Cameron tells French TV Britain has a ‘European destiny’

CAMERON Remain“David Cameron said last night he feels ‘deeply European’ from the bottom of his heart, angering Brexit campaigners who claimed his comments proved he will campaign to stay in the EU ‘regardless’. In an interview with French TV, the Prime Minister said Britain was a country with a ‘European destiny’ and that it was ‘important’ to stay in a European Union ‘that works for us’.” – Daily Mail

  • Premier sparks uproar with Europhile comments – The Sun
  • UK unlikely to secure deal at key summit, warns France – Daily Telegraph
  • Prime Minister in “no hurry” to hold EU referendum before 2018 – Daily Mail
  • Cameron not rushing to seal Brussels deal – The Times (£)


  • Business chiefs heed Premier’s rallying cry at Davos – Daily Telegraph
  • Banks lead as business buys into Britain’s pro-EU campaign – FT
  • European leaders warn Brexit could trigger end of the EU – Daily Telegraph
  • 300 senior lawyers push for UK to stay in Europe – FT
  • Germany sounds death knell for Schengen – The Times (£)



  • Sillars to campaign for EU exit – The Scotsman
  • Prime Minister sets up North Sea support group as oil price tumbles – FT


>Today: ToryDiary: The pros and cons of a second EU referendum

>Yesterday: Daniel Hannan MEP’s column: Cameron’s strategy for winning the EU referendum – use the word ‘security’ as much as possible

Philip Collins: We commentators need to trust our instincts again

“There are only three things to know about politics and that might be one too many. The first thing to know is that your leader needs to be better than the other leader. The second thing is that your party needs a lead on economic competence. The third thing to remember is that, no matter how many opinion polls tell you that the first two things aren’t working, there really are only two things you need to remember.” – The Times (£)

  • Crosby insists he was worth every penny of his fee – Daily Mail

Defence 1) Prime Minister acts against troop-chasing lawyers

Armed Forces“Downing Street has declared war on ambulance-chasing law firms who are ‘tormenting’ British troops with spurious legal claims. David Cameron has ordered sweeping changes to legal aid, no-win no-fee agreements and the civil court regime in a bid to stop the witch-hunt against soldiers who were simply ‘doing their jobs’.” – Daily Mail


  • Cameron tells Argentine President ‘hands off’ at Davos meeting – The Sun

Defence 2) Corbyn’s compromise is ‘pointless’, warns Fallon

“The defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has dismissed Jeremy Corbyn’s proposed compromise on the Trident nuclear weapons programme in which submarines would be retained but go to sea without warheads as “pointless”, comparing it to going into a fight with an imitation gun. Fallon was speaking after a tour of HMS Vigilant, one of the UK’s four submarines that carry Trident missiles capped with nuclear warheads, docked at Faslane naval base on the river Clyde in Scotland.” – The Guardian

Osborne welcomes employment hitting all-time high

OSBORNE red and blue“The over-50s were credited with fuelling the recovery yesterday as figures showed employment is at an all-time high. The Office for National Statistics said the number of people in work rose by 267,000 to 31.39million in the three months to December, equal to two new jobs a minute… Chancellor George Osborne said the figures were a milestone on the road to full recovery. And John Hawksworth, PwC’s chief economist said: “The UK economy continues to be a job creating machine.”” – The Sun

  • Pension taxes are ‘milch cow’ for Chancellor, claims IFS head – The Guardian

>Yesterday: Peter Hoskin in Comment: Osborne’s rebalancing act may never reach the desired conclusion

McLoughlin backs plans for Transport for London to take over commuter services

“The government has backed plans to hand over the running of commuter rail services in the capital to Transport for London and the Mayor. Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, sought to reassure commuters that services outside the city will not suffer from the proposed changes, which he said would “transform travel”.” – Daily Telegraph

Wollaston calls on Government to ban snack promotions

Sweets“Ministers must end cheap chocolate and junk food promotions in supermarkets as part of a dramatic plan to cut obesity in the UK, an influential Conservative MP has said. Sarah Wollaston called on the government to take action against cut-price deals on fatty and sugary foods or face letting down “the least advantaged in society”; after it emerged 40 per cent of purchases are promotions, often on unhealthy snacks.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Professionals urge Cameron to act against fizzy drinks – Daily Mail

Corbyn warned of election ‘triple whammy’ in May

“Jeremy Corbyn has been told Labour will suffer a hat-trick of election blows next May by losing 200 council seats in England, its effective majority in the Welsh Assembly and all constituency seats in Scotland, The Telegraph can disclose. The warnings came as infighting in the Labour leader’s officer forced the resignation of one of his most senior aides, raising fears “lunatics” on the hard-Left now “have the keys to the asylum” at the top of the party.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Veteran MP warns Blairites to “keep their mouths shut” and support the leader – The Independent

Policy chief quit over leadership’s failure to reach out

LABOUR dead rose“One of Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior aides quit his post amid fears over the party’s failure to reach out to a broader section of voters, HuffPost UK has learned. Neale Coleman, Labour’s Executive Director of Policy and Rebuttal, stepped down – after just three months in post – following concerns that he was unhappy at the lack of progress on reaching out to a wider range of public and party opinion.” – Paul Waugh, Huffington Post UK

  • Aide quit after being sidelined in policy talks – The Guardian
  • Fears of further resignations in Corbyn’s camp – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn acts as peacemaker between factions following Coleman’s resignation – The Independent

>Today: Iain Dale’s column: Over at Corbyn Central, the comrades are eating each other

McDonnell wants the state to help employees buy out their bosses

“Employees could be empowered to buy shares in their company if it is sold, dissolved or floated on the stock exchange, John McDonnell said yesterday. The shadow chancellor unveiled the “Right to Own” proposal for workers to purchase shares in their company, which echoes the Conservatives’ Right to Buy policy for social housing tenants who want to buy their home.” – The Times (£)

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: Labour’s internal documents confirm the rise of the posh hard left

Fate of the Edstone discovered

MILIBAND Red Ed“It became a symbol of Ed Miliband’s failure to connect with the public during his ill-fated attempt to win last year’s General Election. And since his defeat to David Cameron’s Tories, political geeks and commentators have scoured Britain trying to track it down. But the fate of the Labour leader’s famous ‘Ed Stone’ rock has finally been revealed, with two party officials claiming it was destroyed soon after the damning election result led to Miliband’s resignation.” – Daily Mail

News in Brief:

  • Quarter of a million children are in failing schools – The Sun
  • Russia in the frame for a string of murders – The Times (£)
  • Britain had more reasons to kill Litvinenko than Russia, claims his brother – Daily Mail
  • No end to oil rout as Saudi Arabia plays tough – Daily Telegraph
  • Jumbo jet’s demise draws a step closer – FT

And finally… it’s Corbyn, the musical

“If you’re interested in theatre and left-wing politics then this is the perfect event for you: a musical about Jeremy Corbyn is set to open in London. The comedy, entitled The Motorcycle Diaries, sees the Labour leader facing a nuclear stand-off with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” – The Sun

  • Let’s see how the left respond to my play – Rupert Myers, Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: Boddy Friedman in Comment: The hardest thing about satirising Corbyn is keeping up with him

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