Cameron 1) Manchester speech signals renewed focus on modernisation

Cameron1‘ The Prime Minister used his conference speech – delivered exactly five months after the general election – to set out plans to improve social mobility, end racial discrimination, reform prisons and tackle extremism. In an address which signalled a return to the “compassionate Conservatism” platform which saw him elected as Tory leader in 2005, he vowed to “enter those no-go zones where politicians don’t dare to venture” by “taking on our big social problems”.’ – Daily Telegraph


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Cameron 2) Montgomerie: He sounded like Blair

‘Tory delegates listened to a speech that Tony Blair could have given — and that includes the rather bloodless section on EU reform. Last year’s pre-election messages on curtailing freedom of movement, replacing human rights laws, middle-class tax cuts, welfare caps and devolution to England hardly featured. Last year’s speech was all about the short-term business of winning the election. We’re back to Cameron’s real long-term plan — the top-to-bottom modernisation of the Conservative party.’ – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

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McTernan: Concern over tax credits could hinder Osborne’s surge

OSBORNE WITH BLACKBERRY‘A lone parent with two kids turns up at your surgery. She has a full time job and asks how she is going to cope with a cut of at least £1,250 a year. And the briefing line to MPs is “tell them to work longer hours”. Not only is it inhumane to tell someone who has been doing the right thing that they should simply work harder, it is also directly counter to the self-interest of an MP. Three million people is around 4,500 a seat – or a round 5,000 in the new 600-seat Commons. How many Tory MPs have majorities under 4,500? Loads, that’s how many.’ – John McTernan, Daily Telegraph

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  • Build on wasted public land – Chris Giles, FT

How have the leadership stakes shifted?

‘Mr Osborne remains a respected rather than loved figure, even in Tory circles. When Mr Cameron on Wednesday lavished praise on his “Iron chancellor”, the audience response was warm rather than rapturous. By contrast there was a lengthy and ecstatic standing ovation when Mr Cameron thanked Boris Johnson for his eight years as London mayor: “He’s served this country, he’s served this party and there’s a huge amount more to come.”…As for Ms May, Mr Cameron made only passing reference to his home secretary on Wednesday and his allies are scornful of her stridently anti-immigration conference speech.’ – FT

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Davidson’s barnstorming performance

DAVIDSON Ruth new‘Ruth Davidson has urged the Conservatives to revive their “blue-collar” support by convincing voters that “the sun is coming up” after years of economic hardship. The Scottish Tory leader paid tribute to George Osborne for “holding his nerve” with austerity but said she did not want the Conservatives to merely be the “party of the technocrat” given the “grudging vote of competence” at elections. In a barnstorming speech at the party conference in Manchester, which won a lengthy standing ovation, she argued that the Tories must instead demonstrate “the zeal of the missionary” to show that they are also political “visionaries”.’ – Daily Telegraph

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EU 1) Boris: Free movement shouldn’t be a sacred cow

‘He declared that changing them must be central to renegotiations over Britain’s future in Europe. The Mayor of London’s blast came 24 hours after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond insisted this was an impossible demand. But Mr Johnson said: “We need to make substantial progress on borders. Is the whole concept of free movement such a sacred cow these days? “Given the huge flows we’re seeing across the community, there are many people around Europe who think ‘let’s give our border guys a bit of a chance to cope with this’.”’ – The Sun (£)

  • MigrationWatch says removing students from the target would be ‘crazy’ – The Sun (£)

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EU 2) Either back further integration or leave, Hollande tells Britain

EU FLag‘Britain must back deeper integration of the European Union or quit altogether, Francois Hollande, the French president, declared on Wednesday night. During furious exchanges with Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, Mr Hollande said British voters who do not like the idea of a “strengthened” EU must take the “logical path” of Brexit.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • Europe braces for three million new Syrian refugees – The Times (£)
  • The EU destroys valuable data sharing deal – FT Leader

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Fallon to announce long-term deployment to the Baltic

‘Britain is to join Germany and the US in committing to long-term troop deployments in the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression and shore up Nato’s eastern borders. Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, will announce the commitment on Thursday when he meets other Nato defence ministers in Brussels for the alliance’s quarterly ministerial council.’ – FT

  • The Government will still seek a vote on Syria strikes – The Guardian
  • Putin fires 26 cruise missiles in support of Assad – The Times (£)
  • Russians spy on Trident submarines – Daily Mail
  • US Navy to challenge Chinese territorial claims – FT
  • Eight people are referred to deradicalisation programme every day – Daily Telegraph

Corbyn accused of snubbing the Queen

Jeremy Corbyn‘Jeremy Corbyn has snubbed the Queen by refusing to be sworn into the Privy Council on Thursday, as it emerged he could use a loophole to join the advisory body without ever meeting Her Majesty. The Labour leader, a lifelong republican, is known to have reservations about kneeling in front of the Queen and kissing her hand as he swears an oath of allegiance to her, which is the normal process when a new Privy Councillor is sworn in.’ – Daily Telegraph

George Grant ventures into the heart of the protest camp

‘In a blog on the Conservative Home website, Mr Grant described “tents laagered in a wide lowered space, trestle tables erected … the flags of anarchism, class war and online hacktivism , fluttering ominously in the breeze.” He asked one of the tented residents that “I’d very much like to talk to you, if you’d be willing.” Peace talks began when he was told “You’ve got balls the size of watermelons for coming down here”.’ – The Independent

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Clark: Don’t believe the BMA propaganda about junior doctors’ pay

NHS_Logo‘No, doctors who take career breaks won’t suffer “a huge pay cut”, as one woman claims in a video on the BMA website. It just means that in future doctors will have to progress to the next stage of training before getting a pay rise rather than automatically getting one every year. In how many other occupations would your pay ratchet upwards from £30,002 to £37,822 in five years even if you had failed to complete your training?’ – Ross Clark, The Times (£)

  • Doctors’ trade union threatens strike – The Times (£)
  • Ministers are warned £600m flu treatments might be ineffective – FT

Police knew Brittan had been cleared of rape allegation, but failed to tell him

‘Leon Brittan, the former home secretary, should have been told months before he died that he had been cleared of a rape allegation, Scotland Yard admitted yesterday. In a letter seen by The Times a senior Metropolitan police officer apologised to Lord Brittan of Spennithorne’s widow for the distress caused by the failure to inform the couple that the case had been abandoned.’ – The Times (£)

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