May to warn that immigration is too high…

telegraphmigration“Mass immigration is forcing thousands of British people out of jobs and is making it “impossible” to build a “cohesive society”, Theresa May will say. Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the Home Secretary will say that there is “is no case in the national interest for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade”. Mrs May, considered a potential successor to David Cameron as Tory leader, will warn that current levels of migration into the UK are unsustainable as she calls for a system “that allows us to control who comes to our country”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Don’t outlaw free speech Christian Institute warn May – Daily Mail
  • “Ms May will say that people on the “extremes” of the debate conflate refugees with economic migrants.” – The Independent
  • “May will use her speech to renew her 2010 pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000.” – The Guardian
  • Ban on conference event for Muslim group linked to Hamas – The Independent

 …and that public services can’t cope

“Based on the current influx, Mrs May says the UK needs to build 210,000 homes every year and find 900,000 extra school places by 2024. She will also claim there are ‘thousands of people who have been forced out of the labour market, still unable to find a job’. Her comments – the strongest by a senior minister in recent times – reinforce the need to get a grip on immigration at a time when some Cabinet ministers are seeking to water down the Tory pledge to cut net migration to tens of thousands.” – Daily Mail

Boris urges help for low paid…

Boris Johnson event“The government must support the “hardest working and lowest paid” as it reforms welfare, Boris Johnson is to tell the Conservative Party conference. The capital’s economy would “collapse” without those who work through the night and aspire to a better life, the Mayor of London and Tory MP will say. It comes amid a row over plans to curb tax credits for million of workers.” – BBC

  • Corbyn and Labour Left and “tankies and Trots” says Boris – The Guardian
  • It’s BoJo versus OsBo – The Sun(£)

…but Hunt backs cut in Tax Credits

“British people will be encouraged to work as hard as the Chinese and Americans because the Conservatives have cut the money people can make from tax credits, the health secretary has said. Jeremy Hunt told a fringe meeting at the party’s autumn conference that cuts to tax credits were designed to send an “important cultural signal” about hard work, as well as saving money. ..Hunt also suggested that those reliant on benefits lacked the dignity and self-respect of those who earned all their own money.” – The Guardian

Reaction to Osborne’s speech

Osborne“What exactly did the Chancellor mean when he said Tories should ‘extend the hand’ to those who voted Labour in May, and ‘understand their reservations’? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with showing magnanimity in victory…But if he means his party should shift to the Left to occupy the ground vacated by Jeremy Corbyn, this will be a gross betrayal of Tory voters.” -Leader Daily Mail

  • Business Rates announcement shows ambition for the country – Leader The Times(£)
  • Osborne is becoming his own worst enemy – John McTernan Daily Telegraph
  • George the Builder trowels on the slogans – Quentin Letts Daily Mail
  • Fox warns against shift to centre ground – The Guardian
  • Osborne’s devolution revolution is a savage con – Polly Toynbee The Guardian
  • Business Rates reform “will reward good councils and expose the inept and profligate” – The Sun Says(£)


Morgan and Downing Street “split” over free school meals

“A SPAT is raging between David Cameron and his Education Secretary over free school meals. Nicky Morgan has lobbied No10 to scrap the £600million Coalition scheme that provides meals for all children in their first three years at school. A No10 source said last night it was time Ms Morgan — nicknamed Ni-Mo — “got back in her fish tank.” – The Sun(£)

Crosby warns against leaving EU too much “wriggle room”

lynton-crosby“David Cameron could put the future of Britain’s relationship in Europe at risk if there was too much “wiggle room” in his reform package, Lynton Crosby has warned. .. “My opinion is that if David Cameron comes back with something that is easily explained, and clear and doesn’t sound like wiggle-room politics then the voters would back his recommendation to stay,” Mr Crosby said.” – The Times(£)

Cameron to announce parents of truants to have benefits cut

“Parents in England who refuse to pay a penalty after their children truant will have their child benefit docked, the prime minister is to announce….David Cameron will argue that the system must be changed because truancy is harmful to children’s chances in life, and he will say that docking child benefit will speed up the process.” – BBC

  • “Tory sources said existing sanctions were not biting hard enough, with the result that 52 million days were lost to truancy last year.” – Daily Mail

