Cameron praises Britain’s Christian values in Christmas message

Cameron1“David Cameron today says Britain’s Christian values are why the country is such a “successful home” to immigrants. In a Christmas message laced with religion, the PM praises Jesus as the “Prince of Peace”. And he urges families not to take their security for granted when so many Christians are being persecuted in Africa and Asia.” – The Sun

  • Christian roots are why we welcome migrants of all faiths, claims Premier – Daily Telegraph
  • Prime Minister invokes Jesus, Prince of Peace, in message to nation – Daily Mail


  • Spare us the pious guff, Dave. The message you should have delivered – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail



Pressure mounts on Prime Minister to let ministers campaign on Europe

“David Cameron was last night buckling under the strain to remove the ‘muzzle’ from his ministers and give them a free vote for the EU referendum. Amid mounting pressure from Eurosceptic MPs, the Prime Minister is increasingly expected to allow his senior MPs to campaign to leave the EU – but only after his renegotiation is complete in February.” – Daily Mail

  • Cameron will let Cabinet speak out – The Times (£)
  • ‘In’ will get full campaign financing even if ‘Out’ fail to unify – Daily Telegraph
  • Fury of Leave supporters as Hague performs an EU-turn – The Sun

Michael White: Hague’s u-turn is a baffling betrayal

HAGUE William looking right“He is to blame as much as anyone for the political pickle into which the Tory party has led itself and the country today – a perilous “renegotiation” with 27 EU partners who have more pressing problems of their own, followed by a Brexit referendum in which anything might happen.” – The Guardian

Osborne suffers ‘double blow’ from economic figures

“George Osborne suffered a significant double blow yesterday as ‘worrying’ figures suggested that the economic recovery is stalling. The Office for National Statistics downgraded growth figures for both the second and third quarters of 2015. At the same time, it emerged that the trade deficit – the difference between the value of Britain’s exports and imports – had widened to £8.7billion.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour claim promised £4bn NHS cash has ‘already been spent’ – Daily Mail
  • Chancellor’s economic year ends with a bump – The Guardian


Duncan Smith welcomes fall in number of children in workless homes

Building shield“The number of children growing up in workless households has plummeted by almost half a million since Iain Duncan Smith began his reforms to the ‘bloated’ welfare system. The Work and Pensions Secretary – who has come under repeated attack from the Church of England and the Left-wing establishment – last night said the figures proved the ‘doom mongers’ had been wrong.” – Daily Mail

CCHQ staff accused of pressuring witnesses in bullying scandal

“Two senior Tory officials made intimidating phone calls in an effort to gag alleged victims of a bullying scandal last month, activists have claimed. A female party worker said she received a telephone call from Amy Fisher, the Conservative party’s head of press, and Alexandra Broadrick, chief of staff to the party chairman, Lord Feldman of Elstree, late last month.” – The Times (£)

Corbyn preparing to oust critics in New Year reshuffle…

Jeremy Corbyn“Jeremy Corbyn will spend the Christmas break planning a reshuffle to oust his most prominent shadow cabinet critics that is due to be announced within weeks of the New Year, The Telegraph understands. The Labour leader and his aides will spend the next fortnight working out how to replace leading internal critics with allies in major a departure from his initial conciliatory top team.” – Daily Telegraph



  • Corbyn accused of ‘cancelling Christmas’ as he declines to offer seasonal message – Daily Mail
  • Opposition leader compared to the Grinch – The Times (£)
  • Labour’s vegan farming minister is sick of Christmas – Daily Mail


…as he works on plan to ‘break up’ media groups

“The Labour party is developing policies to break up the UK’s largest media companies, according to leader Jeremy Corbyn. In an interview in Monday’s Morning Star, Corbyn said the party also wanted to promote co-operative ownership models for the media.” – The Guardian

John McTernan: Corbyn thinks our 1983 manifesto was ‘interesting’. I give up.

LABOUR dead rose“This is interesting only in an “oh, isn’t the abyss interesting?” kind of way. And those are only the lowlights. Still, they’re pretty close to the standard Corbynite prescriptions of printing money, cancelling Trident renewal, spending more and state intervention in the economy.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Labour is now the party of rural England – Tristram Hunt, Daily Telegraph

David Miliband says UK must help Afghanistan

“Britain must be involved in bringing stability to Afghanistan, former foreign secretary David Miliband has said, particularly given the country’s potential as an “expansion ground for Isis”. Military reinforcements are supporting forces on the ground in the Afghan town of Sangin amid fierce fighting against the Taliban.” – The Independent

  • Taleban take town where 106 British soldiers lost their lives – Daily Mail

Court rules that SNP’s minimum pricing plan for alcohol could breach EU law

SNP logo white background“The European Court of Justice has delivered a blow to Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, by ruling that imposing a minimum price for alcohol could breach EU law. The decision – a major victory for the drinks industry – means that the Scottish government may have to rethink its key manifesto pledge. The measure was also considered and then shelved by David Cameron.” – Daily Mail

  • SNP MP branded ‘pathetic’ after comparing the position of women in Westminster to Iran – The Herald

>Yesterday: Henry Hill’s Red, White, and Blue column: Mundell spearheads attack on SNP budget

News in Brief:

  • Churches of England and Scotland forge pact – Daily Telegraph
  • Faith leaders unite against persecution of Christians – The Times (£)
  • Somalia follows Brunei and bans Christmas – Daily Mail
  • US banks hit by cheap oil as OPEC warns of long-term low – Financial Times
  • Twenty British Muslim families barred from entering the US – Daily Telegraph
  • Greek plan to resurrect the Colossus of Rhodes – The Times (£)

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