The screws turn on Feldman as calls for resignation mount

Rosette shield“David Cameron was last night under intense pressure to sack his close friend Lord Feldman over the ‘Tatler Tory’ sex, bullying and blackmail scandal. The Tory Party chairman faced demands for answers to a string of damning questions over his handling of complaints against senior Tory aide Mark Clarke. The father of 21-year-old Tory activist Elliott Johnson, who killed himself after allegedly being bullied by Clarke, demanded the party chairman go ‘down with his ship’.” – Daily Mail

  • Victim’s dad calls on Cameron to sack pal – The Sun (£)
  • Tories revolt over Party chief’s role in bullying inquiry – The Times (£)
  • Internal inquiry will see Chairman questioned by his own staff – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister’s ally to be quizzed on scandal – Daily Telegraph
  • Party Chairman under pressure to quit – The Guardian


  • Clarke blackmailed Halfon aide over affair with married MP – Daily Mail
  • Tory youth wing in crisis amidst claims of sleaze and mismanagement – Financial Times
  • How disgraced aide ran rings around the whips – Daily Mail
  • From 16 to 64: why Clarke was nicknamed ‘Kronenbourg’ – The Sun (£)
  • The key figures in the Conservative youth scandal – Financial Times


  • Minister resigned within hours of Guardian revelations – The Guardian
  • Shapps, the bungler who thought he could lead his party – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail


Paul Goodman: The bullying buck doesn’t stop with Shapps

“A crucial point to grasp is that Lord Feldman was senior to Mr Shapps. He is one of Mr Cameron’s oldest and most trusted friends: his former tennis partner at Oxford, the money-raiser for his party leadership campaign, Cameron’s man inside CCHQ as chief executive until the 2010 general election. It was Lord Feldman, not Mr Shapps, who oversaw CCHQ’s workings, signed off all important financial decisions, and chaired the party’s board – as he still does.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Cameron trusts Feldman more than anyone, but can he save him? – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail


>Today: ToryDiary: Three tests that the Conservative Party’s inquiry into the Clarke allegations must pass

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Elliott Johnson’s father must now have the independent inquiry he wants

Cameron demands progress on EU talks

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron last night demanded that EU leaders discuss his renegotiation plans next month – despite warnings there is little hope of agreement on his call for migrants to face benefit curbs. Brussels sources say European Council President Donald Tusk has received a mixed response during talks on Britain’s demands with representatives from the EU’s 27 other states.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister upbeat on chances of early renegotiation discussion – Daily Telegraph

Climate change:

  • Cameron urges world to follow UK on aid – Daily Mail
  • Premier says other countries should give more to cut climate change – Daily Telegraph
  • Modi tells rich nations of their duty to lead climate change fight – Financial Times


  • Cayman Islands resist Cameron’s transparency offensive – Financial Times

Osborne turns his fire on ‘rip-off bills’

“An assault on rip-off Britain to increase competition and cut prices for everything from mobile phones and broadband, to water bills and school uniforms will be launched today. George Osborne is to unveil a 25-page ‘blueprint for a better deal’, which Treasury sources claimed last night could save the average family £470 a year.” – Daily Mail

  • Government plans to break up supplier monopolies – The Sun (£)
  • Chancellor to offer better deal on dentists, driving, and energy – The Times (£)
  • Osborne’s pledge to save families £470 a year – Daily Telegraph
  • Devil is in the detail as Chancellor gets to grips with micro policies – Financial Times

Clare Foges: How the Chancellor is turning the country blue

OSBORNE red and blue“Instead of Labour’s client state, the Conservative version is more like a colleague state: a growing coalition of voters whose hopes and livelihoods are not dependent on ever-more government spending but on a government that works to keep the economy stable, the interest rates low, the mortgage payments down, the taxes modest and the conditions benign for business.” – The Times (£)

  • Will Osborne, Mandelson, and the ruling elite run Britain forever? – Tim Montgomerie, CapX
  • If only Osborne’s spending would take a great leap forward – William Keegan, The Guardian

>Yesterday: James Heappey MP in Comment: Smart energy systems will enable consumers to get cheap electricity

Strathclyde to call for cut in the number of peers

“A fifth of peers could be sacked from the House of Lords, under proposals to be put forward by a review of the second chamber commissioned by the prime minister in response to the government’s defeat on tax credit cuts. Around 165 of the 822 active members of the Lords would go under the plans, being drawn up for David Cameron by the former leader of the upper house, Lord Strathclyde.” – The Independent

