Cameron promises to bulldoze sink estates…

CAMERON worker“Today I am announcing that we will work with 100 housing estates in Britain, aiming to transform them… For some, this will simply mean knocking them down and starting again… To finance this, we’ll establish a new £140m fund that will pump-prime the planning process, temporary rehousing and early construction costs” – David Cameron, Sunday Times (£)

…and wants parenting classes for all families

“All parents should enrol in state-backed parenting classes to learn how to raise their children properly, David Cameron will say as he announces a new plan to stop families breaking up… He will use a major speech on Monday to set out proposals for a new voucher system to incentivise parents to attend the classes in an attempt to make parenting advice socially ‘normal’ and even ‘aspirational’” – Sunday Telegraph

EU “Out” campaign plead with Johnson and May

BORIS angel devil“Worried Tory Eurosceptics have pleaded with Boris Johnson and Theresa May to rescue their bid to persuade voters to leave the EU in this year’s historic referendum. Anti-Brussels veteran Tory Norman Tebbit said he fears the ‘In’ campaign will win unless the ‘Out’ team stops feuding and attracts support from Cabinet big-hitters. His intervention piles pressure on senior Conservative Eurosceptics such as Johnson and May, who are thought to be having second thoughts about backing the ‘Out’ campaign” – Mail on Sunday

  • The “Out” campaign needs inspirational leadership – Lord Tebbit, Mail on Sunday
  • Two-thirds of Tory MPs want Brexit – Observer
  • Most Tories want to get out, but will follow the Prime Minister – John Curtice, Mail on Sunday
  • Cameron has an ace to play when he meets EU leaders: his own cabinet – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
  • Boris the Joker versus George the Duke of Doom – Anne McElvoy, Mail on Sunday

Ministers “censored” in new referendum row

“David Cameron is facing a fresh Cabinet revolt amid warnings that Downing Street is censoring eurosceptic ministers in order to keep Britain in the European Union. Senior officials have taken the extraordinary step of seeking to vet – and in some cases alter – speeches from ministers in Parliament, to tone down their eurosceptic comments, The Telegraph can reveal” – Sunday Telegraph

  • What they’re all missing in the referendum debate – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph

Fox: We must know our enemies in the age of cyber

FOX Liam blue background“The government needs to change the law to make it illegal to be hacked without informing shareholders and other stakeholders… the government should insist, legally, that any organisation with which it does business should have a minimum defined level of cyber security… Finally, I would like to see all government cyber activity… concentrated in one place and answerable to a single ministerial portfolio” – Liam Fox, Sunday Telegraph


Jenkin demands controls on jobs for ex-ministers

“A senior Tory MP has called for a law to strengthen the effectiveness of the watchdog that monitors jobs taken up by former ministers and senior civil servants. Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the public administration and constitutional affairs select committee, said the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) had no teeth” – Sunday Times (£)

Corbyn: My reshuffle has made Labour stronger

CORBYN Citizen cap“For all the media sound and fury, last week’s shadow cabinet reshuffle has made us a stronger, more diverse and more coherent leadership team. Along with the huge increase in our party membership in the past six months, it will help make Labour a more effective champion of the people who need us to give them a voice, to win elections and change our country for the better” – Jeremy Corbyn, Observer

Labour hard left to picket hospitals

“Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left supporters have been ordered on to hospital picket lines in support of a nationwide strike by junior doctors this week. England’s top doctor, Dame Sally Davies, warns today that the planned industrial action will endanger patient safety. However, Momentum, the organisation founded out of Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign, has instructed activists to turn out alongside the medics on Tuesday” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Hunt accuses doctors of abandoning patients in “life-threatening situations” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Doctor, doctor, I keep working at weekends. Should I go on strike? – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)


Flood chief caught out by Windies whopper

Flood“The wife of Sir Philip Dilley is not from Barbados — the excuse given for the Environment Agency chairman’s holiday on the sun-drenched island while floods swamped Britain — but from Jamaica, 1,200 miles away. Three sources, speaking to The Sunday Times, have exposed the truth behind the agency’s hapless attempts to cover up Dilley’s infamous Christmas getaway… This weekend Dilley’s wife, June, refused to discuss her background, furiously attacking a reporter as ‘vermin’, as MPs from flood-hit areas called on her husband to resign” – Sunday Times (£)

MPs back Jerusalem as England anthem

“Jerusalem, the anthem taken from William Blake’s preface to his epic poem Milton, would become England’s national anthem at sporting fixtures instead of God Save the Queen, under a proposal by MPs. A coalition of MPs from all parties is to present a bill proposing that England has its own national anthem which could be sung at rugby and football matches, as Scotland and Wales fans do” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Honour the Queen and pen a national football anthem – Sunday Express

News in brief

  • Liberal Anglicans call on Welby to stop “vilification” of gay Christians – Mail on Sunday
  • Merkel backs new powers to expel migrant criminals – Mail on Sunday
  • Mexican drug lord recaptured after trying to make film – Observer
  • EastEnders murder suspect arrested in Ghana – Mail on Sunday

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