Goldsmith wins Tory mayoral candidacy

Zac Goldsmith“Zac Goldsmith has been chosen as the Conservative Party’s candidate to run for London mayor in 2016, the Tories announced this morning. The millionaire Conservative backbencher was elected with 70 per cent of the vote and will now fight Labour’s Sadiq Khan to succeed Boris Johnson.” – Daily Mail

  • Let me build on Boris’ success, pleads Richmond Park MP – The Times (£)
  • Goldsmith challenges Cameron on Europe, Heathrow, and housing – Daily Telegraph
  • Candidate claimed in 2013 mayoral run would be ‘suicide mission’ – The Independent
  • Contrast between candidates couldn’t be greater – Financial Times

Comment and Editorial:

  • We only need to see an Old Etonian and we salute – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
  • The Left doesn’t seem to recognise that the Tories won the election – Daily Telegraph editorial


Cameron’s back-to-work scheme delivers poor value for money

“David Cameron’s programme to help benefit-dependent families has cost taxpayers more than £26,000 for each claimant it persuaded to take a job, figures revealed yesterday. The Troubled Families scheme has cost £448million in three years – but steered just 17,000 benefit claimants into work.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 1) Majority of the public think ministers should be free to campaign for Brexit

EU Exit“A majority of the British public believe Government ministers should be free to campaign for the UK to quit the EU, a new poll has found. Ahead of the Tory party conference, the Survation/Huffington Post UK poll shows that 55% think that ministers should be allowed to lobby for an ‘Out’ vote – even if that means defying David Cameron’s official recommendation.” – Huffington Post UK

  • Two in three Tory MPs could reject renegotiation and campaign to leave – Daily Mail
  • Majority of Conservative MPs still undecided on Brexit – Daily Telegraph
  • Spectre of Europe likely to haunt Tories again – Financial Times
  • Migrant crisis pushes our readers towards the exit door – The Sun (£)
  • EU has been hit by ‘out of control bulldozer’, claims IDS – The Guardian
  • Johnson or Osborne, who will win the EU showdown? – Daily Mail
  • Crosby casts doubt on Boris’ ambitions – The Times (£)
  • Banks suggests Farage might step down from UKIP to lead Brexit charge – Daily Telegraph

Michael Heseltine: Eurosceptic MPs owe Cameron their jobs

“The opposition is splintered and unfocused. But his own party too is more than capable of collapsing into bitter division. And everyone knows why: Europe. I saw at all too close quarters the damage it did to John Major’s government… It is starting again. Mr Cameron has promised a referendum. No one knows the terms of the deal he will strike, but already those who will vote to leave Europe regardless of those terms are delivering their barbs.” – Daily Telegraph

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Ministers 2) Osborne signs £900m devolution deal with Sheffield

OSBORNE of the north“Sheffield voters rejected the idea in a 2012 referendum. But George Osborne, the chancellor, who signed the deal on Friday, said the extra powers made the post far more attractive this time. He dismissed the need for a second referendum though some councillors are expected to demand one.” – Financial Times

  • Sheffield named second ‘Northern Powerhouse’ – The Guardian
  • Chancellor waters down Tory plans to hit super-rich – The Sun (£)

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Ministers 3) Hammond and May lead resistance to the Spending Review

“The foreign secretary is leading a cabinet rebellion against George Osborne as ministers dig in against demands that they find cuts of up to 40 per cent from their budgets. Philip Hammond has so far refused to comply before next month’s spending review that independent experts believe could reduce unprotected government departments’ spending by £23.7 billion over the next three years.” – The Times (£)

Ministers 4) Hunt appeals to medical profession not to strike

NHS_Logo“The NHS is facing a “triple whammy” of pressures, the like of which it has never seen before, Jeremy Hunt will say, as he appeals to junior doctors not to stage their first nationwide strike in more than three decades. Holding an olive branch to the medical profession, the Health Secretary said that he would work to ensure no junior doctors lost money as a result of new contracts designed to open up the NHS to seven-day working.” – The Independent

Ministers 5) Gove plans to free prisons from Whitehall control

“Michael Gove is to free prisons from Whitehall control in the biggest reorganisation of the penal system in a generation. The justice secretary will give governors new powers over budgets, education and even the perks offered to prisoners for good behaviour… He also confirmed that he was looking at selling inner-city Victorian prisons on lucrative land ripe for housing development.” – The Times (£)

