Prime Minister ‘on the ropes’ over migrant benefits

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron faced a barrage of protest over migrant benefits last night – but claimed he had made ‘really good progress’ in securing a deal to keep Britain in the EU. Countries in Eastern Europe led the charge in dismissing the Prime Minister’s ‘discriminatory’ proposals to stop EU workers accessing in-work benefits for the first four years after arriving in the UK.” – Daily Mail

  • Premier rebuffed on key demand – Financial Times
  • Tory leader’s tough night at EU summit – The Times (£)
  • Prime Minister needs a plan B as EU leaders stand firm – The Guardian
  • Migrant plans declared ‘unworkable’ by European negotiators – The Independent
  • Midnight speech in Brussels descends into shambles – Daily Mail

Silver linings:

Meanwhile in London:

  • Government accused of covering up millions of EU migrants – Daily Telegraph
  • Whitehall concealing ‘unhelpful’ migrant numbers – Daily Mail
  • Ten thousand missing asylum seekers ‘too difficult to find’ – The Times (£)
  • Government uses focus on Cameron to rush out bad news – Daily Mail
  • Seven stories the Government tried to bury today – The Independent



Fraser Nelson: Osborne’s career depends on winning for ‘In’

“The biggest threat he faces isn’t a 2020 general election, but losing a referendum campaign… the Chancellor has decided, whatever happens on migrant benefits, that Britain’s future lies in the European Union – and to bet everything on his ability to persuade the country.” – Daily Telegraph

  • We Germans will bend over backwards to keep Britain in – Thomas Kielinger, Daily Telegraph
  • Britain’s pro-Europeans need to find a Shirley Williams – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
  • How many demands has Cameron dropped since 2005? – Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: How will Cameron manage Cabinet ministers who want Brexit?

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Risk

Muslim Brotherhood won’t be banned in Britain

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt“The Prime Minister said in one of dozens of government announcements on Thursday that “membership of, association with, or influence by the Muslim Brotherhood should be considered as a possible indicator of extremism”… But Mr Cameron stopped short of banning the group, with a Downing Street spokesperson adding that the review did not introduce any change in policy towards the brotherhood.” – Financial Times

  • Muslim Brotherhood won’t be banned – Daily Mail


  • It’s time we banned the Muslim Brotherhood – Melanie Philips, The Times (£)

Milburn urges Cameron to act on social mobility

“A plan to level the playing field which is tilted against Britain’s poor families has been published as the Government’s child poverty watchdog warned social mobility could go backwards without a crusade to improve it. In their annual state-of-the nation report, advisers warned David Cameron he will not deliver his post-election pledge to create One Nation without a concerted drive by employers, the education system and the Government.” – The Independent

  • Good parents are the enemy of social mobility – Phil Collins, The Times (£)

Crackdown on cost of politics not going well

MANIFESTO money“More than 300 quangocrats and Whitehall mandarins earn more than the Prime Minister, official figures show. The total is the highest in five years – despite David Cameron’s pledge to slash the cost of politics and tackle the Whitehall gravy train.” – Daily Mail

  • Number of quangocrats on more than £150,000 surges by a third in three years – Daily Telegraph
  • Government’s £8.4bn ‘army of spin doctors’ – Daily Mail
  • The Prime Minister thickens up his ‘spads’ team – Financial Times
  • Osborne gives advisor 42 per cent rise amidst public sector pay freeze – The Guardian
  • Thirteen ministers use controversial measures to keep finances private – Daily Telegraph

Duncan Smith under pressure amidst claims that Universal Credit pushes users into rent arrears

“Around 90 per cent of social housing tenants on the Government’s new Universal Credit benefits system are currently behind with their rent because of the way the scheme is structured, a new report by housing providers has revealed. The research, conducted by two housing industry groups, found that a built-in seven-week wait for tenants before they could receive their first payment meant that nearly everyone on the scheme goes straight into arrears.” – The Independent

  • Almost 80 per cent of those missing spare room subsidy run out of cash – The Independent

Heathrow chairman launches withering attack on Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith“The chairman of Heathrow has accused ministers of putting politics before the economy by delaying a decision on a third runway, in a scathing attack that came shortly after he announced his shock retirement from the airport. Sir Nigel Rudd said opponents of a third runway were holding the rest of the country “to ransom” and fired an extraordinary broadside at Zac Goldsmith and his suitability to stand as the Conservative candidate for London mayor.” – Daily Telegraph

Badger charity broke law to campaign against Tories

“The Charity Commission has reprimanded the Badger Trust for unlawfully campaigning against the Conservatives in the last election. The trust broke laws that require charities to remain independent of party politics and to take special care to remain neutral before elections. It promoted an anti-cull march in April in Worcester entitled Stop Cameron’s Cull.” – The Times (£)

MPs 1) Davis promises backbench revolt on Lords reform

House of Commons logo“Mr Cameron appointed Lord Strathclyde to review the powers of the Upper Chamber. David Davis, the former minister, told the New Statesman that “at least a dozen” Tory MPs would oppose ending the veto. Downing Street said it would respond in the new year.” – The Independent

  • A turgid debate on the upper house – Quentin Letts’ sketch, Daily Mail

>Today: Rehman Chishti MP in Comment: The Lords need reforming, not replacing

MPs 2) Allan accused of bullying staff

“A Conservative MP is facing allegations of bullying after members of her staff claimed they had been subjected to “vicious” abuse. Lucy Allan, the Tory MP for Telford, has been accused of in recent months berating young researchers in her office.” – Daily Telegraph

Labour 1) Lansman ‘disturbed’ at behaviour of some Momentum members

Momentum“One of the founders of the Momentum has privately admitted he is “quite disturbed” by the behaviour of some members and demanded they stop indulging in “personal attacks or harassment”. Jon Lansman admitted the hard-Left group backing Jeremy Corbyn had made mistakes when it first launched in a candid message on a Facebook page for its organisers.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Far left former Lambeth council leader Ted Knight joins Momentum – The Times (£)

Labour 2) Watson defends Freedom of Information

“Ministers should abandon planned curbs on freedom of information laws because they do not have the public’s support, Labour’s deputy leader will insist today. Tom Watson, who is leading a cross-party review of the laws, which were introduced a decade ago by Tony Blair and have been used to expose waste and wrongdoing, will accuse the government of trying to “reverse the transparency Labour introduced”.” – The Times (£)

Williams to retire from the Lords

Lib Dem Logo“Shirley Williams is retiring from the House of Lords after 50 years in politics. The Lib Dem peer will step down in the new year and will be honoured by her party with a reception on Thursday night. Lady Williams, 85, was a Labour cabinet minister in the 1970s before becoming one of the gang of four who formed the Social Democratic party.” – The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • GPs demand resignation of NHS regulatory who criticised failing surgeries – Daily Mail
  • Chilling moment man plants explosive device in Preston caught on camera – Daily Telegraph
  • Carol Thatcher makes over £3m auctioning her mother’s possessions – The Times (£)
  • Putin backs Trump in Presidential race – The Sun
  • Neighbour of San Bernadino killers charged – Financial Times
  • Foster becomes first female DUP leader – The Guardian
  • IMF chief Lagarde faces trial over €400m payment to businessman – Daily Mail

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