Heywood tries to ‘root out’ pro-Brexit ministers

EU countries and stars“Sir Jeremy has also asked senior officials to root out ministers intending to campaign for Brexit but who have not yet declared this – so the ban can be applied. Only those backing the Remain campaign will continue to get unfettered access to all government documentation. The Whitehall guidance raises concerns junior officials are being asked to ‘police’ ministers’ knowledge of their own departments’ work in a wide range of areas touched by EU law.” – Daily Mail

  • Rising fury of ministers muzzled over Brexit – The Times (£)
  • Tory EU rift widens – The Independent
  • Duncan Smith hails leaving the EU as a ‘stride into the light’ – The Times (£)
  • Work and Pensions Secretary claims Cameron has a ‘low opinion of the British people’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron urged to stop personal attacks on anti-EU MPs – FT
  • Boris’ sister warned him against drunk-texting Cameron about Brexit – The Sun


  • Relatives of murdered schoolgirl call for EU judges to stop meddling in British courts – Daily Mail
  • Optimism about EU plunging across the continent – Daily Express
  • Armed Forces leaders back leaving – The Sun
  • Military chiefs go into battle over Brexit – The Times (£)
  • UK pays £17 million a week to jobless EU migrants, warns Davies – The Sun
  • Britain to splash out £1 billion on welfare migrants in 2016 – Daily Express
  • Howard claims Leave vote need not mean Brexit – The Independent
  • Duncan Smith accuses Sturgeon of ‘hijacking’ referendum – The Scotsman


  • Cameron claims leaving EU risks future of the UK – News Letter
  • Official report claims Brexit would affect the lives of millions – The Guardian
  • Stuart Rose on why the UK should remain in the EU – FT
  • Lidington warns Britons could be forced to stop living in France and Spain – Daily Telegraph
  • Johnson claims those arguing to leave are being ‘simplistic’ – The Independent
  • Business leaders fear media backlash over Brexit opposition – FT
  • UK officials ‘instigated G20 Brexit warning’ – The Guardian


  • Farage plays down splits as he focuses on immigration – FT
  • What we learned from the Purple Army’s Welsh conference – Wales Online
  • UKIP is a mess and riddled with factions who cannot coexist forever – Sebastian Payne, FT

Boris Johnson: Don’t be taken in by Project Fear, staying in is the risky choice

“In every case the message is that Brexit is simply too scary; and the reality is that these threats are so wildly exaggerated as to be nonsense. Indeed I am ever more convinced that the real risk is to sit back and do nothing, to remain inertly and complacently in an unreformed EU that is hell-bent on a federal project over which we have no control.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Project Fear? More like Operation Pull The Other One – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Cameron’s EU scare scam is blown apart in one week – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
  • Don’t count on the EU to protect us, NATO will do that – Rear Admiral Chris Parry, The Times (£)
  • The EU is about more than business, which is why I think Scots will vote to stay – Nicola Sturgeon, The Guardian
  • Europe enters the age of disintegration – Wolfgang Münchau, FT
  • Voting Brexit to punish the Prime Minister would be self-defeating – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • Ban on Eurosceptic ministers attending EU briefings is unworkable and unconstitutional – The Times (£) editorial



Clarke urges Osborne to scrap pension relief for the wealthy

Tax Take“George Osborne is today urged to press ahead with plans to slash pension tax breaks for higher earners in next month’s budget, despite warnings that it could undermine David Cameron’s campaign to stay in Europe. Ken Clarke, who was chancellor of the exchequer under John Major, says that the nation’s finances can longer afford “extremely generous” reliefs if Mr Osborne is to clear the £70 billion a year deficit by the end of the decade.” – The Times (£)

  • Budget woes mount as Chancellor struggles with mountainous debt – Daily Telegraph
  • AA warns Osborne not to hit drivers will double tax bombshell – The Sun
  • SNP deal clears way for Sunday Trading reform – The Times (£)
  • Blow to Northern Powerhouse as North holds ten of twelve most struggling cities – The Sun
  • Osborne plans stealth tax subterfuge – Phillip Inman, The Guardian


  • Get down from the roof Chancellor, there’s a storm coming – Kate Allen, The Guardian

Wales waits to see if Crabb will press ahead with devolution overhaul

“Wales is waiting to hear whether Welsh Stephen Crabb will press ahead with plans to overhaul the nation’s devolution settlement after a cross-party group of MPs urged him to pause and reflect. The Welsh Affairs committee has called on him to “look again” at a range of controversial measures in the draft Wales Bill which has come under fire from the Welsh Government, opposition parties, academics and constitutional experts.” – Wales Online

