EU impartiality test says Bridgen – Daily Telegraph
  • There would be no Gruffalo without the EU – Independent
  • Brexit supporter who shocked Question Time – Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit threat saves our kettles – Daily Mail
  • Human rights reforms shelved to avoid a new EU row – Daily Mail
  • Public “sick to death” of the EU says Priti Patel – Interview The Sun
  • Leave on 52 per cent, Remain on 48 per cent – Independent
  • Net migration three times higher than predicted – Daily Express


  • Churchill, my grandfather, always loved Europe – Nicholas Soames Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit à la Boris – Leader The Times(£)
  • The euro, like the banking system, is good for the few, not the many – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph
  • Spare us another 17 weeks of squalid spin – Leader Daily Mail
  • Money Talks – The Sun Says
  • Those saying we should leave Europe are infected with madness – Dan Hodges Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron needs a clean fight – James Forsyth The Sun
  • How the EU would dominate us if we stayed inside – Andrew Lilico Daily Telegraph



…and in a Telegraph interview he says Cabinet Ministers backing In campaign should think again

“Boris Johnson has issued an appeal to Cabinet ministers backing the campaign to stay in the European Union to “think again” and reconsider their positions. In an interview with The Telegraph, Mr Johnson warned that David Cameron’s “emergency brake” on migrant benefits will do nothing to reduce the numbers of foreigners coming to the UK. In his first detailed comments since announcing that he was backing a “Brexit”, the Mayor of London hailed the “extraordinary” response of eurosceptic MPs and said he will try to encourage ministers to change their mind and back the out campaign.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Boris pulls ahead of Osborne among grassroots Conservatives – Daily Telegraph

Javid “annoys everyone” with his EU stance

Sajid Javid 24-05-15“Sajid Javid, a former senior investment banker, argued that it would be too risky to leave the EU given the “storm clouds” gathering over the global economy with a world downturn likely. Some colleagues are sceptical of that claim, suggesting the global economy is never free of any risk. “I find the reasoning odd, but it doesn’t follow that it is insincere,” says Paul Goodman, editor of the ConservativeHome website. “Sajid Javid is no fool, and will have known that the decision is more likely to harm than help his leadership prospects.” – FT

Osborne says further spending cuts may be needed

“Chancellor George Osborne has warned he may have to make fresh cuts to public spending in next month’s Budget. Mr Osborne told the BBC global economic turmoil and slower growth meant “we may need to undertake further reductions”. He slowed the pace of cuts in the last spending review, but suggested savings could be announced in his 16 March Budget statement as figures showed the UK economy was smaller than expected.” – BBC

  • “I’m talking about is going back to government budgets and saying where we can find that extra saving” says Osborne – The Times(£)
  • Blow for Osborne as RBS loses £2bn – The Times(£)

Leadership takes it’s toll on “paranoid” Corbyn

Corbyn Snip20151129_3“Media attention upsets Mr Corbyn even more than the scheming of his enemies. Although an MP since 1983, he has never experienced the kind of personal scrutiny that comes with being leader of the opposition. “Paranoia levels are very high,” one official said. “He doesn’t really understand the interest in his private life and has been hurt by what he sees as attacks on his family.”- The Times(£)

  • Corbyn’s “playing student politics over Trident” says GMB – Daily Telegraph
  • CND compare Trident to gas chambers – The Sun

>Yesterday: Philip Dunne on Comment: Why Corbyn would be wrong to abandon Trident

UKIP predicts none Welsh Assembly seats

“UKIP’s deputy leader has endorsed suggestions it could win nine seats in May’s Welsh assembly election. Paul Nuttall told the BBC the party could also secure three seats in the London Assembly. Mr Nuttall was speaking to the Daily Politics programme, as UKIP members gathered for the party’s spring conference in Llandudno, Conwy county.” – BBC

Exit poll suggests Irish Coalition Government will fall short of overall majority

Opinion Poll graphic“The Coalition parties have fallen far short of an overall majority in the next Dáil, according to an exit poll conducted for The Irish Times by Ipsos, MRBI. Fine Gael support has slumped from 36.1 per cent in the last general election to only 26.1 per cent – a far worse result than the party anticipated at any stage of the campaign. The poll indicates the Labour Party received just under 8 per cent support, far behind the 19.5 per cent it achieved at the 2011 general election.” – Irish Times

  • “Sinn Féin will almost certainly improve on the 14 seats it currently has” – BBC

Bale: The EU is at odds with core Conservative principles

“The reason that things are as bad as they are, and may get worse before they get better, is because, unlike the Corn Laws and tariff
reform, this country’s membership of the EU does not — at least in the eyes of Eurosceptics — represent a choice between the free economy and the strong state. Indeed, in their view, the very opposite applies: staying in Europe threatens both of the Conservative party’s core principles. Rather than boosting Britain’s potential as a free-trader, any pooling of sovereignty is seen by sceptics as undermining it, removing our right to cut regulation and the trade deals we need to survive in a globalised world.” – Tim Bale FT

Parris: The EU referendum must resolve the Tory civil war

PARRIS Mathhew“If the dominating psychology within the Conservative party becomes — as after a Leave vote on June 23 it would — the mindset of paranoia abroad and an anti-progressive irritability at home, then it’s game over for the likes of me. The Peter Bones, the Liam Foxes, the Chris Graylings, the Priti Patels, and the Jacob Rees-Moggs, who would quite reasonably feel their various world views triumphantly vindicated, would have earned the right to take the Conservative brand as their own, and do what they will with it. My kind of Conservative would have lost the battle for the party’s soul and we would do best to step back gracefully and admit it.” – Matthew Parris The Times(£)

Oborne: I fear the Conservatives are becoming the sleazy party again

“Lord Feldman, Conservative Party Chairman and Cameron crony, continues to face questions about unacceptable and possibly illegal behaviour in his party. (Feldman himself has recently been accused of abusing his role by soliciting financial support for the Remain campaign.) He cannot hide behind bland and evasive answers. The stench of sleaze at the heart of the Conservative machine is growing. It’s time for them to come clean.” – Peter Oborne Daily Mail

  • Elliot Johnson had row with his parents about being gay – The Times(£)

News in brief

  • Junior doctors boycott review on poor morale – The Guardian
  • Boris and Cameron to “Clean for The Queen” – Daily Telegraph
  • School calls police over pupil looking at UKIP website – BBC
  • Decision on sugar tax delayed – Independent
  • MPs to receive a 1.3% pay rise from April, taking their salary to £74,962 – BBC
  • Blair’s “silent conspiracy” over mass immigration says new biography by Tom Bower – Daily Mail
  • Government u-turn on child poverty measurement – The Guardian

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