Cameron 1) says leaving the EU isn’t the right answer

ConHome EU shirt Cameron“David Cameron infuriated Eurosceptics yesterday by insisting that leaving the EU was ‘not the right answer’ – even though he is still trying to renegotiate Britain’s role in the Union. The Prime Minister said he had put no contingency plans in place in case the UK votes for a ‘Brexit’.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister won’t quit if Britain votes to leave – The Times (£)
  • Cameron insists there is a ‘patriotic case’ for staying in – The Independent
  • Tory leader hopes to offer vote in the summer – FT
  • Band ‘make Cameron squirm’ with lyrics attacking housing policy on live TV – The Sun

Cameron 2) Tim Montgomerie: Refusing to plan for Brexit undermines the renegotiation

“The investment bank Société Générale puts the likelihood of Britain leaving the EU at 45 per cent. It would be consistent with best Whitehall practice, therefore, if Sir Humphrey was preparing for what would be one of the most important economic and political negotiations in our modern history. We learnt yesterday, however, that — thanks to the US military — we’re better prepared for a zombie apocalypse than if the British people choose to breathe life into their democracy by voting to leave the dying EU project.” – The Times (£)

  • The EU should spell out how it would make Britain suffer if she left – Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

>Today: Sally-Ann Hart in Local Government: True localists must oppose the EU

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Cameron says a reformed EU is “best answer for Britain”

Cameron 3) New mental health package unveiled

Aid shield“Teenagers diagnosed with anorexia must be seen by a specialist doctor within a month, David Cameron will announce on Monday under a new drive to improve mental health treatment. Children with urgent eating disorders will have to be treated within a week under new government waiting time targets adopted for teenage anorexia for the first time.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Pregnant women and new mothers to benefit from shake up – The Independent
  • Cameron denies being a ‘nanny’ when pressed on alcohol guidance – The Independent

>Today: ToryDiary: More mentally healthy, more strong families, more socially just

Mundell claims extra powers herald a new era in Scottish politics

“The range of new powers being devolved from Westminster to Holyrood in the coming months will have as profound an impact on the lives of Scots as the creation of the Scottish Parliament did 17 years ago, the Scotland Secretary will say on Monday. Handing the Scottish Government control over income tax and welfare will effectively create a “new” Scottish Parliament with far more power to change people’s lives than the existing one, David Mundell will say in a major speech in Edinburgh.” – The Independent

Gauke pressed for huge pay rises by public sector bosses

Tax Take“Public sector workers on six-figure salaries are demanding pay rises worth tens of thousands of pounds to compensate for new taxes on pensions, it was claimed last night. David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, has held private talks with unions representing doctors, headteachers, civil servants and police officers.” – Daily Mail

  • Teachers’ groups claim school budgets are at ‘breaking point’… and demand pay rise – The Guardian
  • Sixth Form funding pressure cited as teachers mull strike action – The Independent
  • MPs urge Government to amend pensions statements – FT
  • Committee warns that state pension changes ‘smash’ women’s expectations – The Guardian

Boris Johnson: This strike shows that the BMA is more interested in politics than patients

“It is surely not irrelevant that the doctors’ leadership – the BMA council – would appear to be heavily infiltrated by people who are not just Labour voters but who regard Jeremy Corbyn as the messiah. One BMA council member, Jacky Davis, tweeted “Now we can all vote Labour again”, when the bearded one was elected.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Momentum send lefties to join picket lines – The Sun
  • Ex-minister Lamb attacks Hunt’s ‘dangerous battle’ – The Guardian


  • The Trots leading our doctors only care about class war – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Hunt can take on the junior doctors by showing he’s for the NHS – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

Labour 1) McGovern quits as Dugher urged to challenge Corbyn

LABOUR dead rose“Alison McGovern today quit as chairwoman of a Labour poverty review as Michael Dugher was urged by allies to prepare for a leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. McGovern, who chairs the Progress group, stepped down from a party review into child poverty after a jibe by shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who suggested the group had a “hard-right agenda” and that it had co-ordinated the resignation of three shadow ministers following last week’s reshuffle.” – The Times (£)

  • Shadow work and pensions secretary says he would consider a leadership run – The Independent


  • Three Labour frontbenchers ready to quit if party adopts anti-Trident stance – Daily Mail
  • Shadow Cabinet members prepared to walk over nuclear weapons – The Times (£)

The Left:

  • McCluskey denounces ‘paranoia’ over Momentum – FT
  • McDonnell will not kneel before the Queen – Daily Mail
  • Hackers hijack Corbyn’s Twitter account – Daily Mail


  • Labour’s disputes should not always be seen as chaos – Zoe Williams, The Guardian

>Today: Nadhim Zahawi MP’s column: Last week confirmed that Corbyn’s Labour is now a serious threat to our national security

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: Corbyn’s unprofessionalism seems wonderful to his supporters

Labour 2) Party expects to lose £6m in funding due to trade union bill

“An expected £6m fall in Labour’s annual income as a result of legal changes being proposed by the Conservatives will make it impossible for the party to maintain its current structure, staffing or offices, a confidential party document released to the Guardian reveals. The document calculates the party is expecting to lose as much as £6m in trade union funding as a result of the changes to the political levy being introduced in the trade union bill due to be debated in the House of Lords on Monday.” – The Guardian

  • Opposition set to lay off staff due to expected budget shortfalls – The Independent

Minor parties: Farron admits the Lib Dems may never recover

LibDemDead“The Liberal Democrats may never regain the dozens of constituencies they once held, the party’s leader has suggested.
Tim Farron said there was “no inevitability about the speed or scale” with which the party would rebuild its Commons presence, having lost all but eight MPs at the general election.” – The Times (£)

News in Brief

  • Nearly a fifth of British manufacturers plan workforce changes due to minimum wage – FT
  • Lawyers chasing British troops prepare more than 1,100 cases – Daily Mail
  • Redundant NHS staff are rehired in £92 million farce – The Times (£)
  • Hollande leads tribute to Charlie Hebdo attack victims – The Sun
  • Merkel cancels Davos trip as pressure mounts over migrant attacks – FT
  • David Bowie dies – Daily Telegraph
  • New First Minister vows to keep Northern Ireland moving forward – News Letter

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