Cameron ‘tells Cabinet Ministers that they can campaign for Brexit”

ConHome EU shirt Cameron“The top minister said David Cameron had privately promised him and others they can campaign for an EU exit once the poll date is announced — and keep their jobs.  The source added: “He’s going to wait right until the last minute but he will release his Cabinet.” The revelation comes with Downing Street under intense pressure to make clear whether ministers will be bound by collective responsibility.” – The Sun

  • Ministers who want Britain to leave European Union should resign, says Mark Field – Daily Telegraph
  • Alan Duncan criticises Vote Leave attacks on Cameron – The Times (£)
  • Party political spending will boost Remain – Daily Mail
  • Guide to In and Out Cabinet members – Financial Times
  • Tens of thousands of Eurocrats are to receive an inflation-busting pay rise – The Times (£)
  • New EU Europa building will cost £280 million – The Times (£)
  • Cameron at Hilton’s Christmas Party after drinks with Murdoch – Daily Mail
  • Poll: Cameron third most popular leader in the world – The Independent

Hague: Why I will vote to stay in the EU

“whatever the shortcomings of the European “project” it is manifestly not in our interests for either it or the United Kingdom to fall apart. Such will be the challenges to the western world in the coming years, from a turbulent Middle East and a volatile world economy, that the dismembering of our own country by nationalists or the breaking up of Europe into uncontrolled rivalry would make many dangers more threatening still.” – Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister was told to leave far more troops in Helmand

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 08.07.55“We should have left a stronger presence of 1,500 [troops],” the former commander said. “Cameron did not really listen to the military advice. There is a point at which you are banging your head against a wall. Cameron was not saying: ‘I disagree with you’ [over the need for the bigger force], just that we were not doing it any longer. The government was prepared to take the risk because they wanted to win the election. They just decided that they were not going to be a part of it.” – The Times (£)

  • Deployment revives bitter memories at Westminster – Financial Times
  • Call for more troops to be sent back – The Sun
  • Major offensive launched against ISIS – Daily Express

Osborne misses target as borrowing rises again

“Figures from the Office for National Statistics show borrowing for November was £14.2billion, up by £1.3billion compared with the same month in 2014. Total borrowing for the financial year, which began in April 2015, is already £66.9billion. According to the Chancellor’s forecasts for getting the UK back into the black by 2020, total borrowing for the year to March is only supposed to stand at £68.9billion.” – Daily Mail

Corbyn: The fights over my diary

CORBYN Citizen cap“The Labour leader said that he had become “quite assertive” in managing his diary because he wanted to ensure he had plenty of time for the visits that keep him in touch with the people he represents – as well as some time for digging his allotment. In a long and wideranging interview with Red Pepper magazine, he also discussed his plans to open up Labour’s policymaking, why Labour lost the 1983 general election and his belief in people’s intrinsic goodness.” – The Guardian

News In Brief

  • Number of migrants seeking to enter Britain doubles – Daily Express
  • Cameron urged to intervene as US bans Muslim family – Daily Telegraph
  • Government warned that weakening encryption in security drive will help criminals – The Times (£)
  • Oxford students step up campaign to remove Cecil Rhodes statue – The Guardian
  • Government go-ahead for ‘Bicester Village of the West Midlands’ – Birmingham Post
  • Adams claims he has no knowledge of whether or not “Slab” Murphy was a IRA member – Belfast Telegraph
  • Sean Woodward grapples with wife for money – The Sun
  • Bowie’s new album at 70 – The Independent
  • Spain’s voters want to clean up politics – Miriam González Durántez (a.k.a Mrs Clegg), Financial Times
  • Star Wars breaks box office record – Daily Mail

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