Cameron hopes to secure trade deal with India from Modi visit

Cameron1“Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister, arrives in Britain on Thursday with David Cameron claiming his visit represents a “historic opportunity” and promising that it will be accompanied by “billions of pounds” of trade deals. But Mr Modi’s two-day visit is also attended by frustration that British companies have failed to make more headway in Indian markets, and annoyance in New Delhi over Britain’s student visa policies.” – Financial Times

  • Calls for the Prime Minister to press Indian counterpart on free speech – The Guardian

Prime Minister criticised for hitting out at cuts by his local council

“David Cameron has been accused of hypocrisy after privately complaining to his own local county council about its proposed cuts to services. The prime minister was accused by the Conservative council leader of drawing up an inaccurate analysis of cuts to local services, misunderstanding its level of efficiency savings and underestimating its attempts to slash back-room spending.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister emerges as unlikely anti-cuts campaigner – Financial Times
  • Premier offered leader of Oxfordshire Council ‘access to advisers’ – The Guardian
  • Chipping Norton at centre of row between council and Downing Street – The Independent

Dutch Prime Minister who scorned Brexit to speak for Cameron at EU meeting

CAMERON EU fence“Britain will be represented at a crunch Euro summit today by the Dutch PM — 72 hours after he ridiculed UK prospects outside the EU. David Cameron has asked Mark Rutte to express Britain’s views at an EU Council — the first meeting since his renegotiation demands — in Malta today… On Monday, Mr Rutte said the UK would be little more than a “mid-sized economy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean” if Brits voted to quit the EU.” – The Sun (£)

  • Number 10 in row with Vote Leave after Pickles’ call to bar it from campaign – The Guardian
  • Brexit gains spur Cameron to shift his tone on Europe – Financial Times
  • ‘Nothing new’ in Prime Minister’s speech, claims Cabinet minister – Daily Telegraph
  • Freeman warns EU red tape could lead to ‘dark age’ for British bioscience – Financial Times


  • Misjudging the opposition could cost ‘Remain’ dear – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • The ‘In’ camp must show some enthusiasm before it’s too late – Michael White, The Guardian

David Aaronovitch: Cameron dares to be dull on Europe

“If you read any of the biographies of him, or compilations of his speeches and writings, what strikes you is the steady lack of conviction. Almost every position he holds he holds faute de mieux. Had he inherited a more pro-European party he would have been a more pro-European leader. If folks had been kinder about wind farms, there’d still be a big subsidy. His settled view is that he is the prime minister and that’s a lot better than most other people being prime minister.” – The Times (£)

>Today: Daniel Hannan MEP’s column: The game’s afoot – and Eurocrats are delighted with Cameron’s renegotiation pitch


European immigrants fuel employment boom

EU FLag“Overall employment in the UK has risen by 430,000 to more than 31million, latest jobs figures show. But employment among EU migrants leapt by almost 20 per cent – some 40 times faster than the meagre 0.4 per cent rise in the number of Britons now in work.” – Daily Mail

  • Three in four new jobs goes to an EU migrant – The Times (£)
  • Watchdog criticises Cameron on migrant statistics – Financial Times
  • Chancellor’s ‘living wage’ will make UK more attractive to migrants – Daily Mail
  • Britain sees surge of over 300,000 EU workers in one year – The Sun (£)
  • Romanian and Bulgarian workers top 200,000 for the first time – Daily Telegraph
  • Britain pledges £475m to stop people crossing the Mediterranean – The Times (£)

Osborne’s ultimatum to Cameron on nuclear upgrade

“The chancellor has sent an ultimatum to David Cameron that he will support funding for the next generation of boats to carry Trident missiles only if the project is given to a new body that will report to the Treasury. Mr Osborne is concerned that the MoD lacks the skills to ensure that the new submarines would be built before 2028, when the Vanguard-class boats will start to be retired.” – The Times (£)

  • Treasury tries to wrest control of Trident – The Sun (£)
  • Pressure kept up on rogue financiers – Daily Mail
  • Altmann concedes pension reforms may have been ‘mis-sold’ – Financial Times
  • Clarke laments ‘impossible constraint’ public hostility to tax rises places on Chancellors – The Guardian

