New Tory MPs claim Cameron is trying to bounce them into ‘Remain’

CAMERON EU fence“New Conservative MPs have accused David Cameron of withholding jobs in an attempt to bounce them into campaigning to remain in the EU. None of the 74 Tories who arrived in the Commons more than nine months ago are working for a minister. They noted, however, that many MPs elected in 2010 had won a job as a parliamentary private secretary to a frontbencher by this point in the coalition government’s first year.” – The Times (£)

  • ‘Scared’ Prime Minister axes crunch cabinet meeting – The Sun
  • Cameron seeks migrant curb guarantee from MEPs – The Times (£)
  • Brexit nothing to be scared of, claims Boris – The Times (£)
  • Attorney General could vote to leave – Daily Telegraph
  • Hammond claims EU could fall apart if Britain leaves – Daily Mail
  • Europe would punish us for Brexit, warns Foreign Secretary – The Times (£)


  • Corbyn faces ‘mutiny’ over planned attack on migrant welfare deal – Daily Telegraph
  • Blair to bang the drum for Brussels, Leave delighted – Daily Mail
  • Salmond and Farage agree head-to-head debates – Daily Telegraph
  • Former First Minister claims Cameron’s position is ‘untenable’ of Leave win – The Scotsman


  • Tories seek to tame power of European courts – FT
  • Britain’s Supreme Court could take a lesson from the US – John McTernan, The Times (£)
  • They should do no such thing – Stephen Pollard, Daily Telegraph

Libby Purves: Perhaps Project Fear will wake us up

“As a voting recipient of noisy advice from politicians and commentators, I am starting to resent the snarling tone of “Project Fear” on both sides. It feels as if we, the electorate, are diminished, treated like unreasonable children who will stay in bed only if Nanny conjures an imaginary monster underneath it. It is the political equivalent of hellfire preaching: ludicrous, bullying, belittling.” – The Times (£)

  • The Tories hope for closure after the plebiscite, but won’t get it – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • An ear-bashing by Obama on Europe will just make us more keen to quit – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Nineteen weeks the Remain campaign hope will shake the naysayers – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • The City of London gains nothing from leaving the EU – FT Editorial


Ministers 1) Hancock claims Osborne is not bound by pensions pledge

OSBORNE scissors“Millions of middle class savers could have their pensions raided by George Osborne, even though he made no mention of doing so in the Tory election manifesto, a key ally admitted yesterday… Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock said Mr Osborne was not bound by last May’s manifesto, which suggested that curbs on tax breaks would be limited to top earners paying the 45p tax rate, who bring in more than £150,000 a year.” – Daily Mail

  • Young will lose £19,000 on pension – The Times (£)
  • Workers face labouring to 77 to get ‘gold standard’ pension – FT
  • Businesses warn Chancellor that spiralling rates risk jobs and investment – Daily Mail
  • The £14 billion bombshell sucking life from town centres – The Sun
  • Osborne family firm paid no tax for seven years – The Times (£)
  • Boost for Osborne as HSBC stays headquartered in Britain – Daily Mail
  • Tax break for couples ‘is a flop’ because too few claim – Daily Mail

Cabinet Office:

  • Union anger as civil servants face job losses to meet apprenticeship target – FT
  • Paymaster General steps up to save Parliamentary vellum – Daily Telegraph

>Today: Craig Mackinlay MP in Comment: How to encourage pension saving, and reduce the deficit at the same time

Ministers 2) Hunt says the NHS needs a ‘quality revolution’

“On the railings of Richmond House in Whitehall hangs a lopsided strip of cardboard that reads, in multicoloured letters, “You just failed the NHS, JH, not us.” In his spacious ministerial office, two floors above, Jeremy Hunt, currently a hate figure among junior doctors for imposing on them a contract he says they will come to appreciate in time, is explaining that vilification comes as no surprise to a health secretary.” – The Guardian

  • No-confidence petition reaches a quarter of a million signatures – The Independent
  • Tory activists prevented doctors meeting Health Secretary – The Guardian

>Today: Judy Terry in Local Government: Health and Wellbeing Boards are failing to champion patients

Minsters 3) Fallon alleges senior NATO figures ‘alarmed’ by Labour defence review

LABOUR dead rose“Nato officials and political leaders from across the alliance are “deeply concerned” over the opposition Labour party’s wavering support for Britain’s nuclear weapons, according to defence secretary Michael Fallon. He claimed senior figures in Nato as well as his counterparts in European ministries had raised the issue of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, his attitude towards Nato and the question of nuclear arms repeatedly at the meeting of alliance defence chiefs in Brussels last week.” – FT

  • Plans for first Falklands visit by Defence Secretary in over a decade – The Independent
  • Government’s Trident plans ‘in trouble’, claims Thornberry – The Guardian
  • Corbyn’s reshuffle continues – The Independent

Labour MP refuses to apologise for ‘colluding with child abusers’ claim

“Jess Phillips, the outspoken Labour MP, has refused to apologise for accusing David Cameron of “colluding with child abusers”. The Birmingham Yardley MP is furious that the Government has decided against making sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools.” – The Independent

Plaid leader demands Welsh elections get US-level coverage

Wales flag“Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has called on the BBC to give as much network coverage to devolved elections as the broadcaster has to the US presidential campaign. Ms Wood has written to James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, to stress the importance of elections to the National Assembly to the people of Wales.” – Wales Online

News in Brief:

  • Cost of ‘witch hunt’ VIP paedophile probes by Scotland Yard rises to £7 million – Daily Mail
  • Massive air strikes pose a threat to peace deal in Syria – The Times (£)
  • BBC to axe TV and Radio departments in radical overhaul – Daily Telegraph
  • Northern England’s share of foreign investment shrinks – FT
  • NHS pledges additional £1 billion for kids’ mental health – The Sun
  • Sturgeon unveils drive to revive Scottish manufacturing – The Scotsman
  • Liberal hero of Orpington by-election passes – Daily Mail

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