Cameron reaches a decade as Conservative Party leader

CAMERON Popular“David Cameron has reached his 10th anniversary as leader of the Conservative Party. … Elected in 2005, age 39, he promised to ‘inspire a new generation’. … He became prime minister of the coalition government in 2010 before gaining an overall majority at the general election in May this year. … He is only the fourth Conservative to reach the milestone in over 100 years behind Stanley Baldwin, Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.” – BBC

  • “Congratulations on 10 years, David Cameron – but don’t rest on your laurels.” – Daily Telegraph

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The Prime Minister to announce 200,000 public sector apprenticeships…

“Hospitals, police forces and government departments will be forced to take on 200,000 new apprentices in a bid to increase the number of trainees in the public sector, David Cameron will announce tomorrow. … Under new rules, which will come into force next year, more than one in 50 public sector workers will have to be an apprentice. At the moment 75 per cent of apprentices are employed in the private sector; only 16 per cent are on the Government’s payroll.” – Independent on Sunday

  • “The Government could ride to the rescue of millions of civil servants who stand to lose inflation-linked pension increases under the new state pension rules applying from April. Private sector pensioners in the same quandary are unlikely to be helped.” – Sunday Telegraph

… as Eurosceptics respond to speculation that Cameron might join their cause: “We don’t want him!”

EU Exit“Rows over Europe intensified last night after anti-EU campaigners told the Prime Minister: ‘We don’t want you on our side – but we do want Boris’. … Vote Leave, the organisation leading calls for Britain to vote to quit the EU in the upcoming referendum, reacted with fury to claims David Cameron was considering backing a ‘Brexit’. … But a senior source at Vote Leave said: ‘If Cameron thinks we’d want him leading the ‘leave’ campaign he’s deluded. He’s toxic on this issue and he would undermine the campaign.'” – Mail on Sunday

  • “Labour and Liberal Democrat peers are refusing to drop their plans to give 16- and 17-year-olds the vote, despite warnings it could scupper the prospect of David Cameron holding an EU referendum in the summer.” – Independent on Sunday
  • “Britain must pay £1 million to double the number of judges at a European court in another blow to David Cameron’s hopes of reining in the EU.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “If the British public were to vote to leave the European Union it would be the modern equivalent of the toppling of the Berlin Wall and herald the beginning of the end for the bloc, says Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front.” – Sunday Telegraph

And comment:

  • “Boxer Tyson Fury says Britain should not be in the EU, arguing that the financial problems of Greece, Spain and Italy mean the UK would be better off out.” – Guido Fawkes, Sun on Sunday

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ISIS 1) Knife attack in Leytonstone being investigated by anti-terror police

Police shield“A knifeman slashed a man  at a busy London tube station and allegedly shouted ‘this is for Syria’ before being Tasered by police in what has been described by Scotland Yard as a terrorism attack. … The victim suffered serious knife injuries at Leytonstone underground station shortly after 7pm last night. … Anti-terror police are now investigating the attack after eyewitnesses claimed they could the 29-year-old man shout ‘this is for Syria’ and ‘all of your blood will be spilled’ during the terrifying attack.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “Blair told The Sunday Times that the claim the jihadists would leave us alone is ‘just not true. They will take the battle to us. There’s no doubt about that. And they are.'” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv,’ the witness can repeatedly be heard saying as he watched the attacker being pinned to the ground by police.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “ISIS has threatened Britain with suicide bombings as it emerged that police are investigating connections between extremists in Birmingham and the gang behind the Paris massacre.” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “Passenger jets are being put at risk on a weekly basis by drones being flown close to them, a government counterterrorism adviser has warned.” – Sunday Times (£)

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ISIS 2): The group has smuggled WMD material into Europe, claims report

ISIS“ISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed. … The terror organisation, according to the briefing document, ‘may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks’. … The document, which was compiled in the aftermath of the deadly attacks on Paris claimed that ISIS has already smuggled WMD material into Europe.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “ISIS have today claimed that two of their followers carried out the mass shooting in San Bernadino, US that left 14 people dead and 8 injured.” – Sun on Sunday
  • “President Barack Obama said the United States ‘will not be terrorised’, following the mass shooting by a husband and wife who killed 14 people in San Bernardino.” – Independent on Sunday

ISIS 3) Will we be drawn into airstrikes against targets in Libya?

