Prime Minister insists that Muslim women integrate

Britain shield“Migrants who failed to improve their English would lose the chance to remain in Britain as part of a drive to bring Muslim women into mainstream society. David Cameron is to announce the moves today in a blistering attack on the “passive tolerance” of discriminatory practices inflicted on female members of the country’s Muslim communities.” – The Times (£)

  • Tory leader insists that Muslim mothers are key to defeating extremism – Daily Mail

Armed Forces:

  • Premier announces crackdown on foreigners using legal aid to hound British troops – Daily Mail

David Cameron: We won’t let women be second-class citizens

“Where in the world do you think the following things are happening? School governors’ meetings where male governors sit in the meeting room and the women have to sit out of sight in the corridor. Young women only allowed to leave their house in the company of a male relative. Religious councils that openly discriminate against women and prevent them from leaving abusive marriages. The answer, I’m sorry to say, is Britain.” – The Times (£)

Government’s proposed migrant welfare restrictions seem to gain traction in EU

CAMERON Remain“Britain’s contentious push to curb EU migrant benefits is gaining political traction in Europe, with expectations of a February deal rising and countries such as France and Germany considering whether to introduce their own variants of the reforms David Cameron seeks. At least five countries in the bloc are looking at taking advantage of Mr Cameron’s initiative in a sign that Britain’s EU negotiation is nearing its climax with the most hotly-debated elements – including a waiting time to access certain benefits – gaining wider appeal.” – FT

  • Cameron hopes for concession of second-tier membership – The Guardian
  • Out vote surges over terror fears – The Sun
  • O’Donnell admits officials are mentally working on Brexit plans to dodge FoI – Daily Telegraph
  • Northern Irish First Minister should say no to Brexit – FT editorial
  • Vote Leave boss warns that EU membership increases risk of Cologne-style attacks… – Daily Telegraph
  • …as does Farage – Daily Mail


  • Lawson hits back at Herbert’s ‘Remain’ group – The Times (£)
  • Ex-Chancellor claims Cabinet minister will lead ‘Out’ – FT
  • Grayling sought assurances he’d not be sacked for ‘Leave’ campaigning – The Independent

Trevor Kavanagh: May is the last hope of the leaderless ‘Leave’ campaign

“The PM will be buoyed by claims big-hitter Michael Gove wants to stay in the EU despite a lifetime as its most ferocious critic. Has he joined Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Defence supremo Michael Fallon in putting career before country? If so, can Boris Johnson be far behind? That leaves enigmatic Home Secretary Theresa May as the last hope of an otherwise leaderless out campaign.” – The Sun

  • Britain less secure outside the EU? How does the Prime Minister keep a straight face – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Why leaders rarely side with Eurosceptics – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Where are Labour’s Eurosceptics?

Ministers 1) Osborne’s tax relief cuts could hit middle class families hard

OSBORNE scissors“Middle class savers could lose up to a third of their pension pots if proposed changes to tax relief go ahead. Chancellor George Osborne is trying to save billions by cutting the amount of tax relief the Government offers. But analysts have warned potential changes would hit middle income workers hardest, and could see them miss out on tens of thousands of pounds.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 2) Duncan Smith wants to get two million on sickness benefits back to work

“A crackdown on the sick pay culture which costs Britain billions of pounds a year is being ordered by Iain Duncan Smith. The Work and Pensions Secretary is particularly keen to slash the numbers off work with anxiety and depression. In what is expected to be the biggest welfare reform of this Parliament, he will call for the shake-up of the ‘fundamentally flawed’ Employment and Support Allowance.” – Daily Mail

Corbyn suggests UK could keep Trident submarines… without warheads

Tory anti-Corbyn 1“Britain could put nuclear submarines to sea without them carrying any Trident warheads, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested. The Labour leader – who wants Britain to scrap its nuclear weapons – said it was one of the options which would be reviewed by shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry in a party review.” – Daily Mail

There’s more…

  • He also plans to legalise flying pickets and sympathy strikes… – Daily Mail
  • …calls for backdoor negotiations with ISIS… – Daily Mail
  • …and wants talks with Argentina on the Falklands – Daily Mail
  • Labour leader destroys final traces of his credibility – The Sun
  • Prescott brands Marr interview ‘a disgrace’ – Daily Telegraph


  • Labour to host free seminars on economics to end Westminster orthodoxy – The Guardian


  • Butler accuses Laing of ‘unconscious racism’ – Daily Mail
  • Deputy Speaker is ‘blocking black MPs’ – The Times (£)
  • Labour MP accused of ‘playing the race card’ – Daily Telegraph


  • Labour MP calls for adjustments to Universal Credit – FT


  • Is Osborne running Labour’s defence policy? – Iain Martin, CapX
  • The backroom power struggles gripping Labour – Isabel Hardman, The Times (£)

Sturgeon and McCluskey enjoy warm first meeting…

“Nicola Sturgeon and the controversial leader of Britain’s largest trade union have engaged in a mutual charm offensive during their first meeting yesterday as they promised to work closely together. Ms Sturgeon told Unite’s first ever Scottish policy conference that she would oppose “at every single turn” the UK Government’s trade union reforms and she would not “willingly” implement then north of the Border.” – Daily Telegraph

  • First Minister challenged on ‘wretched’ trade union law – The Scotsman
  • Union boss offers to be SNP’s ‘critical friend’ – The Guardian
  • Labour and Liberal Democrat peers unite to oppose attack on union funding – FT

…as she rows back from SNP claim that cadets are ‘cannon fodder’

SNP logo white background“Julian Brazier, a Defence Minister, wrote to SNP ministers urging them to help promote the setting up of cadet units in schools, particularly in deprived areas. In a letter to Aileen Campbell, the Scottish Children’s Minister, he said the scheme helps young people exercise responsibility and leadership and develop ‘self-confidence, resilience and other key life skills.’ But the Scottish Government reacted with hostility to the call and a senior SNP government source was quoted in the Nationalist-supporting Sunday Herald as stating: ‘There’s no way we’re having this cannon fodder scheme in schools.'” – Daily Telegraph

  • First Minister must make amends for ‘cannon fodder’ slur – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph


  • Sturgeon promises alternative employment to nuclear workers – The Scotsman
  • Unite members threaten to quit if union turns against Trident – FT


  • Nationalist MP hits out at tax credit ‘rape clause’ – The Guardian
  • Scottish MPs call for more TV to be made in Scotland – The Scotsman

News in Brief:

  • Tata Steel to axe another 1,000 British jobs – Daily Mail
  • Britain’s renewable energy industry ‘about to fall off a cliff’ – The Independent
  • Half of UK universities are curbing free speech – The Times (£)
  • Clinton faces challenge from surging Sanders – Daily Telegraph
  • Vatican finance chief sings praise of free markets – FT
  • Ofsted boss criticises ‘difficult precedent’ of moving exams to avoid Ramadan – Daily Mail
  • Guinness rejects UUP bid to nominate DUP for world record in ministerial resignations – Belfast Telegraph

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