EU 1) Cameron grapples with emergency brake

ConHome EU shirt Cameron“The plan, which was dismissed by Eurosceptics as a “stopgap solution”, will see Cameron insist that the restrictions remain in place for up to seven years while a permanent fix is found. During that time, the government will seek an EU treaty change to enforce a permanent ban or a change in domestic law to prevent British people from claiming until they have been working for four years. The latter would ignite fury at home.” – Sunday Times (£)

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EU 2) Could pro-Brexit Conservatives and the opposition parties combine to push the referendum date back?

“It is understood some that Eurosceptics have started sounding out senior Labour fixers to see if they could rely on opposition votes. This would be a difficult decision for Jeremy Corbyn, because most of his party are pro-EU and would want the referendum to come at the point at which they have the best chance of victory. But it would give the Labour leader an opportunity to embarrass the Government.”  – Independent on Sunday

  • Trade Unions Against The EU in talks with RMT over funding – Sunday Express
  • Rees-Mogg to fight EU meddling with custard creams – Mail on Sunday
  • Remain or Leave? Rifkind v Lamont – Sun on Sunday
  • “Perhaps the most openly pro-EU Minister since Ken Clarke” – Robert Buckland interview, Independent on Sunday
  • Britain is safer in the European Union – Mark Pritchard, Sunday Times
  • Reconnaissance mission to scope bombing ISIS in Libya – Sunday Times (£)
  • Top brass warn Cameron over putting women in the front line – Mail on Sunday

EU 3) Fox: Threats from Europe.  Cologne-type assaults on women. “It’s a legitimate concern and for people to say that’s scaremongering, you ask the women who were victims in Cologne if it’s scaremongering.”

Fox“He said Europe posed many threats to the UK, from the economic turmoil in the Eurozone to a repeat of the scenes in which gangs of migrants assaulted women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. It could even be worse, with Jihadists entering Britain among the crowds of refugees in future, he said. In an interview with The Telegraph, Dr Fox warned that the influx of migrants into the EU posed a major threat to Britain’s security.” – Interview, Sunday Telegraph

  • Greening to urge other countries to give more to refugees – Sun on Sunday
  • AfD leader says border guards should shoot if necessary – Sunday Express

EU 4) So you think the Leave campaigns have problems?  Burnham eviscerates the “passionless” elites making the case for Remain

Andy Burnham 27-07-15“I can’t be the only one who is beginning to think that we have been here before: a business and political elite making a passionless case, trading in the currency of fear and seeking late deals to save the day. I am sorry to say it but the EU referendum campaign feels like Scotland all over again. The difference is, this time, the stakes are twice as high…I want better campaigners than me to take the In campaign by the scruff of its neck, breathe life into it and bring home what is at stake for us all.” – Observer

Meanwhile, Diane Abbott labels the White Cliffs of Dover “Racist Rocks”

“Shadow secretary of state for international development Diane Abbott is among those who travelled to Dover to join the anti-fascist protest and she addressed the crowd.  She told the cheering audience: ‘It’s 2016, Time for those racist rocks to go. Mr Cameron, tear down those cliffs.’” – Mail on Sunday

Cameron says universities take too many white, privately educated and well-off students…

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 09.32.38“There are no black generals in our armed forces and just 4% of chief executives in the FTSE 100 are from ethnic minorities. These examples should shame our nation and jolt us into action.” Cameron has now ordered a law to be drawn up to force universities to release comprehensive data about the gender and ethnic and social background of students who apply for places, the number who are given offers, how many get in and the drop-out rates. “ – Sunday Times

…And mulls sending his son to Colet Court

“The Prime Minister and his wife have discussed obtaining a place for Elwen, who turns ten next month, at £18,000-a-year Colet Court Preparatory School…It is understood that the Camerons have not made a final decision about Elwen’s future education. It is normal for couples in such circumstances to apply for a number of schools in both the state and private sector.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “Until all our political leaders are content to send all their children to local state schools, it will not be possible to say that education reform has succeeded in this country.” – Mail on Sunday Editorial

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Perry pledges easier payouts for rail delays

PERRY Claire“Operators must offer smart ticketing under conditions that will be written into every rail franchise as they come up for renewal between now and 2022.  Passengers will no longer have to juggle multiple tickets or, more importantly, jump through bureaucratic hoops to claim back money for delays, because train firms will know where they are and be able to automatically credit their bank account.” The rail minister, Claire Perry, said the initiative showed the government was putting passengers first. “Through the franchising system . . . we are able to deliver the changes that 21st [century] customers deserve,” she said” – Sunday Times (£)

Backbench Revolt 1) Stuart leads local government funding push

“Up to 50 MPs are understood to have signed a letter demanding changes to the Government’s proposed settlement with local government, which was published last month. Senior backbencher Graham Stuart, the former chairman of the Education Select Committee, has been named by a number of Tory MPs as the “shop steward” leading the “rural resistance” to the cuts.” – Independent on Sunday

Backbench Revolt 2) Gillan, Baker, Hollinrake and the LGA warn over school places shortage

GILLAN Cheryl white background“She said Buckinghamshire county council had warned that it could not “provide the key infrastructure that is required for new schools and additional places”.  Other Tory MPs who voiced concerns about looming shortages of places in their areas were Steve Baker (Wycombe) and Kevin Hollinrake (Thirsk and Malton). Nick Gibb, the schools minister, insisted that enough money was being provided to councils to ensure sufficient school places.  The Local Government Association believes that local councils are “uniquely situated” to manage demand.” – Observer

Labour could abstain on Trident vote

“It was widely believed that Mr Corbyn would be forced to offer his MPs a free vote, but Ms Thornberry, who is leading the review, is thought to have identified a way to contain any rebellion.  Labour could recommend that its MPs refuse to vote at all because the Government will not be providing full details of the renewal programme. This would allow Ms Thornberry to argue that Labour cannot be certain of exactly what MPs are approving, which would be unfair to even those who support Trident. “ – Independent on Sunday

Zero tax bill for Big Six

money“At least six of Britain’s 10 biggest multinationals — including Shell, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Lloyds Banking Group — paid no UK corporation tax in 2014 despite combined global profits of more than £30bn.  The disclosure comes as the Tories are embroiled in a row over a deal with Google that allowed it to pay just £130m in corporation tax since 2005.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Government lobbies to protect Bermuda’s tax haven status – Observer
  • Rethink Malawi tax haven, Ministers told – Independent on Sunday
  • Politicians need to get off their knees – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer
  • If taxes were lower, maybe Google would pay them – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph

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News in Brief

  • Greens, SNP, Welsh nationalists call for electoral reform – Independent on Sunday
  • Mental health provision “in crisis” – Sunday Express
  • The Government buildings now operating under sharia law – Mail on Sunday
  • Ministers’ plot to foil anti-fracking campaigners – Sunday Telegraph
  • Queen lobs Wimbledon role to Kate – Sunday Times (£)
  • Batmanghelidjh said she would break the law to save Kids Company – Sunday Telegraph
  • Hero pilot makes emergency stop at Heathrow on three wheels – Sun on Sunday
  • Sturgeon to address SNP disabled members’ conference – Scotsman
  • Ofstead head says return to selection would be economic suicide – Mail on Sunday
  • Bowie’s million dollar bequest to son’s nanny – Mail on Sunday
  • Terry Wogan is dead – BBC

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