Fighter jet“Britain has completed its second wave of bombing raids on Islamic State targets in Syria against a backdrop of mounting concern that coalition military forces may also become drawn into airstrikes against the jihadis’ expanding enclave in Libya. … Speculation about coalition airstrikes in the troubled country intensified throughout last week after reports that France flew its first reconnaissance missions over the town of Sirte, joining the drones of the US, another key partner.” – The Observer

  • “British Tornados over Syria are to fly in pairs with the RAF’s Typhoon jets amid growing concern over the possibility of accidental clashes with Russia.” – Sunday Telegraph
  • “A crack team from the SAS tracked down IS executioner Jihadi John and called in the air strike that killed him in Syria, it can be revealed today.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “A senior IS fundraiser has fled Britain to join the war in Syria. … Mohammed Khaled, 45, the subject of a counter-terrorism finance order, has managed to slip out the country.” – Sun on Sunday
  • “Tim Farron is facing the first crisis of his leadership of the Liberal Democrats, as senior activists consider quitting the party over his decision to vote for air strikes in Syria.” – Independent on Sunday
  • “Hundreds of military personnel are injured every year because the Ministry of Defence negligently fails to follow its own safety rules, MPs will hear this week.” – Independent on Sunday
  • “Three female suicide bombers have attacked a busy market on an island in Lake Chad leaving at least 27 people dead and 90 injured.” – Mail on Sunday

And comment:

  • “Stem clandestine oil sales and hit Isis where it hurts: in its wallet” – David Davis, Sunday Times (£)
  • “Labelling the Isis killers as fascists only makes it harder to defeat them.” – Niall Ferguson, Sunday Times (£)
  • “We have to fight Daesh because they hate us.” – Liam Fox, Western Daily Press
  • “Isis is expanding its international reach. That is hardly a sign of weakness.” – Hassan Hassan, The Observer
  • “Syria vote proved that the PM can behave like a bully. He will live to regret it.” – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • “Merci, mes amis. Britain is a true friend to France.” – Édouard Tétreau, Sunday Telegraph
  • “We know that 700 British jihadis have gone to Syria. Yet only six have had their assets frozen — less than £50,000. … That’s not good enough.” – Sun on Sunday editorial

Mark Clarke accused of Sopranos-like tactics in his fight against bullying allegations

“Disgraced ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke mocked suicide victim Elliott Johnson in a terrifying ambush of one of the tragic activist’s friends last week. … In an intimidating encounter likened to a scene from TV mafia show The Sopranos, Clarke, aided by two burly henchmen and his mistress, cornered their victim, another Conservative campaigner, in a Chelsea restaurant. … They had tricked Patrick Sullivan into the showdown, and spent an intense 90 minutes trying to strongarm him into withdrawing claims that he, too, had been bullied by Clarke.” – Mail on Sunday

  • “A Tory activist group branded ‘the Conservative madrasah’ treated teenage activists to an alcohol-soaked night at a London lap-dancing club with free champagne and private dances from naked women, members say.” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “The sister of Lord Feldman, the Conservative party chairman, went campaigning and also socialised with members of RoadTrip 2015, the group of activists run by ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke.” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “The ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal took a new turn last night after it emerged that Mark Clarke and his cronies are Freemasons.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “Police are investigating claims the young Tory activist who took his own life viewed an online “suicide” video months before he died.” – Sun on Sunday

