Cameron to demand house-building ‘crusade’…

Cameron“David Cameron is to call for a “national crusade to get homes built” as he sets out the goals he wants to achieve by the time he leaves Downing Street in 2020. In a 50-minute speech ending the Conservative conference in Manchester, the Prime Minister will pledge to launch a home owning revolution “from generation rent to generation buy”.” – Sky News

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  • Cameron shuns ‘soggy centre’ for the ‘common ground’ – The Independent

…as EU vote faces delay

“The referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union could be pushed back to 2017 after negotiations over reforms ran into trouble. One cabinet minister said that the vote was “more likely than not” to be in 2017 as the prime minister struggled to secure a meaningful package of reforms.” – The Times (£)

Leadership 1) Business turns fire on May over migration-sceptic speech

Theresa May 14-04-15“Theresa May triggered a storm of protest last night by delivering a blunt speech on the perils of mass migration. The Home Secretary said the huge foreign influx was not in the national interest and led to lower wages and the loss of British jobs. But big business, which relies on cheap imported labour, claimed her ‘irresponsible rhetoric’ was vilifying migrants.” – Daily Mail


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  • May just turned into a ‘nasty Tory’, and it isn’t pretty – Cathy Newman, Daily Telegraph
  • This speech was both dangerous and factually wrong – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph


Leadership 2) Boris tells Cameron to get tough on the EU

“Boris Johnson today demanded David Cameron dramatically step up his efforts to reform the EU, calling for Britain to take back control of its borders. The London Mayor used a speech at the Tory party conference to insist that the UK should be able to put a limit on migrants coming to Britain.” – Daily Mail


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Leadership 3) Good news for Osborne as UK grows

GROWTH Krieg“Britain will grow at a fast 2.5 per cent clip this year in an improvement of 0.1 per cent on the Fund’s most recent forecast in July. The improved outlook will be a huge boost to the Chancellor George Osborne as he makes his final preparations for his autumn statement and spending review scheduled for November 25.” – Daily Mail

Hunt decries avoidable NHS deaths as “a weekly plane crash”

“The shocking number of hospital patients dying needlessly as a direct result of NHS mistakes amounts to the equivalent of ‘a plane crash’ each week, Jeremy Hunt said yesterday. The Health Secretary is facing possible industrial action by junior doctors angry at plans for a new contract encouraging them to work more weekends. But he told the Tory conference that it was ‘irresponsible’ for activists to claim the contract was about cutting pay or longer hours.” – Daily Mail

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Gove sets out his vision for prisons

GOVE finger pointing“Prisons should be “places of hard work, rigorous education and high ambition”, Michael Gove declared yesterday. The Justice Secretary said offenders are “potential assets” who could “contribute to society”. He claimed it would be a “crime” if illiterate inmates left without being able to read and write.” – The Sun (£)

  • Justice Secretary promises to bring ‘reforming zeal’ to prisons – The Independent

Duncan Smith claims child benefit reforms will teach people that children cost money

“The Conservatives’ tax credit reforms will teach parents that “children cost money” and discourage them having a third child, Iain Duncan Smith has said. The Work and Pensions Secretary said the changes will ensure parents do not “assume” taxpayers will pick up the cost of deciding to have more children.” – Daily Telegraph

Ministers and police in backstage standoff over protesters

“Ministers are furious with police for letting protesters hurl abuse at Tory conference-goers. Hard-left thugs have branded women “f*****g Tory whores” and spat at journalists. Yesterday, after two days of behind the scenes rows, police agreed to move the mob behind barriers 10 metres away. A cabinet minister told The Sun: “It was unacceptable. Eventually police agreed.”” – The Sun (£)

Daniel Finkelstein: It’ll be bloody from here on in

FINKELSTEIN Danny“In 2015 the Tories got their timing right. In 2012 George Osborne may have been booed at the Paralympics and criticised for his taxation of Cornish pasties. But in 2015 he was re-elected. Informed by this experience, the Conservatives are deliberately making difficult decisions now. Yet the combination of this strategic choice with the general difficulties that incumbents face and the possibilities of accidental mishap is likely to make the next two years very difficult indeed.” – The Times (£)

SNP MP investigated by the police

“Scotland’s senior law officer has signalled that Michelle Thomson, the former SNP MP, could face prosecution if police investigating alleged irregularities relating to property deals find evidence of criminal misconduct. Frank Mulholland, the lord advocate, told the Scottish parliament on Tuesday that detectives would investigate every lead in the inquiry into 13 property deals and mortgage transactions carried out for Thomson and her companies by a former lawyer, Christopher Hales.” – The Guardian

News in Brief:

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