Last month, Cameron warned against leaving the EU.  This week, he will say that we shouldn’t stay at all costs…

CAMERON EU fence“The prime minister will use a speech on Tuesday to denounce those who want to stay in the EU “at all costs”, warning that there are “real problems” with their approach that could drive the UK to the exit door. He will say remaining in an unreformed EU would mean “eurozone countries could potentially spend our money” and “significant risks” to Britain by “allowing our sovereignty to be eroded”. – Sunday Times (£)

…As the Sunday Telegraph reports that he will back Heathrow expansion

“The government is preparing to announce the next phase for airport expansion within weeks, ahead of a new public consultation on increasing aviation capacity. The Prime Minister has been wrestling with a “difficult decision” over whether to approve a third runway at Heathrow because he promised before the 2010 election that he would oppose such a plan.” – Sunday Telegraph

Sharm El Sheikh: Prime Minister tangles with Sisi and Putin

Vladimir Putin“One figure familiar with the content of the call tells me the greetings were brief and small-talk over in seconds.  Putin complained ‘very strongly’ about Britain’s ‘speculation’ that a bomb was the cause of the crash and of a ‘failure to share intelligence’.  The response to that, says a senior intelligence source, was ‘British spooks have as much intention of sharing security intercepts with Moscow as James Bond has of working with SMERSH’.” – Mail on Sunday

  • British extremists linked to jet bomb – Sunday Express
  • Air chiefs ‘warned pilots of terror over Sinai months before downing of Russian jet’ – Mail on Sunday
  • Investigatory Powers Bill could allow Government to ban end-to-end encryption – Independent on Sunday
  • UK to get EU crime database –  Mail on Sunday
  • ISIS ‘cyber caliphate’ hacks 54,000 Twitter accounts and posts phone numbers of heads of the CIA and FBI – Mail on Sunday
  • Cameron orders cyber-attacks to test Whitehall security – Sunday Times (£)
  • Catholic schools “to ban Islam from religious GCSE studies” – Mail on Sunday

Dominic Lawson: Don’t kid yourselves. Our airports are no more secure than Egypt’s

“The safest airline in the world is El Al, the Israeli national carrier. At its main hub near Tel Aviv hold bags are put through a decompression chamber that simulates the atmospheric pressure changes that can set off bombs in flight (stand well back). And on each flight it has armed air marshals masquerading as ordinary passengers. But the main difference between its policy and ours is that El Al practises so-called profiling of passengers. Put bluntly, it subjects Muslim passengers to far more stringent security checks than it does Jewish or Christian ones. This is something that for political reasons is simply not contemplated by American or British authorities.” – Sunday Times (£)

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Osborne V IDS: Paterson weighs in

PATERSON OWEN NW“Mr Duncan Smith is said to have threatened to resign over a bid by Mr Osborne to grab £2 billion from the welfare budget to soften the blow of tax-credit cuts…And last night he won support from Right-wing ally Mr Paterson, who told The Mail on Sunday: ‘It is completely unacceptable for the Treasury to try to get out of the tax-credits muddle by wrecking the universal credits benefits reforms which have been one of the Government’s great successes.'” – Mail on Sunday

> Today: Brian Monteith on Comment – If Britain votes to leave the EU, Osborne must resign

Andrew Rawnsley: The glee of Osborne’s Cabinet colleague at his fall in ConservativeHome’s Cabinet League Table

“Since then, everyone has woken up to what the cuts to tax credits will do to the incomes of more than 3 million poorer workers and the chancellor’s claim to be the champion of the strivers. In the latest Conservative Home poll, he has taken a tumble. You may be amused to learn that this was brought to my attention by one of his cabinet colleagues. “George has fallen to eighth,” he remarked with ill-disguised relish.” – Observer

The Sunday Times claims it has a leaked blueprint of Gove’s Human Rights plans

GOVE Legatum“A consultation document being drawn up by Michael Gove, the justice secretary, and due to be published in the next month, will make clear that Britain will remain a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) — a move that will irritate Eurosceptics who want to see the UK withdraw altogether. However, ministers are considering enshrining the notion of parliamentary sovereignty explicitly in law.” – Sunday Times (£)

Deben to Cameron: You’re failing on green energy

“Lord Deben, chairman of the UK’s independent committee on climate change, told the Observer of his concerns, particularly regarding the continued waste of energy from draughty homes and the failure to exploit the potential of renewable heat technology. His comments follow criticism from international figures, including the UN’s chief scientist, about Britain’s lack of leadership on renewable energy before the crucial Paris talks in December, where demanding new targets on reducing carbon emissions are due to be set.” – Observer

Nick Timothy: End ban on new grammar schools

TIMOTHY Nick Barrie“Mr Timothy insisted he did not favour a return to the fully selective system of the 1950s and 60s when pupils were sent either to grammar schools or “secondary moderns” based on their results in 11-plus exams. But he told The Telegraph that the 17 year-old law preventing an expansion of academic selection was denying many parents the right to choose the most appropriate state education for their children.” – Sunday Telegraph

Corbyn yet to meet Eagle on Trident

“Six weeks ago, the Labour leader, a long-term opponent of nuclear weapons, said he wanted Ms Eagle to “lead a debate” and conduct a review of Labour’s defence policy, including the renewal of Trident. Despite this, the pro-Trident defence spokeswoman has been unable to secure a one-on-one meeting with Mr Corbyn to discuss the issue.” – Independent on Sunday

  • Shadow ministers ditch his women-only train carriages proposal – Sunday Telegraph
  • Momentum “plotting Labour civil war” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Corbyn won’t have to kneel before the Queen when he joins the Privy Council – Mail on Sunday
  • He keeps assassins at bay by wearing  a tie – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£)
  • He will read Wilfred Owen’s “Futility” at Remembrance Sunday event – Sunday Times (£)
  • (The Last Post is a bugle call to keep fighting for peace – Michael Fallon, Sun on Sunday (£))
  • Watson falls out with child abuse ally – Mail on Sunday
  • John McDonnell 14-10-15McDonnell boasted of ‘dark arts’ – Sunday Times (£)
  • Danczuk warned he will be thrown out of Labour for writing articles attacking Corbyn – Mail on Sunday
  • Danczuk writes article attacking Corbyn – Mail on Sunday
  • Racists kept me off screen, says Corbyn ally – Mail on Sunday
  • Abbott seeks up to £5000 per speech – Sunday Times (£)
  • Trade Union Bill attacked by ‘Northern Powerhouse’ council chiefs over ‘threat to worker-employer relations’ – Independent on Sunday
  • Labour MP Angela Rayner accused of bullying shopkeeper – Sun on Sunday (£)
  • Is Respect’s Salma Yacoob lined up for a Labour seat? – Guido Fawkes, Sun on Sunday (£)

UKIP on brink of going bust

“Insiders say the situation has become so desperate that many staff wages went unpaid last month, and leader Nigel Farage has been forced to ring round backers begging for a financial lifeline. The problems have been compounded by the fact that the party’s biggest donor, Arron Banks, is now channelling his money instead into his own campaign for the UK to vote to leave the EU.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Party gears up for Oldham by-election – Observer

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