Cameron pledges ‘step change’ in British terror response…

Cameron1“British border security was escalated last night amid fears jihadis might stow away in vehicles crossing the Channel or enter the UK by boat to launch deadly attacks… Unveiling the biggest investment in the security services since 7/7, the Prime Minister today pledges to recruit almost 2,000 extra spies.” – Daily Mail


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…as Labour clarifies its position on Syria

“Labour remains opposed to the UK taking part in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, but might support wider international military action without the need for UN approval, the shadow justice secretary, has said. Lord Falconer clarified the party’s position in the wake of the Paris attacks, as David Cameron came under renewed pressure to join the US, France and others in bombing Isis in its Syrian stronghold.” – The Guardian

Matthew d’Ancona: Cameron has the power to order air strikes, and he should use it

Fighter jet“Cameron must still wait for the permission of the 650 armchair generals in the lower house. How murderous and how close to home does the Isis campaign have to get before he decides to ignore a parliamentary convention (one that has no legal force whatsoever) and to authorise air strikes anyway? We know already that Jeremy Corbyn will not help.” – The Guardian



EU 1) Boris presses the Prime Minister on Parliamentary supremacy

“In a clear challenge to David Cameron, the Mayor of London said Parliament should be given power to block or overturn EU regulations and directives with which it disagrees. And he insisted the Prime Minister could impose the change without the agreement of other countries, simply by changing UK law.” – Daily Mail

EU 2) MPs try to strip Cameron of appointment power after Eurosceptics sacked

EU Exit“David Cameron could be stripped of the power to appoint Tories to an influential European group today after his own backbenchers sought revenge for the sacking of three Eurosceptics. A proposal to give MPs the power to elect members onto the Council of Europe rather than allowing the party leadership select candidates is expected to be voted on in the House of Commons.” – Daily Telegraph

EU 3) Labour fail to find business willing to host their ‘Remain’ launch

“Labour is to launch its pro-EU referendum campaign in the West Midlands this week, after Jeremy Corbyn’s party tried and failed to persuade a big company to host the event. Senior Labour MPs had approached leading British companies to provide the backdrop to the launch of “Labour in for Britain”, a campaign to be headed by Alan Johnson, former home secretary.” – Financial Times

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Osborne moves against public sector fat cats…

OSBORNE scissors“Cabinet ministers will be asked today to take the axe to six-figure payoffs and pensions in a move that could save the taxpayer billions of pounds. Sick pay could also be slashed and spending on agency staff reduced. The proposals are going before a Whitehall public sector expenditure committee overseen by Chancellor George Osborne and Treasury chief Greg Hands.” – Daily Mail

…as NHS bosses warn of ‘stealth raid’

“The NHS faces a “huge stealth cut” after a £1 billion raid by George Osborne that threatens to push hospitals into a cash crisis and hit patient care. The small print in pension changes saddles the health service with an extra bill and health chiefs fear they will not be able to cope if the chancellor continues to resist a big rise in the NHS budget next year.” – The Times (£)

  • Manufacturers urge Chancellor to maintain innovation funding – The Guardian
  • Duncan Smith has ‘seen off’ threat to Universal Credit – The Times (£)

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Tyrie warns Bank of England of threat to financial stability

TYRIE Andrew“A decline in the liquidity in the bond market would pose a threat to financial stability, according to a senior Conservative MP. Andrew Tyrie, chair of the Treasury select committee, has written to the Bank of England setting out his concerns over “the risk of declining liquidity in the bond market and the gilt-edged market in particular”.” – Financial Times

Prescott calls for northern ‘super region’

“The north needs its own powerful regional authority to help it “catch up” with London, according to Lord Prescott. The former Deputy Prime Minister, who was MP for Hull East, said towns and cities in the north should be encouraged to join forces and form a “super region” with control over economic development, housing and transport – arguing George Osborne’s “Northern Powerhouse” plans are “not coherent”.” – The Independent

John Prescott: Why the North needs a regional authority

Manchester Town Hall“The north has a hotchpotch of local councils, elected Mayors, city regions and combined authorities. Too many voices lack clarity. No wonder the north doesn’t get the best deal. The north fails to punch its weight because it lacks one strong voice and an authority that puts the north first.” – The Independent

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