Johnson barred from Palestinian charity after attacking those who boycott Israel

BORIS blue and red“Boris Johnson’s planned visit to a Palestinian charity has been cancelled after he criticised Israel boycotters as “left academics” who wear corduroy jackets. The Mayor of London was told he would not be welcome at the Sharek Youth Forum in the West Bank, where he had been due to meet a group of young Palestinians this afternoon.” – Daily Telegraph


Mitchell proposes breaking up Birmingham council

“A radical plan to end decades of failure at Birmingham City Council by breaking it up and creating ten borough councils has been unveiled. Areas such as Edgbaston, Hall Green or Erdington would have their own local authorities collecting council tax and providing key services, under plans set out by Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell.” – Birmingham Mail

Wollaston calls on Hunt to tighten GP commissioning rules

NHS_Logo“Jeremy Hunt is facing growing pressure to tighten rules on how doctors manage NHS money after The Times revealed that the GP-led groups in charge of budgets had awarded hundreds of contracts to organisations their members owned or worked for… Sarah Wollaston, chairwoman of the health select committee, said NHS England should issue clearer guidance but said there was no need for a “blanket ban”.” – The Times (£)

  • NHS unlikely to get large funding boost this year, warns Health Secretary – The Guardian

Davidson warns Holyrood against tax hikes

“The Scottish Conservative leader called on MSPs to remember that Scotland does not exist “in a vacuum” and how the new tax and welfare powers are used will be watched closely around the world. Ms Davidson said her political opponents will “passionately disagree” with her contention that taxes should not be higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK but they need to take into account how this will be perceived elsewhere.” – Daily Telegraph

  • SNP could strip landowners even of ‘well-managed’ property – Daily Telegraph

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MPs 1) McPartland boycotts Gauke over tax credits

Tax Take“A Conservative MP is boycotting a Treasury minister’s visit to his constituency in protest at tax credit cuts. Stephen McPartland, the MP for Stevenage, said that he refused to meet David Gauke in his constituency because he would not talk about “unacceptable” curbs on child tax credit.” – The Times (£)

MPs 2) Davies backs tax-avoiding town

“A Tory MP has backed a rebellion of local businesses in his constituency who have copied the same offshore loopholes by global corporations to avoid paying tax. Brecon and Radnorshire MP Chris Davies backed the tax rebellion, telling The Independent that he was proud that his constituents were raising awareness of the injustice in the tax system.” – The Independent

Corbyn joins the Privy Council…

Woolfie Corbyn“Jeremy Corbyn put his republican beliefs to one side yesterday to swear “by almighty God to be a true and faithful servant unto the Queen’s Majesty”. The Labour leader may even have agreed to kiss the Queen’s hand when he became a privy counsellor, a gesture included in the protocols of the ceremony at Buckingham Palace.” – The Times (£)

  • Labour leader observed two-minute silence on school visit – Daily Mail
  • Danczuk tweets during silence… after criticising Corbyn’s bow – The Independent


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…as he attempts to control Labour’s message…

“Jeremy Corbyn has sought to impose discipline on the Parliamentary Labour party by instructing his shadow cabinet that media statements must go through his central office. The serial rebel’s attempt to impose greater collective responsibility was met with “stunned silence” by those in the room. Labour’s leader was spurred into action after Maria Eagle, shadow defence secretary, appeared to take the side of the head of the armed forces in a row with Mr Corbyn over Trident.” – Financial Times

…and Brown launches coded attack

Labour holes“Gordon Brown has warned Labour that it needs to come up with “desirable” and “credible” policies to win power in a coded critique of Jeremy Corbyn. The former prime minister used a speech in central London to say that hope cannot be achieved with “pie-in-the-sky” thoughts and “sunny but baseless optimism”.” – Daily Telegraph

Dan Hodges: The public has made up their mind on the Labour leader

“Iain Duncan Smith famously said any British political leader has six months to define themselves, after which their opponents and the media finish the job. Jeremy Corbyn has been in post only two months, but his process of self-definition is about to be completed well ahead of schedule. Actually, self-definition is the wrong phrase. In reality it has been a process of self-immolation.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • British activists blamed for Calais riots – Daily Mail
  • US Congress paves way for asteroid mining – The Times (£)
  • Saudi Arabia announces plans to open up economy and society – Daily Telegraph
  • Poor white kids least likely to go to university – The Sun (£)
  • Way of speaking makes many British school leavers unemployable – Daily Mail
  • HMRC announces radical overhaul to shed scores of offices – Daily Telegraph