Cameron opts to ‘cut and run’ on Europe…

EU Exit“David Cameron yesterday opted to cut and run over Europe, firing the starting gun on a summer 2016 referendum despite failing to secure his key demand to curb mass migration. The Prime Minister declared the ‘best future for Britain’ was in a reformed European Union. But European leaders effectively killed his pledge to make new arrivals from the EU wait four years before receiving in-work benefits.” – Daily Mail

What happened?

  • Eastern European revolt killed hopes of migrant benefit reform – Daily Mail
  • Leaders serve up a menu of rebukes – The Times (£)
  • Prime Minister poll-axed as EU leaders blast proposals – The Sun
  • How Cameron’s passionate speech kept renegotiation alive – Daily Telegraph
  • The Prime Minister’s savvy speech gives hope to the ‘Remain’ campaign – The Guardian

Meanwhile in London:

  • Migrant workers drive down pay, Bank of England suggests – The Times (£)
  • BBC has received £2m in EU funding, fuelling bias claims – Daily Telegraph


  • May is the woman who could electrify this debate – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail
  • We need to remember the brutal history that created the EU – Timothy Garton Ash, Financial Times


>Today: Ashley Fox and Sajjad Karim in Comment: Strengthening national parliaments – an important and achievable EU reform goal


…as he urges Argentina to be ‘more mature’ over the Falklands…

“David Cameron has demanded Argentina take a “more mature” approach towards the Falklands as he gave a Christmas promise to protect Britain’s links with the islands. In a clear warning to Argentina’s new president, Mr Cameron used a festive message to the islanders to declare he was “immoveable” over the Falklands’ right to remain British.” – Daily Telegraph

…and rumours swirl that he plans to make Boris Foreign Secretary

CAMERON & BORIS“Boris Johnson could be made foreign secretary when his term as Mayor of London ends, it was claimed last night. David Cameron has told allies he is considering a number of senior jobs for Mr Johnson – but the one held by Philip Hammond is said to be top of the list.” – Daily Mail

  • Mayor in line for top job to boost leadership credentials – Daily Telegraph

Gove offers personal apology for divorce software glitch

“The justice secretary has offered a personal apology for a computer blunder which may have led to mistakes in the settlements of up to 17,000 divorcing couples since April last year. Michael Gove said it was “deeply regrettable” that there was an error in the form used by divorcing couples and admitted it had affected people “at what is inevitably a very stressful time in their life”.” – The Times (£)

Conservative Future face events ban

CONSERVATIVE tree“The Tory youth wing has been ordered to cancel all social events “for the foreseeable future” in the wake of a bullying scandal, prompting speculation that the party is preparing to close it permanently. Conservative head office has faced growing calls to shut down Conservative Future, the official group for party supporters under 30, which claims to have more than 15,000 members.” – The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: CCHQ should not be cancelling CF Christmas parties

Allan accused of trying to gag staff

“A ‘bullying’ MP is under fire after allegations attempts were made to gag her ex-staff to stop them from speaking out… today it emerged both she and another staffer, Katie Woodland, received voice messages from Allan telling them confidentiality agreements would ‘be enforced’.” – The Sun

  • Telford MP should resign, claim former aides – The Guardian
  • CCHQ ‘knew about MP’s bullying’ before the election – The Times (£)

John McTernan: Politics is the last refuge of the workplace bully

BROWN Gordon open mouth“The omerta of staffers and civil servants means that stories of workplace bullying in politics rarely get out. Damian McBride’s memoir of his work with Gordon Brown is a rare exception. Though I suspect it surprised no one, and if the names of the worst bullies were more widely known I doubt that they would surprise the public either.” – Daily Telegraph

Corbyn tells councils to hold back on 1980s-style illegal budgets

“Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour councils that there is no point setting an illegal budget in response to local government cuts, spurning calls to emulate the party’s resistance to Whitehall-imposed budget cuts in the 1980s… Some council leaders in the 1980s, including some close to the current Labour leadership, deliberately set council budgets in excess of the limits set by central government; and there have now been calls in some circles, including by the Socialist party, for councils to draw up budgets based on people’s needs, as opposed to council finances.” – The Guardian

Farage tells Carswell to put up or shut up

UKIP glass“Nigel Farage raised the prospect of withdrawing the whip from his party’s only MP yesterday, as internal feuding over Ukip’s direction burst into the open. The Ukip leader’s warning came after Douglas Carswell, the former Tory MP who defected before the general election, called on Mr Farage to be replaced as leader.” – The Times (£)


  • Whilst he dominates the immigration debate, Farage is unlikely to go anywhere – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

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