Heathrow decision grounded

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 07.44.25“Months after a detailed review concluded a new runway at Heathrow was the best of three shortlisted options, the Government ordered extensive new analysis of the environmental impacts….Ministers said the review would be completed by the summer, allowing a choice to be made between the rival schemes – two at Heathrow and one at Gatwick – to be made in time to meet the Davies Commission’s call for more runway capacity by 2030.” – Daily Express

  • Cameron, Osborne, McLoughlin, Truss, Letwin, Clark and Harper at key meeting – The Guardian
  • McLoughlin stalls for time in the Commons – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Business slams “gutless” Cameron – The Sun
  • Goldsmith and West London MPs welcome the decision, Boris tilts at “fudgerama” – Daily Telegraph
  • BA threat to abandon Heathrow – The Times (£)
  • The long history of grounded London airport decisions – Financial Times
  • What’s the point of politicians who can’t make their minds up? – Simon Walker, The Times (£)

Poles claim Cameron has admitted defeat over migrant benefits…

“David Cameron has admitted defeat in his bid to stop migrant workers claiming British in-work benefits for four years during a visit to Warsaw, according to Polish officials. But Mr Cameron told his Polish counterpart Beata Szydlo that, unless an alternative deal to curb migration was agreed, Britain could vote to leave the EU and end the automatic right of Poles to work in the UK…Polish officials say a “deeply worried” Mr Cameron made only a weak effort to sell his idea to restrict in-work benefits for migrants for four years to Ms Szydlo. “He made a halfhearted attempt,” said one official briefed on the talks. “But he knew [that the four-year curb] was off the table”.” – Financial Times (£)

  • EU plans border force to police external frontiers – Financial Times
  • Union starts legal action against Greece, Italy and Croatia for failing to fingerprint migrants – Daily Mail
  • Cameron is in danger of succumbing to the fantasy that Britain can save the EU – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron humiliated – Daily Express Editorial

…As Ministers claim victory over prisoner votes…

GOVE Legatum“Ministers finally plucked up political courage to tell the European Court of Human Rights that inmates would not be given the vote. And the Council of Europe, which oversees the court, has responded by shying away from a fight and booting the issue into the long-grass. Senior Whitehall officials now expect the hugely controversial issue to be left to lie on file – with no inmate ever getting the vote.” – Daily Mail

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…And Trump says Britain has “a massive Muslim problem”

“Trump has continued to hit back against UK critics of his stand against Islam, saying Britain had “a massive Muslim problem”. After prompting outrage with his claims about race relations in the UK, Trump tweeted on Thursday night that more Muslims joined Islamic State than signed up for the British army. “In Britain, more Muslims join ISIS than join the British army,” he said in the tweet, drawing on an article about Isis in the National Review which in turn quoted from a Times news report from August 2014.” – The Guardian

  • He says: I have done so much for Scotland – Scotsman
  • Petition calling on immigration to the UK to be stopped until ISIS is defeated has almost as many signatures as one calling for Trump to be barred – Daily Mail
  • Sharp rise in UK terror incidents – Financial Times
  • US says Isis ‘financial minister’ killed – Financial Times
  • Lee Rigby’s mother writes to Cameron demanding to know why his murderer is being allowed to seek compensation for broken teeth – Daily Mail
  • Le Pen is the bigger danger – Philip Stephens, Financial Times

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Timothy Garton-Ash: Merkel’s miscalculation

MERKEL Angela Blue“In Germany, the centre has so far held. But as Bild notes, in opinion polls the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has up to 8%. AfD began with opposition to the euro, but over the last couple of years it has become more like Ukip as it has linked the issues of Europe and migration, especially migration that can be typecast as bringing alien Muslims (sotto voce: terrorists) into the heart of the Heimat. And there’s the rub. Had Merkel not presided over the arrival of nearly one million refugees and migrants in one year (950,000, according to the latest official figures), she would still be the unchallenged empress of Germany and Europe.” – The Guardian

  • “Withdrawing is the only way we will ever control mass immigration into this country” – Daily Mail

 Clark hails family aspirations to buy housing association property

“Yesterday the Department for Communities and Local Government said that 11,000 tenants had already registered their interest – more than 180 a day. Of these, around 2,000 tenants are in London. Communities Secretary Greg Clark said: ‘Anyone who works hard should see buying their own home as an achievable aspiration – regardless of whether they rent privately, from a council or from a housing association.” – Daily Mail

  • London lends to shared ownership schemes – Financial Times
  • Marcus Jones says that ending lifetime council tenancies will ‘help social mobility’ – The Guardian

Elliot Johnson’s father brands Boles’s ConservativeHome article an ‘absolute disgrace’

