Poland offers to back Cameron’s EU welfare demand

EU FLag‘Poland has offered to help David Cameron restrict in-work benefits to European migrants if the prime minister in return drops his opposition to a permanent base of Nato troops on Polish territory. Eastern European demands for deterring Russian aggression have become bound up with Mr Cameron’s negotiations for a new relationship between Britain and the EU ahead of an in-out referendum by the end of 2017. Britain and other Nato allies are wary of stationing troops in Poland in breach of a 1997 agreement with Russia on the size of forces the alliance can base in former Warsaw Pact countries.’ – The Times (£)


  • Cameron fatally misjudged the renegotiation – no wonder so many MPs want out – The Sun Says (£)
  • The Polish government must win the trust of its allies – The Times Leader (£)
  • Democracy is under threat in Warsaw – FT Leader



Man who walked through the Channel Tunnel rewarded with asylum

‘MPs last night condemned a decision to grant asylum to a Sudanese migrant who walked 31 miles through the Channel Tunnel to Britain…Damian Collins, the Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe, said: ‘People who break the law should lose the right to asylum. ‘What we want to do is send a message to those people in Calais that if you try and break into our country by hiding in vehicles or trains – or by walking through the Channel Tunnel – you will immediately lose your right to making an asylum claim in this country.’ – Daily Mail

Intelligence officers hunt for identity of ‘new Jihadi John’

Police shield‘MI6 are racing to identify the militant who spoke with an English accent in a sick new execution video where five alleged British spies were killed and he was seen shooting one in the head. The number one suspect is Siddhartha Dhar, a British jihadi who fled to join the terror group inSyria while on police bail for encouraging terrorism in 2014. His sister, Konika Dhar, from North London, said: ‘If it is him, bloody hell am I shocked? I am going to kill him myself. He is going to come back and I am going to kill him if he has done this. I can’t believe it. This is just so shocking for me. I don’t know what the authorities are doing to confirm the identity, but I need to know if it is.” – Daily Mail

The Prime Minister delays his trip to Saudi Arabia

‘David Cameron has delayed a planned high-profile visit to Saudi Arabia for at least three months. The prime minister had been due to visit Riyadh in the forthcoming weeks as part of a tour of Gulf states. The visit will not go ahead now until March at the earliest. Senior government officials said that the decision to delay the trip was not connected with recent controversies, including the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.’ – The Times (£)

Junior doctors plan to strike next week

NHS_Logo‘Junior doctors will begin a four-day strike next week after talks on a new contract broke down again. Tens of thousands of operations will be cancelled as doctors below consultant grade walk out for 24 hours at 8am on Tuesday and again for 48 hours from January 26. A&E doctors will join a further walkout on February 10, which would be the first all-out doctors’ strike in NHS history, if no breakthrough is made.’ – The Times (£)

Goldsmith and Cameron: We will help Londoners onto the housing ladder

‘The cost of the average home is now 12 times bigger than the average salary here. There is a danger that the very people who make London great — from nurses to engineers, teachers to techies — will not be able to live here. This is unacceptable. So many people crave the pride, responsibility and reward of a place of their own. Instead they see shoebox flats for sale at penthouse prices, and that implicit deal — you work hard, you get a house — is being broken in London. So our mission for 2016 is to help Londoners of all incomes find a foothold on the housing ladder.’ – Zac Goldsmith and David Cameron, Evening Standard


Davidson calls for Scottish parents to ‘rise up’ against sub-standard schools

DAVIDSON Ruth new‘Parents should not have to pay fees or move to a better “catchment area” to get their children into a good school, Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has said. The party has today set out radical plans to hand full control over lessons and budgets in schools to headteachers as part of a series of measures aimed at driving up standards. Ms Davidson today called for a “cultural shift” away from local council control as she launched a paper on education ahead of the Holyrood elections later this year.’ – The Scotsman

  • SNP MP’s Right to Buy hypocrisy – Daily Mail
  • Artist given £15,000 to live in Glasgow…where she already lives – Daily Mail

>Today: Ruth Davidson’s column: What I’ll be looking for in the next Conservative leader

Benn faces down Corbyn’s chaotic reshuffle

‘Hilary Benn was digging in last night amid attempts by Jeremy Corbyn to remove him from his top job because of his support for Syrian airstrikes. The shadow foreign secretary has been in Left-wingers’ sights since his impassioned Commons speech against his leader’s anti-war stance in December. But last night one Labour source said Mr Benn’s job was safe – though that of shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle was still under threat.’ – Daily Mail

Colonel Richard Kemp: Why does our country fund lawyers to persecute our war heroes?

Army‘Instead of being honoured for their spirit of patriotism and self-sacrifice, too many of them are now the targets of vexatious legal actions brought by politically motivated, greedy lawyers who undermine the ability of our Armed Forces to protect our national interests. What makes this betrayal all the more disgraceful is the Government’s failure to stand up to these legal wreckers. Indeed, far from challenging them, Whitehall provides them with funding, staff and judicial backing.’ – Richard Kemp, Daily Mail

  • New Argentine government reiterates demand for the Falklands – Daily Mail

Danczuk investigated by police over allegation of rape

‘Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP who was suspended after sending sexual messages to a teenager, is facing a police investigation after being accused of rape…A disciplinary investigation by the Labour party into the MP’s conduct is likely to be put on hold after a spokesman for Lancashire police said: “We can confirm that we have received a report of a rape dating back to 2006. We are in the very early stages of an investigation and inquiries are ongoing. The complaint relates to a 49-year-old man.” Mr Danczuk, 49, said: “These claims are malicious, untrue and extremely upsetting.’ – The Times (£)

  • I’m being lambasted because I’m working class, he claims – Daily Mail
  • Meanwhile, his exes fight it out – The Sun (£)

News in Brief

  • Scent inspired by Putin goes on sale in Russia – Reuters
  • Tim Peake is first to say ‘God save the Queen’ to the monarch from space – Daily Mail
  • Obama is poised to force through gun control measures – The Times (£)
  • BBC wastes thousands on new logo – Daily Mail
  • 24 per cent of HMRC staff want to quit in the next year – The Sun (£)
  • Bionic eye allows blind woman to see again – The Times (£)
  • The shocks that will define 2016 – Gideon Rachman, FT
  • Whatever happened to Nick Clegg? – Daily Telegraph

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