Cameron unveils major housebuilding programme…

HOMES Manifesto“More than 30,000 homes will be built on five sites across Britain in a scheme that aims to replicate the achievements of the Docklands development, the prime minister will claim today. David Cameron is to announce that the government is seizing control of house building on public land to speed up construction. Ministers will commission the housing directly from smaller building companies.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister announces first major projects in 30 years – Daily Mail
  • Cameron starts push on affordable housing – Financial Times
  • Thousands of new homes to be built by smaller builders – Daily Telegraph
  • The Cam-struction boom – The Sun
  • Market glut as buy-to-let landlords quit – The Times (£)
  • IPSA could force MPs to swap second homes for ‘student halls’ – The Times (£)


>Today: Howard Flight’s column: The Government is wrong to attack Buy to Let

….as new intake MPs defy him to back Brexit

“David Cameron faces embarrassment today as half a dozen new Tory MPs announce for the first time that they will vote to leave the EU. The MPs, who entered parliament in last year’s general election, have issued statements to The Times declaring that the prime minister’s renegotiation will do little to curb immigration or return sovereignty to Britain.” – The Times (£)

  • Poland hints at deal on EU welfare – Daily Mail
  • New cross-party Out campaign launches – Daily Mail
  • Cleverly says Cameron should not resign if he loses the referendum – Daily Telegraph
  • Economists see EU membership as vital to the UK economy – Financial Times


  • Charities pronounce the Prime Minister’s response to migrant crisis inadequate – Daily Mail

Middle East:

  • Prime Minister urged to reassess relations with Saudi Arabia – The Independent


  • The idea that the EU is worth £3,000 to every British family is a fantasy – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Boris Johnson: We must remember Islam’s contribution to European civilisation – Daily Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: Over two-thirds of our Party member readers are still set to back Brexit

Trevor Kavanagh: Cameron should rediscover his inner Elon Musk

Cameron superhero 1“In Opposition, the Tories mapped out their own, now-forgotten Musk-style revolution. Chancellor George Osborne wanted to scrap the £170BILLION quango industry… Tories planned to wind up pointless but costly Whitehall ministries, abolish gold-plated public sector pensions and curb the agencies, consultants and suppliers who rip off the taxpayer.” – The Sun

May called to act over Home Office bullying

“Almost one in six workers — around 2,500 people — said they had been bullied or harassed in the past year. And almost a quarter of staff at the Border Force, which comes under the Home Office, reported abuse at work. It sparked calls for Home Secretary Theresa May to get a grip of her department and stop abuse.” – The Sun

Corbyn warned not to turn Labour into a ‘cult’

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“Jeremy Corbyn was warned last night that purging moderates from his shadow cabinet risked making Labour resemble a ‘religious cult’… yesterday shadow culture secretary Michael Dugher, who is one of the most likely targets for the chop, warned Mr Corbyn that a major reshuffle could tear the party apart.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour leader prepares for New Year reshuffle – Financial Times
  • Corbyn presses ahead with controversial changes at the top – The Guardian
  • Left-winger Lewis could be appointed defence shadow to avoid Trident showdown – Daily Telegraph
  • Benn and Burnham offer to swap jobs – The Times (£)
  • Cable urges Lib Dems to work with anti-Corbyn Labour to oppose Government – The Independent


  • Why Corbyn would benefit from a disunited Shadow Cabinet – Anne Perkins, The Guardian


  • Peer claims Miliband’s ‘insipid gesture politics’ cost Labour the election – Daily Telegraph


>Today: James Horrax in Comment: Corbyn and Trump are damaging their own parties, let’s not make the same mistake

Isabel Hardman: Private members’ bills need reform

“…private members’ bills are often on issues that attract huge interest outside the Commons. The process by which they are killed and the arguments in favour of filibustering are so complicated it often appears to those who did sign a petition calling for carers to get free hospital parking that one selfish MP stopped the Bill because he doesn’t care about sick people. And it makes parliament appear powerless.” – The Times (£)

Sturgeon vows to renew separatist push in SNP’s third term

SNP logo white background“Nicola Sturgeon has kick-started the SNP’s Holyrood election campaign with a promise of a “renewed” push for Scottish independence and attacked claims her party’s supporters have been “brainwashed”. The First Minister attempted to woo the majority of Scots who rejected separation in September 2014 by arguing her party was best qualified to continue running the Scottish Government after May “regardless of how each of us voted in the referendum.”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Scottish culture secretary accused of making preposterous BBC spending claims – The Guardian
  • Dream of multi-party politics fails to materialise – Financial Times

News in Brief:

  • The ‘silencing of Christians’ in the public sector – Daily Telegraph
  • Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic relations with Iran – Daily Mail
  • British jihadi leads new ISIS death squad – The Times (£)
  • Sweden imposes ID checks on travellers from Denmark – The Guardian
  • Revealed: Britain’s privately-funded police force – Daily Telegraph
  • Strike looms as talks with junior doctors fail – Daily Mail
  • Northern Irish nurses ‘treble wages’ with weekend work in England – Belfast Telegraph
  • Tunnocks drop iconic lion branding to be ‘more British’ – The Scotsman

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