BOLES valley of death“Mr Boles made comments supporting the Tory chairman on political website Conservative Home, where he described Elliott’s death on railway tracks as a ‘tragedy’ and said the pain of his parents must be ‘unimaginable’.  But he added: ‘The death of one good man will not be assuaged by giving into a media witch hunt and forcing another good man to resign.’…However, Mr Johnson told the Mail that his comments had intensified his family’s ‘grief and anger’. ‘I think Boles should apologise.” – Daily Mail

  • Boles piece: “Downing Street is pulling out the stops to protect Feldman” – The Guardian
  • Howlett accused of letting down alleged bullying victim – The Times (£)
  • Clarke “was Cameron’s hit man” – The Sun (£)
  • Donal Blaney on Mark Clarke: “I can’t sleep at night” – The Independent

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Proctor calls for police inquiry into Exaro after man withdraws claims

“Mr Proctor…called for an urgent inquiry into Scotland Yard’s dealings with Exaro. He said it should look at Exaro’s handling of vulnerable witnesses such as Darren and a man known as ‘Nick’, who has made hotly contested allegations of serial murder and child sex abuse against VIPs. Mr Proctor, who denies the allegations, told the Daily Mail: ‘There should be a police inquiry into Exaro and their dealings with vulnerable witnesses, and that inquiry should not be handled by the Metropolitan Police.” – Daily Mail

Nigel Morris: May’s moves to tackle modern slavery are starting to pay off

MAY Marr“Theresa May has made tackling the scourge of people-trafficking one of her key aims as Home Secretary and ministers praise her determination to confront an issue which could easily have fallen down her list of priorities. It resulted in last year’s Modern Slavery Act, the first of its kind in Europe, which toughened penalties for traffickers and required large companies to detail the action they are taking against forced labour in their global supply chain.  The issue was high on the agenda as Ms May hosted her opposite numbers from the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Spain in London today.” – The Independent

More floods in Cumbria: “All the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened”

“On Thursday the flood waters returned yet again – bringing more heartache and misery to the already wind and rain-battered communities. Worst hit has been the Cumbrian village of Glenridding, which from Sunday was cut off from civilisation for 72 hours after Glenridding Beck overflowed and huge swathes of surrounded it. On Wednesday the village was finally accessible for the military to bring in food and water. But now it faces being cut off again as fresh floodwater broke the beck’s banks, leaving digger teams feverishly creating temporary defences.” – Daily Express

  • Prince Charles blames Cumbrian floods on man-made global warming – Daily Mail
  • Experts baffled by climate change wording – Financial Times
  • Corbyn sings Happy Birthday to floods victim – Daily Mail

Stop the War. Stop Momentum. Stop Corbyn. But Labour’s troubles show no sign of stopping.

CORBYN Citizen cap“Two former frontbenchers, Emma Reynolds and Caroline Flint, have in recent weeks warned of Stop the War’s ‘abhorrent views’ and claimed they are ‘not Labour’s friends’. Last night, amid increased pressure from the shadow cabinet for Corbyn to disown Stop the War, Michael Dugher, Labour’s culture spokesman, labelled the group Communists…Labour MP Tristram Hunt this week described the group as ‘disreputable’.” – Daily Mail

  • New Labour group fights back against Momentum – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn appealed for bail for ISIS fraudster – Daily Telegraph
  • Blair faces Commons grilling over Gaddafi – Daily Mail
  • Bryant: ’If Twitter and Facebook had existed in the 1930s, MPs under threat of de-selection might not have ended appeasement and fought the Nazis’ – Wales Online
  • Labour’s turning into the stupid and nasty party – Philip Collins, The Times (£)

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News in Brief

  • Civil servants get boost from pension cuts – Daily Telegraph
  • Petrol prices slashed – Daily Express
  • Publish draft legacy bill and let victims have say on way forward, says Donaldson – Newsletter
  • Birmingham Council leader Clancy promises to speed up pace of change – Birmingham Post
  • Rotherham ‘sex abuse’ defendants ‘willingly engaged in exploitative behaviour’ – Yorkshire Post
  • London schools out-perform North – The Sun
  • White couples are cleared to adopt black children – The Times (£)
  • Retirees overtake under-45s in share of UK wealth – Financial Times
  • Public Accounts Committee slams health watchdog – The Independent
  • Watlington hoard of Viking silver casts light on Alfred the Great era – The Guardian
  • Cameron won’t intervene in Tyson Fury row – Daily Telegraph
  • Samantha Cameron intervenes in celebrity Bake Off – Daily Mail
  • Tatler pens guide to whether one is allowed to have sex with one’s brother’s wife, cousin or labrador – Daily Mail

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