Cameron may compromise on welfare curb for EU migrants

Cameron renegotiation“David Cameron put curbs on European migration at the centre of his EU renegotiation yesterday as he conceded that he might have to compromise on plans to stop new arrivals claiming benefits. The prime minister said that he was ‘open to different ways of dealing with the issue’ after European Union allies warned that they would not accept the Tory election promise to prevent migrants from claiming benefits for four years after their arrival” – The Times (£)

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Tory truce on Europe breaks down

JENKIN Bernard“Eurosceptic Conservative MPs reacted angrily to what they saw as a disappointingly weak set of demands… A visibly angry Bernard Jenkin demanded: ‘Is that it? Is that the sum total of the government position in this negotiation?’… Jacob Rees-Mogg called Mr Cameron’s demands ‘pretty thin gruel’” – Financial Times

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Hague: Migrant hurricane is approaching Europe

“The number of people in Africa and western Asia is expected to increase by over 110,000 every single day for decades to come. Such figures put into perspective a crisis caused by the arrival of several thousand migrants a day. What we have seen in recent months is only a hint of what might happen next, mere gusts of wind before the approach of a hurricane” – William Hague, Daily Telegraph

MPs call for halt to tax credit changes

BROWN Gordon open mouth“Changes to tax credits should be halted for a year while a significant overhaul of the system is carried out, an influential cross-party committee has concluded. Intervening in the furore over George Osborne’s proposed cuts, the work and pensions committee accused the Treasury of being ‘unacceptably evasive’ about their true impact” – Financial Times

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Major calls on the rich to do more to help the poor

“The biggest businesses and wealthiest people in Britain should do more to tackle poverty and inequality in the country, according to Sir John Major. The former Prime Minister delivered an annual lecture in memory of charity stalwart Nicholas Hinton, who died on a peace-keeping mission in Croatia. Sir John said too many poor people ‘not only live meaner lives but shorter lives’” – Daily Mail

  • The Government alone cannot end inequality – Sir John Major, Daily Telegraph

GPs award contracts to themselves

NHS“Groups of family doctors who control local NHS budgets have handed at least £2.4 billion of taxpayers’ money to organisations that their members own or work for, The Times can reveal. GP-led groups are responsible for spending NHS funds locally, creating the potential for conflicts of interest because doctors can effectively pay themselves for clinical services” – The Times (£)

White British pupils less likely to go to university

“White British pupils are now less likely to go to university than those from other ethnic groups, a report said yesterday. It also found white teenagers had been overtaken by ethnic minorities in the race to win places at top higher education institutions. The findings, described by one researcher as ‘staggering’, showed that a lower proportion of white British pupils now go to university than their counterparts from minority groups” – Daily Mail

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Reform of Sunday trading scuppered by SNP

snplogo“David Cameron was forced to shelve plans to extend Sunday trading hours in England and Wales last night after Scottish National Party MPs vowed to block them in Parliament. Ministers wanted to let councils ditch restrictions that limit large stores to opening for six hours on a Sunday. Although they faced a rebellion of around 20 backbench Tories, including Christians, they were confident of passing the measure” – Daily Mail

Corbyn joins the Privy Council

“Jeremy Corbyn is to join the privy council today and will be able to receive security briefings. Ordinarily, new members kneel before the Queen and kiss her hand during their induction, though it is not known whether Mr Corbyn, a life-long republican, will comply with the convention” – The Times (£)

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News in brief

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