Javid defends reforms to stop strike bullies

Sajid Javid 24-05-15“Business Secretary Sajid Javid says the government’s trade union reforms will prevent people from being “bullied” by striking workers. Mr Javid hit back at unions, who protested about the Trade Union Bill outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. He also said he would not “turn a blind eye to bad practice” in business. And he repeated the Tories’ claim to be the “only party for working people”. Labour had “better get used to it”, he added.” – BBC

Whittingdale proposes independent complaints system for the BBC

“Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has said the public has lost confidence in the BBC to examine their complaints “independently and carefully”. …He added it was important that the public should “have confidence that complaints are examined independently and carefully” and that it was “no longer the case that if you make a complaint against the BBC, the decision on whether it is justified is taken by the BBC”.” – BBC

Cameron “ignored warnings over Coulson”

COULSON Andy“David Cameron ignored at least “three high-level warnings” about employing former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, including one from Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, according to the full version of Lord Ashcroft’s unauthorised biography of the prime minister. Ashcroft brought forward publication of Call Me Dave to the first day of the Conservative party conference on Monday to maximise the potential damage in his ongoing feud with the prime minister.” – The Guardian

Health Secretary says TV could help beat childhood obesity…

“Children’s shows on the BBC should tell youngsters that chips are bad, the Health Secretary said yesterday. Jeremy Hunt said it is shameful that one in five children leave primary school obese and he highlighted the ‘very close correlation’ between social class and child health. Mr Hunt warned it is a ‘national disgrace’ that 10 per cent of children aged seven to 11 are becoming clinically obese, adding this could dent their self-confidence and academic performance. ” – Daily Mail

…as junior doctors step up their protest

HUNT Jeremy“Thousands of junior doctors are joining the union that is seeking industrial action over contract changes. Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, insisted yesterday that the proposed contract was not designed as a cost-cutting measure, but to ensure that more of them worked more weekends…He said: “We are not planning to cut doctors’ pay. What we actually want to do is reduce the overtime rates and increase the basic pay to make it easier for hospitals to roster more evenly over the week. It’s the right thing for patients.”- The Times(£)

62,500 rush to buy Lloyds shares

“The rush to buy shares in Lloyds Bank began last night when 62,500 people registered an interest on a government website. Shares worth at least £2billion are to be sold directly to the public in what George Osborne described as the biggest privatisation in 20 years. More people have shown an interest in the Lloyds sell-off in just one day than in the entire two-week registration for the Royal Mail issue two years ago.” – Daily Mail

EU referendum “could be delayed to 2017”

EU Exit“David Cameron may delay the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union until 2017 in order to give himself more time to win concessions from other EU leaders. Some ministers admit the migration crisis in Europe could make it harder to convince the public to vote to remain in the 28-nation bloc. They are worried that another wave of refugees arriving in EU countries next summer could dominate the campaign ahead of an in/out referendum held in September – until recently seen as the most likely date. “We may have to play it long,” one minister said. “It would be better to wait if that means getting a bigger and better package of reforms.”- The Independent

I’m glad we lost as it brought us Corbyn – says union leader

“A senior trade unionist provoked outrage among Labour MPs last night after claiming Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory made him glad the party lost the election. Addressing a crowd of more than 1,000 people at an anti-austerity rally in Manchester, Terry Pullinger, the deputy general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, suggested that the unexpected outcome made him “want to celebrate” the defeat.” – The Times(£)

Hodges: The hate filled demos in Manchester will only hasten the Left’s decline

Dan Hodges 16-06-15“Yes, protest is very much a part of our democratic heritage. But so too are general elections. As is the right to attend a British party political conference free from the threat of violence and intimidation. On Sunday we saw the true face of the new politics. It was wrapped in a scarf, it had hate in its eyes, and it had the words “Tory scum” on its lips. If this becomes the face of the Labour movement, then the Labour movement is dead.” – Dan Hodges Daily Telegraph

  • Why do Lefties think it’s OK to spit on people? – Julia Hartley-Brewer Daily Telegraph

Lomborg: Climate aid pledge is immoral

“There is something profoundly iniquitous about us meeting the world’s poor and hungry, whose kids lack good schools and are dying from easily curable diseases, in neighborhoods without clean water and sanitation – and we then give them a solar panel. We have a responsibility to focus aid on the phenomenal investments in health, education and poverty reduction, which are wanted by the world’s poorest people – and which would achieve the most good.” – Bjorn Lomborg Daily Telegraph

News in brief

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