Hunt faces another scrap with doctors, this time over charging plans

Jeremy Hunt“The government is under fire from doctors’ leaders and unions over controversial new plans to charge migrants and other foreign visitors from outside Europe for emergency treatment on the NHS. … On Monday, Hunt will announce a consultation on the plans, but department of health officials said he was determined to press ahead to ensure everyone using the NHS pays a fair share, and to relieve pressure on services.” – The Observer

  • “Patients and health experts have accused the Government of trying to ‘cover up’ the scale of a looming winter health crisis by blocking the publication of key waiting-time figures.” – Independent on Sunday
  • “More than 2,000 people a month with mental health illnesses in England are being sent miles from their homes, sometimes hundreds, because of a chronic shortage of beds, NHS figures reveal.” – The Observer
  • “Staff at one of England’s most remote hospitals claim it is being quietly ‘asset stripped’ as part of a covert plan to close its A&E unit.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “Parents should talk to their children about sex from the age of three or they will grow up to think it’s a taboo subject at home, a public health chief has warned.” – Sunday Times (£)

Conservative MPs want ban on Lord’s Prayer film to be lifted

“Senior MPs and peers have written a hard-hitting letter demanding that Britain’s biggest cinema chains lift their ban on the Church of England’s Lord’s Prayer film. … Among the 20 signatories are former Social Security Secretary Peter Lilley, ex-Scottish Secretary Lord Forsyth and former Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt as well as senior Conservatives Sir Gerald Howarth, Sir Peter Bottomley and Sir Edward Leigh, and former Lib Dem MP Lord Alton.” – Mail on Sunday

Labour moderates fear a “revenge reshuffle” by Corbyn…

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“The shadow cabinet is bracing itself for a ‘revenge reshuffle’ in the aftermath of Labour’s victory in the Oldham byelection, with key senior figures voicing fears they will be sacrificed by Jeremy Corbyn to kill dissent. … Labour’s surprisingly emphatic win on Thursday has given Corbyn and his supporters renewed confidence, leaving some of his most high-ranking critics in the party uneasy about their futures. One shadow cabinet minister told friends: ‘I am expecting a busy Christmas, and a very quiet new year.'” – The Observer

  • “Labour can be the most powerful force for progressive change in generations.” – John McDonnell, The Observer

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…as Blunkett joins their cause

“Jeremy Corbyn has been warned by David Blunkett that party moderates will not be silenced by Left-wing thugs in the wake of Labour’s convincing by-election win in Oldham. … The former Home Secretary spoke out as rumours swept the party that Mr Corbyn was planning to capitalise on the win by purging his enemies from the frontbench. … His remarks came amid a row over intimidation of the 66 Labour MPs who defied Mr Corbyn last week to vote for Syrian air strikes.” – Mail on Sunday

Read David Blunkett’s article for the Mail on Sunday in full

Related news:

  • “‘He is the complete opposite of what he claims to be, straight-talking and honest,’ one shadow minister said of his leader.” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “Corbyn will deepen the rift with his MPs by attending a fundraising dinner for the campaign group Stop the War, which blamed the Paris terrorist attacks on French military action in the Middle East.” – Sunday Times (£)
  • “Video footage has come to light of Mr Corbyn speaking at a rally against the Gaza war in 2009, at which his close associates were cheered on stage as they praised Hamas.” – Sunday Telegraph
  • “Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of deliberately provoking his own MPs to make himself more popular with Labour’s leftie members.” – Sun on Sunday
  • “MP Simon Danczuk, who received a death threat after voting for air strikes in Syria, urged the leadership to rein in Momentum, the pressure group set up by Jeremy Corbyn.” – Sun on Sunday
  • “Labour’s increasingly bitter civil war has deepened after allies of Jeremy Corbyn accused MPs of ‘spreading lies’ about the 66-year-old’s health in an attempt to destabilise his leadership.” – Independent on Sunday

And comment:

