Cameron wins a ‘new EU offer’ on migrant benefits…

Cameron1“Migration is putting a strain on public services in the UK, European leaders admitted for the first time on Sunday night as David Cameron won a concession from the EU which could clear the way for a June referendum. At a Downing Street dinner with Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, Mr Cameron forced Brussels to admit Britain needs an immediate “emergency brake” on the number of foreigners coming to the UK.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Prime Minister secures ’emergency brake’ in talks with Tusk – Daily Mail
  • Cameron has just 24 hours to reach a deal with Europe – The Times (£)
  • France lays down red lines on ‘London veto’ – FT
  • Hopes of early referendum recede – The Guardian
  • Economists denounce migration response as ‘morally unacceptable’ – The Independent


  • Fox urges eurosceptic MPs to follow their consciences, not Cameron – Daily Mail
  • Nearly 70 MPs will vote ‘out’ regardless – Daily Telegraph
  • Tory leader’s EU pudding fails to impress – The Times (£)


  • Can the Prime Minister pull off being a Brexit quick-change artist? – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • Only a quarter of Tory MPs are attached to EU membership – Philip Cowley and Tim Bale, Daily Telegraph
  • How the Brexiteers can defeat Project Fear – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)
  • We need the best deal on Europe, not just the quickest – James Forsyth, The Sun
  • Cameron’s proposal is a useful beginning – The Times (£) editorial
  • Let’s rally around the campaign to stay in Europe – Andy Burnham, The Guardian

>Today: ToryDiary: Cameron’s vanishing renegotiation


…as he escapes blame for Kids Company’s collapse…

“MPs have been accused of ‘political timidity’ because they let David Cameron off the hook over the collapse of Kids Company. In an otherwise scathing report they criticised Kids Company’s trustees, ministers and the charities watchdog for the charity’s failure.” – Daily Mail

  • Letwin blasted over Kids Co gaffe – The Sun
  • ‘Negligent’ trustees ‘ignored repeated warnings’ – FT
  • BBC executives criticised for Yentob’s ‘deliberately intimidating’ behaviour – Daily Telegraph

…and universities hit back at his racism charge

Britain shield“Oxford University accused Mr Cameron of jeopardising applications from black students. A spokesman said: ‘We are deeply concerned that continued allegations of institutional racism or “failure” will adversely affect our efforts to encourage talented [black and minority ethnic] students to apply”… Cambridge University also rejected any suggestion of racism.” – Daily Mail


  • It’s easy to rally against racism, but it won’t get more black students into Oxford – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • The Prime Minister is plain wrong about Oxford and race – Toby Young, The Spectator
  • Poor schooling is a problem for pupils – Daily Mail editorial

SNP and Tories urged to save new devolution measures

“Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron have been urged not to abandon Scotland’s new powers “at the eleventh hour” ahead of talks between their governments today aimed at rescuing the package from the brink of collapse.Scottish Labour said neither side should leave the negotiating table in London until a deal is done because the powers in the Scotland Bill, including control over income tax and a wide range of benefits, are “too important”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Experts deliver scathing assessment of Wales Bill – Wales Online


  • Scottish Conservatives closing in on Labour – The Independent
  • Scottish schools face £300m cuts as Nationalists target councils – Daily Telegraph
  • Councils warn SNP cuts will ‘devastate our children’ – The Scotsman

Ministers 1) Mordaunt attacks Afghan claims against troops

Army“Fanatics believed to be intent on killing and maiming British troops with roadside bombs are set to legitimately argue they should not have been detained for longer than 96 hours… around 80 Afghans – who are represented by controversial law firm Leigh Day and have already lodged claims – stand to receive tens of thousands of pounds.” – Daily Mail

  • Troop-targeting law firm is now hounding cops – The Sun

Northern Ireland:

  • Inquiry into spurious claims “should now include Ulster”, claims Paterson – The Times (£)
  • Docklands bomb survivor ‘outraged’ at £1.6m compensation for eight Provos – Belfast Telegraph
  • How long before major IRA massacres are blamed on Britain? – Ben Lowry, News Letter

