Europe: Tory MPs urge Cameron to back Brexit after welfare retreat…

CAMERON EU fence“Eurosceptic Tory MPs last night demanded that David Cameron campaign for Britain to leave the EU after he all but abandoned his flagship plan to strip migrant workers of benefits. The Prime Minister has bowed to pressure from Brussels and other EU leaders ahead of a crunch summit this week and is prepared to accept alternative proposals from Europe if they cut migrant numbers.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister’s u-turn on migrants – The Times (£)
  • Cameron begs EU leader to bail him out with new welfare deal – The Sun
  • Tory leader signals compromise on benefit ban – Financial Times
  • Number Ten denies retreat on welfare – The Guardian
  • Eurosceptic MPs urge grassroots to call on their MPs to back Leave – Daily Telegraph

Voting age:

  • Fresh battle looms as Labour tries again to lower limit – Financial Times
  • Labour peers dispute £6m costs claim – The Guardian
  • Electoral Commission boosts Government bid to block votes at 16 – Daily Telegraph


  • Cameron needs better anger management to succeed in Europe – Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian
  • The European monster is in its death throes – Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph
  • There is no strategy, the Prime Minister is simply flailing – Zoe Williams, The Guardian


…as Front National is barred from power in France

“A cross-party scare campaign has driven the bogeyman of the Front away from the door of French power once again, but Marine Le Pen and her far-right movement will be back for revenge in 16 months — and then for the much higher stakes of the presidency. By taking more than a quarter of the vote and overall first place in the opening round, the former pariah party has proved that it is a real force.” – The Times (£)

  • Voters flock to the traditional parties in the second round – Daily Telegraph
  • Will Le Pen abandon her bid for the presidency? – Daily Mail

Boris Johnson: If Denmark can treat foreigners differently, so can we

BORIS blue and red“If you want a classic example of how the EU survives, while recognising national particularity, look at Danish property law. There is nothing to stop a Dane buying a home in London or any other part of the UK, under basic EU principles. It doesn’t work the other way round; and everyone understands why the Danes want it that way.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Mayor warns public not to misread ‘Eurosceptic’ Cameron – The Independent
  • Swiss migration battle with EU has echoes in Britain – Financial Times

Prime Minister issues ultimatum to councils: protect children or be taken over

“Councils that fail to keep youngsters safe from abuse or neglect will be stripped of their powers, David Cameron will say today. Sunderland is the first council to have its child protection services passed over to an outside authority under the scheme. They will be run by a voluntary trust initially set up by the director of children’s services in Kingston and Richmond, hundreds of miles away.” – The Times (£)

Other Conservative news:

  • Conservatives fail to abolish ‘invisible army’ of fully-paid, redundant civil servants – The Sun
  • Outcry as Tories abandon plan to crack down on bank chiefs… – Daily Mail
  • …and food giants – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister’s office draws up plan to nationalise Rolls Royce as crisis deepens – Financial Times


  • Cameron should commit to a compulsory National Citizen Service – Andy Coulson, Daily Telegraph
  • Muslim schools must be looked at differently – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

Osborne urged to spell out cuts risk to specialist police forces

OSBORNE scissors“George Osborne has been accused of risking national security by failing to guarantee that the three forces which guard railways, military sites and nuclear installations from terrorist attack would be protected from spending cuts… But the British Transport Police, which patrols railways in England, Scotland and Wales, was not covered by Mr Osborne’s pledge, it has emerged. Spending by Ministry of Defence Police, which guards military bases across the UK, and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, which protects nuclear sites and nuclear waste when it is being transported, has also been excluded.” – The Independent

Mundell claims Tories could become Scotland’s second party

“The Scottish Conservatives can overtake Labour to become Holyrood’s official opposition party by snatching more of the parliament’s regional seats in May’s election, David Mundell has said after they unveiled the rankings for all their list candidates. Mr Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, said it was “perfectly possible” but “not inevitable” that the Tories will become Holyrood’s second largest party behind the SNP and that Ruth Davidson will become “official leader of the opposition”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Cameron tells Sturgeon to back the ‘snoopers’ charter’ – Daily Telegraph

Could Livingstone get a peerage?

Jeremy Corbyn“Jeremy Corbyn could seek to shore up his leadership by handing a plum frontbench job to Ken Livingstone, Labour MPs fear. The Labour leader leader has welcomed reports he is plotting a major overhaul of the shadow cabinet, axing moderate MPs who have challenged Mr Corbyn in public, because they make him look ‘really tough’.” – Daily Mail

  • Corbyn faces a backlash at the prospect of Lord Livingstone – Daily Telegraph
  • Islington MP keen to get key ally into the Shadow Cabinet – The Sun

Stop the War:

  • Corbyn urged to sever links with Stop the War – The Times (£)
  • Lucas doesn’t want to be a stick to beat Islington MP with after quitting Stop the War – Daily Telegraph

Other Labour news:

  • Khan urges Corbyn to back Gatwick expansion – The Guardian
  • Abbott denies angling for Chief Whip’s job – The Independent
  • Momentum enforcer is the posh son of a ‘£5 million conman’ – The Sun
  • When Corbyn dressed as Santa on TV – Daily Mail
  • Labour chief urged to stop dodging the hard questions – The Times (£)

Clare Foges: Labour moderates could break out with the Co-operative Party

“However, as the great Labour ship lists heavily in the stormy seas of Corbyn’s leadership, there is a potential lifeboat that few have talked about — a lifeboat in which 25 of its MPs are already sitting. When Jim McMahon was elected in Oldham West, he was not just elected as a Labour MP, but as a Co-operative party MP. He joins 24 other Co-operative MPs in the House of Commons, including some of the brightest talents: Stella Creasy, John Woodcock, Chris Leslie. There are 16 Co-operative party members in the Lords. Kezia Dugdale, leader of Scottish Labour, represents the Co-operative party, too — as do three other MSPs.” – The Times (£)

  • Prescott denounces anti-Corbyn MPs as ‘bitterites’ – The Guardian


  • Labour MPs need to stop the denial and build a new movement – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

News in Brief:

  • Abbott seminar on Team 2015 criticised – The Guardian
  • Inside Britain’s 85 Sharia courts – Daily Mail
  • Kerslake speaks out against bid to curb freedom of information – The Times (£)
  • The coming US interest rate hike is like none you’ve seen before – Daily Telegraph
  • Climate obstacles emerge within hours of deal – Financial Times
  • Schools face staffing crisis as supply teacher bill soars – The Independent
  • Russian warship fires on Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea – Daily Mail

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