  • Newspaper mastheads“Now, as so often in the past, the similarities between the far left and far right are more striking than the differences.” – Nick Cohen, The Observer
  • “The immediate question now facing Labour is whether the furies unleashed by the divisions over Syria will abate. That will depend on how Mr Corbyn behaves.” – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • “Momentum’s vitriol highlights the sexism inherent in the hard left.” – Jane Merrick, Independent on Sunday
  • “One well-heeled financial supporter of the party who, like many of his ilk, will not donate while the hard-Left is in control, tells me that a handful of former big benefactors are giving ‘serious consideration’ to ways to funnel support to moderate Labour MPs.” – Anne McElvoy
  • “Benn talks his way into being Labour’s white knight.” – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£)
  • “Jeremy Corbyn’s clueless admirers have not the faintest idea about his hard-Left beliefs.” – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
  • “Labour’s moderates must split from the mad Maoists.” – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • “Moderate Labour will always ignore this idiocy and stick to our first principle — defending Britain and reducing risk.” – Simon Danczuk, Sun on Sunday
  • “This time, the trolls picked a fight with the wrong woman. Stella doesn’t back down. And nor will other Labour MPs who voted for airstrikes.” – Louise Mensch, Sun on Sunday
  • “The biggest myth about Jeremy Corbyn is that he represents a new, kinder and more decent form of politics.” – Sun on Sunday editorial

John Rentoul: UKIP is finished

UKIP glass“[Oldham] was a disastrous result for Ukip. It confirms that the party is finished. Having had a terrible general election, the party has now lost its reason for existing. Its purpose is to win the argument for Britain to leave the European Union. Not only did the voters give it just one seat in May, but they elected a Conservative government committed to a referendum.” – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday

  • “The Labour win that’s bad for Labour and us.” – Sunday Times editorial (£)

Kids Company set for a comeback

“The founder of Kids Company, Camila Batmanghelidjh, is to make a remarkable show of defiance by helping to throw a Christmas party for more than 1,500 underprivileged children, including many former clients of her failed charity. … She revealed the plan as philanthropists announced a £10m rescue of parts of the charity. The backers include the band Coldplay and the hair salon owner and Tory donor John Frieda, who has dined with David Cameron at No 10.” – Sunday Times (£)

Study finds a north-south divide in schooling

School“Two hundred thousand pupils are trapped in failing schools leading to a growing North-South divide, a study has shown. … They attend secondary schools in the 16 worst performing local authorities and all but three are in the North and the Midlands. … The figures follow an Ofsted report which said underperforming schools contributed to ‘a divided nation’. … Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw called on greater ‘political will’ to raise standards.” – Sun on Sunday

  • “Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, faced huge embarrassment last night as she was forced to sack one of her advisers following revelations to the Department for Education that he was facing a disciplinary hearing over IT contracts awarded to his partner.” – The Observer
  • “Top private schools need to stop focusing on academic subjects that prepare pupils for ‘comfortable middle class professions’ and instead offer vocational courses, a leading head has said.” – Sunday Telegraph
  • “Schools should no longer face a legal requirement to provide daily acts of worship of a Christian character, under radical reforms being proposed by a top-level inquiry into the place of faith in multicultural Britain.” – The Observer
  • “Appeals against A-level and GCSE exam results have hit record levels, it will be revealed this week.” – Mail on Sunday

News in brief

  • Taxpayers spent £3,000 on a chauffeur-driven car for Tory who had quit as an MP – Sun on Sunday
  • Anne Main MP rails against dangerous fancy-dress costumes for children – Sun on Sunday
  • Women going through menopause should be given time off work, says Government’s health tsar – Mail on Sunday
  • Today’s political leaders are all in Winston Churchill’s shadow, according to new poll – The Observer
  • Climate change conference agrees draft proposals – The Observer
  • Cadbury’s owner paid no UK tax – Sunday Times (£)
  • Qatar World Cup scandal deepens – Sunday Times (£)
  • Railway engineers come up with an alternative to HS2 that’s £20 billion cheaper – Independent on Sunday
  • Home evacuated as Storm Desmond causes flooding – Independent on Sunday

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