Left-wing parties plan anti-Tory pact to win voting reform

green20party (1)“Left of centre parties could agree to stand down candidates in between 20 to 30 marginal seats at the next election in an effort to defeat the Conservatives, according to sources involved in creating a “progressive alliance”. The Greens, the Scottish National Party, and Plaid Cymru called for sweeping reforms to the Westminster electoral system last month and vowed to include this in their manifestos. This followed The Independent on Sunday’s revelation that the Liberal Democrats and Labour were in discussions on changing the voting system as part of an alliance against the Conservatives. ” – The Independent

Unite accused of ‘bullying’ young Labour activists into backing pro-Corbyn candidate…

“MPs called for an inquiry after text messages showed Unite officials ordering Labour members in their teens and early 20s to elect hard-Left candidate James Elliott to the party’s ruling executive – and demanding to inspect their ballot papers. Despite the activities of Unite and the Corbyn supporters group Momentum to get him elected, he narrowly lost the vote to moderate candidate Jasmin Beckett, a working-class student from Liverpool.” – Daily Mail

Union demands inquiry into youth election lost ‘by one vote’ – The Guardian

…as Shadow Business Secretary goes on manoeuvres

Eagle“Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle lined herself up to replace Jeremy Corbyn yesterday as she refused to rule out accepting the job. Eagle said it was “very interesting” that people considered her a contender and hinted she enjoyed standing in for Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions when he is away. But she insisted she was “concentrating on my current job”.” – The Sun

New book reveals ‘devastating truth’ of how Blair engineered the Iraq War

“An explosive new book – based on exclusive interviews with military chiefs, civil servants and Cabinet ministers – reveals Mr Blair decided early in 2002 on the need for ‘regime change’ to tackle Saddam Hussein. But he froze out, or kept in the dark, his Chief of Defence Staff, Cabinet Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary and most of the Cabinet.” – Daily Mail

  • Blair blocked key equipment for troops, claims author – The Times (£)
  • Countdown to the invasion – Daily Mail
  • The vital questions inquiry failed to ask – Daily Mail


  • The truth about Iraq that Chilcot has yet to tell – Daily Mail

Scottish Labour unveil plans for ‘tax and spend’ election

Scottish flag“Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will today set out bold plans to use Scotland’s new welfare powers to increase support for students, pregnant mothers and carers as the Holyrood election campaign steps up a gear. The Lothians MSP will say the forthcoming May vote is the “tax and spend election” in a keynote speech in Glasgow following last week’s ­historic deal to devolve new powers to Holyrood.” – The Scotsman

  • Union brands Holyrood politicians ‘out of touch’ on Trident jobs threat – The Scotsman

>Yesterday: Nicholas Mazzei in Comment: Trident is a 20th century weapon in a 21st century world. It’s out of date – so let’s ditch it.

Isabel Hardman: Labour moderates must stop Corbyn by conference

“MPs fear that at this conference the Corbynites could start to change Labour rules on how the leader is elected, and on policymaking. There could also be a series of big, embarrassing votes on issues such as whether the party ends its support for Trident renewal. “If the rules of the game are to be changed in September, then that increases the urgency to take some action now,” says one MP. The professional plotting operation Labour First is trying to get as many moderates into key positions to stop any changes to the rules of the game, but success is not guaranteed.” – The Times (£)

Sturgeon asked why she’s ignoring English school reform success

SNP logo white background“Nicola Sturgeon has been told to take her head out of the sand after one of Scotland’s most high-profile entrepreneurs questioned her why education reforms that have closed the attainment gap in England have not been adopted in Scotland.
Sir Tom Hunter praised the freedom to innovate and academic success at academy schools south of the Border, which are outside local authority control, and asked the First Minister “why we wouldn’t give our kids a chance to have this?”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Pupils face home quizzes under Nationalist state guardian plans – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Four arrested after faking terror attack on Paris Metro to cover robberies – Daily Mail
  • RSPCA shifts prosecution policy to focus on pet owners – The Times (£)
  • NHS trust secretly delayed ambulances called by 111 number – Daily Telegraph
  • Republicans race to derail Trump – FT
  • Hungary splits continent with huge fence to stop migrants – Daily Express
  • Schoolboy quizzed by anti-extremist police… for visiting UKIP’s website – Daily Mail
  • Police question ex-paras over Bloody Sunday shootings – Daily Telegraph

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