Human rights:

  • Lord Haw Haw suffered a ‘miscarriage of justice’, claims human rights lawyer – Daily Mail
  • Cherie Blair cites human rights law in fight against buy-to-let tax – Daily Telegraph


  • We must end the shameful paralysis on Syria – Andrew Mitchell and Clare Short, The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Neil Shastri-Hurst in Comment: Let’s take on these parasite lawyers who leech off our troops

Ministers 2) Javid talks down Google tax deal

“Google’s £130 million tax deal was not a “glorious moment”, Sajid Javid has said as he claimed people were right to feel a “sense of unfairness” about how big companies behave. In a marked differnece in tone from George Osborne, the Business Secretary repeatedly refused to match the Chancellor’s claim that the deal was a “major success” during a television appearance.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Chancellor pushes for multinational tax transparency – FT

More Javid:

  • Business Secretary beaten up by playground racists as a teenager – The Sun


  • Doctors warn Health Secretary is giving parents poor advice – The Independent

>Yesterday: Alexandra Jones in Comment: Osborne can get the urban benefits bill down by allowing cities to keep the savings

Tyrie casts doubt on new runway

TYRIE Andrew“MPs will raise fresh doubts over plans for a new runway in the southeast today amid claims that the economic case for expansion had not yet been made. Andrew Tyrie, the Conservative chairman of the Treasury select committee, said an analysis used to justify an additional runway was lacking.” – The Times (£)

  • Osborne urged to bolster case for Heathrow expansion – FT

Boris Johnson: Why won’t Khan speak out against vexatious strikes?

“The strike promises to be nothing more than a pointless inconvenience. Everyone sensible has condemned it – including Zac Goldsmith, who I hope will follow me as Mayor of London. There is one glaring exception, one voice we need to hear – and that is the candidate of the Labour party, Sadiq Khan.” – Daily Telegraph

Labour 1) McDonnell predicts open borders are ‘inevitable’

Labour holes“Completely open borders allowing unfettered migration around the world are ‘inevitable’, shadow chancellor John McDonnell claimed today. During an interview about the migrant crisis facing Europe, which could see more than a million people try to cross its borders this year, Mr McDonnell said the movement of people around the globe would render border controls ‘irrelevant’.” – Daily Mail

  • Shadow Chancellor publishes tax return to pressure Osborne – Daily Mail
  • Eagle criticises leader’s plan for dividend ban – FT

Labour 2) Corbyn was lefties’ last choice for leader

“Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic rise to power only happened because everyone else on the left of the party turned down the chance to run. That is according to a new book about the Labour leader, which says the veteran Islington MP was effectively the last choice of the activists who eventually drove his winning campaign.” – The Sun

Tim Montgomerie: A politician’s tax return is none of your business

Tax Take“John McDonnell’s publicity stunt yesterday, in which Labour’s shadow chancellor partially published his tax return, won’t just put George Osborne on the spot. Figures on McDonnell’s own side of the House will also come under an unforgiving spotlight… Politics is personal enough already. Good people are discouraged from entering public life because of the scrutiny they and their families already face.” – The Times (£)

  • Ditching bad policies doesn’t make you weak – Isabel Hardman, The Times (£)

News in Brief:

  • Boko Haram launch fresh attack in Nigeria – Daily Mail
  • British troops to tackle ISIS in Libya – The Times (£)
  • White farmer evicted in Zimbabwe after claim by British GP – Daily Telegraph
  • UK regulator calls for O2-Three merger to be blocked – FT
  • ISIS threatens Britain with horrific attack – The Sun
  • Estimated 800,000 voters have dropped from the electoral roll – The Guardian
  • German far-right leader is gaining huge support – The Independent
  • New £12m fund to retrain oil and gas workers – The Scotsman
  • Belfast ratepayers face shock rise in bills – Belfast Telegraph

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