Ministers: Fallon warns of ‘potent’ ISIS threat to Britain…

Union Jack Tree Logo“The threat to Britain from Isis is as “potent” as it was in Paris, where 130 people were massacred by extremists, the Defence Secretary has warned… He added that other major UK cities including Manchester and Glasgow could also be threatened by similar attacks.” – The Independent

…as Rudd tries to calm Cabinet row over electric cars

“Eco-loving ministers at the Environment and Transport departments say greener roads with millions of the electric vehicles is vital for clean air. But the Department of Energy and Climate Change fear we don’t have enough power for them. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd is so worried she asked the Cabinet Office to referee the dispute.” – The Sun (£)

Tory MPs 1) Wollaston calls for sugar tax and much more

Sweets“It wants the ban extended to ads in print and cinemas, curbs on sweets at tills, and sugar labelling. Tory committee chair Sarah Wollaston said: “One third of children are overweight or obese when they leave primary school. It’s not just the prospect of an earlier death, it’s about quality of life.” – The Sun (£)

  • Conservative MP denounces plan as ‘patronising nonsense’ – The Independent


Tory MPs 2) Davies attacks release of prisoners for Christmas

“Around 100 prisoners who are serving life sentences will be released from jail at Christmas so they can enjoy a festive break with their families, an MP has claimed… Conservative MP Philip Davies, who revealed the figures, said: ‘There are some very serious criminals who will be allowed out at Christmas.” – Daily Mail

  • Children should not get records for trivial offenses, MPs say – The Independent

Corbyn on the verge of whipping MPs against war and plunging Labour into crisis…

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“Jerem Corbyn is on the verge of demanding that his MPs oppose military action in Syria, in a move that would provoke an unprecedented crisis in Labour’s history and force shadow ministers to resign. Three senior allies of Mr Corbyn have told The Telegraph that the Labour leader wants to use an extraordinary meeting of the shadow cabinet today to impose a whip on his MPs in an attempt to force them to vote against David Cameron’s plans to bomb Isil.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Syria debate morphs into struggle for the very heart of Labour – The Guardian
  • Leader insists that only he has the power to decide party’s position – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn warns rebels that he’s going nowhere – The Guardian

Trade unions:

  • McCluskey threatens Labour MPs moving against leader – The Times (£)
  • Defy Jez and you’re writing your political obituary, warns union boss – The Sun (£)
  • Entire union movement would defend Corbyn, claims Unite chief – The Independent


  • Do Corbyn and company only back bombs aimed at Brits? – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • There are no obvious escape routes from Labour’s agonies – Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian
  • Don’t tell us going to war won’t cost lives – Peter McKay, Daily Mail


  • Corbyn should give orders in line with his principles, or resign command – The Times (£)


>Yesterday: LeftWatch: Corbyn’s MPs must steel themselves to defy him

…as group he patronises has accounts closed over potential terror funding…

“An activist organisation which has Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as patron has had its accounts closed down over fears that it may be inadvertently funding terrorism.vPalestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), whose patrons also include the Oscar winning actress Julie Christie and the playwright Caryl Churchill, was told by the Co-operative Bank that “risk-appetite” was the reason for closing its account.” – Daily Telegraph

>Yesteday: Video: WATCH: Corbyn tells Marr the last view days haven’t been terrible at all

…and McDonnell downplays significance of Oldham by-election

LABOUR dead rose“Jeremy Corbyn’s closest ally has insisted that Thursday’s by-election in the Labour stronghold of Oldham is nothing to do with the leadership, and shrugged off suggestions that the party’s majority could be slashed to just a few hundred votes. Ukip, the main challenger, claims that Labour is “tanking” and that postal returns, which the incumbent party depends on, are “very low”.” – The Times (£)

  • Shadow Chancellor denounces UKIP as an ‘evil force’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn activists join tightening fight to hold safe seat – The Independent


  • Labour has good reason to be nervous about its poll test in Oldham – Rob Ford, The Guardian
  • Corbyn’s cronies are killing Labour – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun (£)

Labour MPs:

  • Bono recruits ousted election chief for anti-poverty campaign – The Times (£)
  • Abbott backs traffic plan which will push value of her home over £1m – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Hammond accepts £2000 watch from Saudi sheikh – The Independent
  • Britain backs international climate watchdog – The Times (£)
  • NHS spending on agency doctors could soar under new rules – Daily Telegraph
  • Putin bans Russians from holidaying in Turkey – Financial Times
  • EU leaders give Turkey £2.1 billion to tackle migrant flow – Daily Mail
  • Critics slam EU travel deal for Turks – The Sun (£)
  • Bono teams up with ousted Labour election chief to fight poverty – The Times (£)
  • No change in level of female high earners despite initiatives – Financial Times
  • Scottish Justice Secretary urged to come clean on police spying claims – The Scotsman