Airstrikes in days after Corbyn concedes defeat

RAF roundel“Britain is ready to start striking the headquarters of Islamic State within 48 hours after David Cameron announced a vote on extending the military campaign into Syria. The Commons vote, to be held tomorrow, comes after Jeremy Corbyn abandoned efforts to force Labour to oppose the action. At least 40 Labour MPs are expected to take advantage of a free vote to push for airstrikes, giving Mr Cameron the ‘clear majority’ he has made a condition of seeking Commons approval” – The Times (£)

  • RAF pilots will carry guns in case they are shot down by ISIS – Daily Mail



Corbyn rolled over by the shadow cabinet

Corbyn Snip20151129_3“Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet meeting had only been going on for seven minutes when his own ministers started shouting at their new leader and calling his behaviour ‘disgraceful’. An ashen-faced Mr Corbyn was facing an open revolt from his own shadow ministers over his decision to oppose David Cameron’s plans for air strikes…at the end…Mr Corbyn had completely rolled over after his ministers refused to leave the room if he did not back down” – Daily Telegraph

  • Corbyn will clash with Benn in Syria debate – Independent
  • Labour’s free vote isn’t all that free – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn reveals more clearly than ever his inability to lead – The Times editorial (£)
  • Yesterday was Labour’s blackest day – Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph
  • Timeline: how Labour failed to take a stance on Syria air strikes – Daily Telegraph
  • Air strikes are lawful but I’ll be voting against them – Keir Starmer MP, Guardian

Sylvester: “Labour is the party for down and outs”

“It is no coincidence that the leader has — to the fury of his MPs — suppressed the findings of an internal party inquiry into the general election defeat in May… I have been shown the findings of focus groups held in ten marginal seats as part of the post mortem and they are devastating… The headline of the analysis reads: ‘Nowadays, Labour is the party for down and outs, not ‘people like me’” – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)

  • Corbyn is leading Labour away from moderate voters – Nick Pearce, Financial Times
  • Labour launches campaign to keep Britain in EU – Daily Telegraph

Feldman under intense pressure over payments

Lord Feldman“Andrew Feldman, the Tory chairman, is facing intense pressure after it emerged that he personally authorised payments of more than £1m to fund the Conservative campaign at the heart of bullying allegations in the party. Amid a growing chorus of criticism at the party’s handling of the allegations, Feldman backed down and agreed to establish an independent investigation that will be overseen by the crossbench peer David Pannick QC. The Conservative party board announced that the law firm Clifford Chance would conduct the investigation ‘in its entirety’ and Feldman would recuse himself from the board meeting which considers the report” – Guardian

  • Feldman “knew of bullying allegations” over a year ago, Clarke’s friends claim – Daily Telegraph
  • Tory scramble to save PM’s pal – Daily Mail
  • It can’t be one law for the ruling elite and their chums, and another for the rest of us – The Sun Says
  • Dave’s mate who became “indispensable” ally – Guardian
  • Don’t fire Feldman – George Trefgarne, CapX
  • Johnson’s father attacks ennoblement of Pidding – Daily Mail



Doctors halt strike after Hunt pledge on contracts

“A series of strikes by junior doctors has been called off at the last minute after the government pledged that no new contract would be imposed pending further talks… Under what Jeremy Hunt, health secretary, described as a ‘time limited’ agreement for further negotiations, the British Medical Association has agreed to suspend action in return for the government’s agreement that it will not unilaterally impose its new deal” – Financial Times

Davis defends Freedom of Information Act

David Davis 10-05-15“A cross-party alliance of peers and MPs last night vowed to inflict a humiliating defeat on the Government if it tries to ‘cripple’ Freedom of Information laws… At the launch of a campaign to save the Act yesterday, senior Tory backbencher David Davis said any attempt to undermine the Act would be rejected by Tory rebels” – Daily Mail

MPs question whether Heathrow can comply with pollution laws

“Heathrow should be barred from building a third runway until the airport can demonstrate its ability to meet pollution targets, MPs will say today… In a major report, the cross-party Commons environmental audit committee is expected to say that Heathrow has not yet shown its plans for a third runway can comply with pollution laws” – Daily Mail

Johnson: Osborne should stop making rules

Osborne“Never has a chancellor constrained himself with so many rules. George Osborne has put a welfare cap into law. He has legislated to prevent himself raising rates of income tax, national insurance and VAT. He has legislated that he must get the public finances into surplus by 2019. But rules, like manifesto promises, are there to be broken. That was obvious last Wednesday” – Paul Johnson, The Times (£)

Kerslake: The Treasury is too powerful

“The Treasury is too powerful, out of touch, and must be reviewed to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’ a former head of the civil service has declared. Lord Kerslake, who was head of the civil service until 2014, has questioned whether the most powerful department in Whitehall should have its wings clipped. Writing in The Times, the peer…said the Treasury appeared ‘both mysterious and fearsome’ in the way it operates” – The Times (£)

McDonnell and Farage trade blows in Oldham campaign

McDonnell Conference Speech“The Shadow Chancellor branded Ukip ‘an evil force within society’ as he urged supporters to vote Labour in the upcoming Oldham West by-election. Speaking at a hard-Left event on Saturday, John McDonnell said Nigel Farage’s party ‘divides’ the nation ‘on the basis of race’ and called on voters to keep its members out of British politics. His comments prompted a furious response from Mr Farage, who dismissed Mr McDonnell as ‘economically and morally illiterate’” – Daily Mail

  • Labour segregates men and woman at Asian rally in Oldham – Daily Mail
  • Farage says UKIP will end Corbyn leadership with Oldham win – Daily Express

SNP’s university reform plans are “source of shame”

“A leading scientist has described plans to reform the governance of universities as a ‘source of shame’ which is already damaging Scotland’s international standing. Professor Jim Naismith, a Fellow of the Royal Society and director of the Biomedical Research Complex at the University of St Andrews, said the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Bill before the Scottish Parliament ‘seriously threatens’ university autonomy” – Scotsman

  • Sturgeon has known about Police Scotland spy claims for five months – Herald

News in brief

  • World leaders pledge billions at Paris climate talks – Financial Times
  • Turkey “is holding EU to ransom” over immigration – Daily Mail
  • Doctors says Yorkshire Ripper is no longer mentally ill – Guardian
  • Solicitor in York struck off after charging £750 an hour – Daily Telegraph
  • Pirelli calendar abandons supermodels for women of achievement – Daily Mail

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