EU leaders say a deal should be the UK’s last ever chance to negotiate

CAMERON EU fence“European leaders were joining together to insert a “last chance” clause into David Cameron’s renegotiation deal last night, ensuring that Britain would never be allowed to reopen talks. In the surprise move, pushed by Belgium and backed by France, all 28 countries will insist that an agreement struck today is the maximum that can ever be offered to Britain.” – The Times (£)

  • France and Belgium say no to further concessions – FT
  • ‘Much to be done’ to secure a deal – Daily Telegraph live blog
  • All-night talks end without bargain – The Guardian live blog
  • Prime Minister ‘begs’ for something substantial to take home – The Sun
  • Cameron woos arch-federalist Belgian leader – The Times (£)
  • UK faces further pressure to water down demands – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister ‘battling for Britain’ at crunch summit – The Times (£)
  • Tory leader frustrated as ‘British question’ talks roll on – FT
  • EU leaders warn that any deal will be final – Daily Mail
  • Cameron calls for ‘live and let live’ approach as fellow leaders play tough – FT
  • Schulz threatens to veto welfare block – Daily Mail
  • Free movement begins to collapse as Austria enforces migrant cap – The Sun


  • It’s Jean-Claude van Cam, the Muscles in Brussels – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


  • Day of reckoning for wavering Conservative Eurosceptics – FT
  • ‘Gang of Five’ preparing to slip the leash – The Sun
  • Boris’ referendum options, and their consequences – The Independent
  • Senior Tory peeress is rallying business support before deal known – Daily Mail
  • Cameron faces a turbulent battle with his own party – Sebastian Payne, FT


  • Corbyn attacks talks as ‘theatrical sideshow’ – FT
  • Kinnock warns referendum will resolve nothing… – The Times (£)
  • …but still believes they’re of ‘seismic’ significance – The Guardian


  • UK ministers warn of ‘domino effect’ if Britain quits EU – FT
  • BBC plunged into bias row over refusal to publish EU pro/anti coverage record – The Sun
  • Head of BT speaks up for Remain – Daily Mail
  • Eighty FTSE companies prepared to back campaign to stay – Daily Telegraph
  • The business arguments for and against EU membership – The Independent
  • Falklands MP warns Brexit could push islands towards Argentina – Daily Mail


Philip Collins: Only an incompetent leader would put himself in this position

“If the deal is declared a dud, if the referendum on EU membership goes against his recommendation to Remain, Mr Cameron will be finished. It is hard to think of a comparable political disaster. He really isn’t is as good as he appears, is he? Mr Cameron has always been over-rated by his friends.” – The Times (£)

  • The EU can destroy our communities by fiat: I’m Out – Maria Caulfield, Daily Telegraph
  • Boris is on the path from Brexit to Borxit – Robert Shrimsley, FT
  • The Tories must choose between character and ideology – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
  • Brexit campaigners concede we wouldn’t have access to the Single Market – Will Straw, Daily Telegraph
  • Our economic debate on the EU has descended into insultingly superficial scaremongering – Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron deserves to emerge from this with no credit – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian
  • Brexit could push Northern Ireland back to the brink – Bruce Clark, Daily Telegraph
  • EU has more at stake than UK deal – Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

>Today: Iain Dale’s column: If Boris backs Leave and becomes leader, it will stink


Greening calls for companies to hire more working class people

Building shield“Big companies should hire more applicants who are ‘rough diamonds’ from working-class backgrounds, cabinet minister Justine Greening said today. In a speech ranging beyond her brief, the international development secretary expressed concerns that social mobility is not advancing fast enough and branded this ‘unacceptable’.” – Daily Mail

  • Osborne urged by OEDC to invest in infrastructure – The Independent
  • Pensions minister attacks NHS opt-out – FT

>Today: Spencer Pitfield in Comment: More jobs alone won’t tackle poverty

Tories face election probe in South Thanet

“The Conservative Party today faces an investigation into its election spending in the battle to defeat Nigel Farage in South Thanet… The Conservatives declared hotel bills costing thousands of pounds as ‘national spending’ meaning they were not counted against the spending limits of their winning candidate Craig Mackinlay.” – Daily Mail

Momentum open their doors to people outside Labour

Momentum“Momentum, the grassroots network of Jeremy Corbyn supporters, has been accused of softening its rules that ban members of hard-left parties. A member of its national committee told a meeting of about 60 supporters in Lambeth, a leading branch that has attracted publicity for its militancy, that the central group would not “come down, kick the tables over” if members of other parties signed up.” – The Times (£)

  • Group’s activists sweep the board in Labour’s youth elections – The Guardian
  • Momentum blamed for rise of anti-Semitism at Oxford Labour club – Daily Telegraph
  • Labour will stop MPs vetoing leadership candidates, claims Livingstone – The Guardian

Labour mull 1960s-style aerial nuclear deterrent

“Labour is to consider replacing Trident submarines with a cheaper, aircraft-based nuclear deterrent. The proposals, drafted originally for a Liberal Democrat think tank, will be considered by shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry.” – Daily Mail

  • We must step up our efforts to protect schools in warzones – Dan Jarvis, The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Davidson, Crabb, Zac – & Cameron warning of Labour horror. New local elections video.

Swinney in ‘denial’ over scale of SNP council cuts

Scottish flag“Deputy First Minister John Swinney has come under fire after claiming £500 million of cuts to local authorities around Scotland will have a “minimal” impact on jobs and services. Yesterday Angus Council axed 155 staff while local government body Cosla has warned 15,000 jobs will be lost across Scotland.” – The Scotsman

News in Brief:

  • Eurotunnel extended to keep migrants out – The Times (£)
  • MPs call for probe into Cherie Blair’s law firm – Daily Mail
  • Grieving families could have to pay up to £20,000 in new death tax – Daily Telegraph
  • Supreme Court ruling leaves hundreds of murder convictions open to challenge – FT
  • Anti-racism campaigner barred by NUS over ‘Islamophobia’ concerns – The Guardian
  • Labour PCC candidate calls for ‘North Wales Powerhouse’ – Wales Online
  • Sinn Fein accused of ‘orchestrated campaign’ of bullying against Irish broadcaster – Belfast Telegraph

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