Cameron to make fresh push for Syria strikes…

Cameron1“World powers united in a pledge to combat IS last night — paving the way for UK bombing raids in Syria. The UN Security Council voted unanimously for a resolution tabled by France. It vowed to take “all necessary measures” to tackle the terrorists in the wake of the Paris massacre and the Sharm el- Sheikh jet bombing.” – The Sun (£)

  • Blunt says committee may lift objections to action – The Guardian
  • Prime Minister to boost National Security Council – The Independent


  • Corbyn’s pacifism disqualifies him from office, claims Umunna – Daily Telegraph
  • Middle East interventions increase terror threat, warns Corbyn – The Independent
  • Britain poised for air strikes as Labour revolt against leader – Daily Telegraph


  • The gamble the Prime Minister can’t afford to lose – James Forsyth, The Sun (£)
  • Cameron truly is the heir to Blair – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail

…and revives pledge to enforce volunteering leave

“David Cameron is to revive his promise to force firms to pay staff to do voluntary work despite a backlash from business. The Big Society policy has been the subject of a Whitehall battle over which department would take responsibility for delivering it.” – Daily Mail

Osborne set for £10bn spending overshoot…

OSBORNE penknife“George Osborne is on track to miss his borrowing target by more than £10 billion this year after a “grim” month for the public finances that leaves him little room for giveaways in Wednesday’s autumn statement. Seven months into the financial year, the government has borrowed £54.3 billion, only £6.6 billion less than at this point in 2014, despite the recovery and austerity measures, according to the Office for National Statistics.” – The Times (£)

  • ‘Terrible’ public finance figures heap pressure on Chancellor – The Independent
  • UK public finances much worse than expected – Financial Times
  • Osborne plans to allow council tax rises to plug social care spending – The Guardian
  • Home Office and Education amongst ministries hardest hit – The Independent
  • Osborne resists pressure to top up NHS budget – The Times (£)
  • Health Service and Treasury deadlocked over spending increase – The Guardian
  • Raid on unprotected health spending to boost front line services – Financial Times
  • The chart which shows Osborne’s leadership hopes fading – The Independent


  • McDonnell calls for ‘socialism on an iPad’ – Financial Times
  • Leslie claims welfare system is ‘bleeding money’ – Daily Mail


  • How Labour will secure the high-wage, high-tech economy of the future – John McDonnell, The Guardian
  • Expect an Osborne conjuring trick on the figures – Phillip Inman, The Guardian
  • Get your eyes off the housing benefit budget, Chancellor – Dawn Foster, The Guardian


…as he boosts incomes of OAPs

“The basic state pension will rise to £119.30 a week from April, an increase of £3.35, the chancellor will announce next week. The rise of 2.9 per cent will give a boost to the spending power of 13 million pensioners at the expense of cuts in other departmental budgets.” – The Times (£)

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Ministers 1) Javid claims EU costs outweigh benefits

JAVID Sajid black background“Business Secretary Sajid Javid has broken ranks with the Cabinet to declare that the costs of remaining in the European Union outweigh the benefits. The senior Cabinet Minister made his comments during an online row with pro-EU group, Stronger In.” – Daily Mail

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Ministers 2) Hunt’s career at stake in fight with doctors

“Following Thursday’s near-unanimous vote for strikes, he is facing the first walkout by junior doctors for 40 years. At stake is not only the safety of the nation’s patients, but also his own political prospects. So what has gone wrong for a politician whose smooth performance and moderate stance had led Conservative party members to see him as a possible contender for the leadership when David Cameron steps down before the next general election?” – Financial Times

  • NHS bosses pressure Health Secretary to accept arbitration – The Guardian

>Today: Cllr Andrew Brown in Comment: Doctors and the Government must prevent a strike

Ministers 3) May seeks to offset police budget cuts

MAY Warhol“Theresa May, home secretary, is planning to increase the cost of visas to help offset proposed cuts to police budgets. Some backbench Conservative MPs have raised concerns over the planned cuts in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. The plan has added to strains with George Osborne ahead of next week’s spending review: the chancellor fears higher visa charges could deter tourists and students from coming to Britain.” – Financial Times

  • Home Secretary meets European counterparts as border security tightened – The Sun (£)

Police probe ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal

“Police have interviewed a female Tory activist as the scandal involving a senior election aide erupted into a party civil war last night. The woman told officers she was sexually harassed by ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke, who is also accused of bullying a Conservative activist who later took his own life. It comes a day after another woman accused Mr Clarke of blackmailing MPs and snorting cocaine at party events.” – Daily Mail

  • Proof the Conservatives hid complaints – Harry Cole, The Sun (£)
  • Shapps faces questions over Clarke relationship – The Independent
  • Affair triggers civil war in the party – Daily Mail


Matthew Parris: It’s time to give 16 year olds the vote

PARRIS Mathhew“Friends – Tory friends – how about we don’t end up this time in the way we always seem to: grumpily resisting a generous and imaginative change, then, dragging our feet, having it forced on us anyway by changing times and attitudes, grudgingly accepting it – and finally forgetting we ever opposed it in the first place?” – The Times (£)

Umunna warns Corbynista trolls to back off…

“Labour MPs are facing a barrage of abuse and threats of deselection for expressing their honest views on Syrian airstrikes and national security, the former business secretary has warned. In the firmest condemnation of the aggression expressed online by some supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, Chuka Umunna said that moderate MPs were facing a “nasty troll form of politics”.” – The Times (£)

  • Peep Show star quits Labour with swipe at ‘Corbytrons’ – Daily Mail
  • Party left swells as £3 members join in full – The Times (£)

…as Shadow Cabinet fear they’re costing the party in Oldham

LABOUR dead rose“Members of the shadow cabinet are alarmed at signs that Labour voters are switching to the UK Independence party before the Oldham West & Royton by-election. Only one of the 20 people who spoke to The Times on the streets of the Greater Manchester constituency were enthusiastic about Jeremy Corbyn. Some suggested that they were abandoning Labour and moving to Ukip as a result of the choice of leader.” – The Times (£)


  • Surely things can’t get any worse for Labour…  or can they? – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

John McTernan: Corbyn has presided over Labour’s worst week – until next week

“Labour has many worst weeks ever in its near future. Perhaps even weekly. But the really big cloud on the horizon is the Oldham West by-election. Labour’s white working-class vote has haemorrhaged already. The question is how long can Labour hold on to the Muslim vote.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Leader had a disastrous week, but won’t be easy to oust – The Independent


Labour pledge to strengthen Freedom of Information

PARLIAMENT“Labour last night pledged to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act as the Tories plot to water it down. The Opposition is to establish a cross-party review to take evidence on the working of the legislation – passed by Tony Blair but later disowned by him.” – Daily Mail

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SNP took lobbying cash after voting on English hunting bill

“Nicola Sturgeon is facing criticism after it emerged that the SNP received £10,000 from animal rights lobbyists after blocking a parliamentary vote on foxhunting in England and Wales. Campaigners called the donation “very concerning”, while Tory MPs raised the prospect of the issue returning to the Commons.” – The Times (£)

  • Sturgeon accused of taking cash ‘bribe’ to interfere – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Fear over Bank of England’s cyber defences – Financial Times
  • ISIS tells UK-based operatives to remain hidden and await orders… – Daily Mail
  • …as world leaders unite to wipe it off the map – The Times (£)
  • Special Forces storm Mali hotel to free hostages – Financial Times
  • Brussels on high alert as Belgian authorities warn of ‘imminent’ attack – The Guardian
  • Council bosses ‘earn as much as footballers’ – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Son of Concorde’ to fly from London to New York in four hours – The Independent