Ministers 6) Fallon attacks Putin over Syria strikes

FALLON Daily Politics“Vladimir Putin is killing Syrian civilians to shore up his ally President Assad rather than destroy IS, claims the Defence Secretary. Michael Fallon revealed that initial MoD intelligence suggested only one in 20 Russian air attacks so far were on targets to damage IS.” – The Sun (£)

  • US demands Russia ‘immediately cease’ Syria strikes – The Independent

Ministers 7) Truss urges supermarkets to promote British food

“Liz Truss, the minister responsible for the food industry, is urging supermarkets to put the Union flag prominently on home-produced products, as part of a drive to turn Britain into “a great food nation”. Ms Truss says the UK has some of the best food, the highest farm standards and the most innovative chefs in the world, but admits that “perception hasn’t yet caught up with reality”.” – Financial Times

Willets attacks tax credits overhaul

Willetts David DP“George Osborne’s tax credit overhaul could “turn sour” and must be changed at the earliest opportunity, a former Conservative cabinet minister has warned. David Willetts, the former skills minister who was recently elevated to the House of Lords, says that changes to tax credits in the budget means the welfare system is no longer making work pay — a charge likely to provoke fury in the Treasury and Department for Work and Pensions.” – The Times (£)

Bercow declares thousands of pounds worth of hospitality

“The House of Commons speaker John Bercow enjoyed more than £6,000-worth of free tennis this summer, it emerged today. The MP for Buckingham was regularly seen at Wimbledon in June and July and also headed to the US Open and the Davis Cup in September.” – Daily Mail

Matthew Parris: Tories must not unleash their inner Genghis Khan

CONSERVATIVE tree“A contrary thought will be heard among some Tories in Manchester this weekend. It can be summarised in the phrase Conservatism Unbound. “We can’t believe our luck! A general election has cleared those Lib Dems from under our feet, and now the Labour party has marched off to la-la land. The coast is clear, boys. We can be proper Tories now.” Up the tempo, then, and embrace our inner Genghis Khan? Or pause for dialogue with the millions whom Labour has now deserted?” – The Times (£)

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Blow for Corbyn as post-conference poll rates him least popular new opposition leader ever

“Jeremy Corbyn suffered a fresh blow today after seeing his poll rating slump to a record low for a new leader following this week’s tumultuous party conference. Less than a month into the job, Mr Corbyn has a negative approval rating of minus 8 – making him the most unpopular new party leader ever. At the same point in Ed Miliband’s leadership, he had a positive rating with the public of plus 26, the pollsters YouGov reported today.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour leader delivers speech to hen party on Glasgow train – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn aide wants to ban sackings and impose a three-day week – Daily Telegraph
  • Another wants to tax spending from your bank account – Daily Telegraph

Shadow Cabinet might force leader to “do a Clegg” on tuition fees

Jeremy Corbyn“The Labour leader pledged during the Labour leadership campaign that he would raise £10billion through higher taxes so he could end fees and restore grants. However it yesterday emerged that the issue will now be consulted on more widely with the party, prompting fears that it could be significantly watered down.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Can his red army of new voters sweep Corbyn to power? – Harry de Quetteville, Daily Telegraph

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Watson’s bid for deputy financed by anti-press ally Mosley

“The millionaire son of Britain’s war-time fascist leader Oswald Mosley gifted £40,000 to Mr Watson – who made clamping down on newspaper freedom the centrepiece of his campaign. Mr Mosley has led a high-profile celebrity campaign for tougher rules on the press after suing the News of the World for printing photos of him of taking part in sadomasochistic roleplay dressed in German military uniforms.” – Daily Mail

Evidence mounts against SNP MP who lost the whip over mortgage fraud allegations

SNP logo white background“Michelle Thomson’s solicitor has refused to comment on official records indicating that the MP twice purchased properties before selling them the same day to her husband for a large profit. The Telegraph has obtained Registers of Scotland records showing that two back-to-back transactions were conducted between a Michelle and Peter Thomson, the name of the Edinburgh West MP’s husband.” – Daily Telegraph

  • First Minister under fire over Thomson row – The Scotsman
  • Sturgeon is unlikely to have a carefree weekend – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph

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