Cameron urges Merkel to help him stave off Brexit

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron urged Angela Merkel on Friday to help keep Britain in the EU, amid concerns in senior Tory circles that many hedge fund chiefs will throw their financial muscle behind the “Brexit” campaign. The UK prime minister entertained the German chancellor at Chequers with a dinner intended to accelerate his EU renegotiation, which is making slow progress in Brussels.” – Financial Times

  • German Chancellor demands details to negotiations from Cameron – The Guardian
  • British Empire is gone, pro-‘In’ Merkel ally points out helpfully – Daily Telegraph
  • German Chancellor hugs Cameron after friend insults Britain – The Sun (£)
  • Lord Rose leads ‘In’ campaign – The Times (£)
  • Baroness Brady hired by pro-EU team – The Sun (£)
  • Peer who backed EU for cutting wages to lead campaign to stay in – The Independent


  • The next big populist wave could sweep Britain out of Europe – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian


Northern Powerhouse regions remain no-go areas for the Tories

“The North is “more Tory” after the election, David Cameron claimed at a Conservative party conference in a city where it lacks a single councillor. Manchester, which hosted the Tories this year, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and Hull remain no-go zones for the party, despite being cities at the heart of the “Northern Powerhouse” concept. The Conservatives are polling in single-digits in many of these council wards.” – Financial Times

  • This vision of a new Victorian era will test the Tory soul – Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

>Today: Mike Freer MP in Comment: We should make more use of our many Blue Collar Conservatives

Ministers may start charging for FoI requests

money“The public could be charged to submit Freedom of Information requests for the first time, the head of an official review said last night. The issue of fees will be examined by the independent committee into the future of the transparency laws, as part of a wider look at the ‘burden’ the act places on public authorities.” – Daily Mail

  • Commission ridiculed by press for ‘off the record’ press briefing – The Times (£)

Key source of Watson’s case against Lord Brittan admits to targeting Tories

“The man who initiated paedophile claims against Leon Brittan admitted yesterday that he was “right up for witch-hunts against rightwing Tories”. Chris Fay, a former social worker and Labour councillor in south London, passed allegations about Lord Brittan of Spennithorne to Tom Watson, now the Labour deputy leader, who has led the campaign to expose what he claims is a “powerful paedophile network” linked to Westminster. Mr Fay’s apparent admission of a political motive will increase pressure on Mr Watson, who has faced criticism over his role.” – The Times (£)

  • Detective leading case quit after being undermined by Labour deputy leader – Daily Telegraph
  • Watson claims Brittan attack was his ‘duty’ – The Times (£)
  • Labour deputy defends conduct in pathetic apology – Daily Mail
  • Concern mounts over police handling of Westminster sex abuse claims – Financial Times


  • Watson must prove his point, or admit he is unfit for office – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • When did police go from investigators to judge and jury? – Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian


Giles Coren: A half-wit hate mob has hijacked feminism

Tom Watson“Poor old Leon Brittan went to his grave under a cloud of rape allegations of which Scotland Yard knew he was innocent. I believed the allegations, and reviled him for it, because I didn’t dare not. The harrying, hysterical haters of the political left, under a convenient banner of “feminism” (I’m thinking mostly of that vile, hate-fuelled, monstrous little toad, Tom Watson) have created an atmosphere where it is safest now simply to turn away and leave innocent men to be mauled, maligned, ruined.” – The Times (£)

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Labour try to block tax credit cuts

“Labour is to make a fresh attempt to overturn the cuts to tax credits introduced in the summer budget by tabling changes to the welfare bill due to be debated next week. Owen Smith, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said the Labour amendment would give Tory MPs one last chance to reverse tax credit cuts for 3 million families before they face a storm of protest in their constituencies about the changes when voters’ pay packets are hit next year.” – The Guardian

  • Corbyn accuses Tories of robbing Britain’s poorest families – The Independent

McDonnell praised woman who spat in boss’s tea during strike

Labour-Party-Red-Rose-logo“John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has suggested that staff should spit in their employers tea to help build up a “climate of dissent”. Speaking at a rally in 2011 the Labour MP praised a woman who spat in the tea of P&O bosses during an employment dispute and called on staff to follow her lead and decide “we’re not taking it any more, we’re going to give it back”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Labour leader refuses to confirm he’ll kneel before the Queen – Daily Telegraph


  • Corbyn now has his own Praetorian Guard inside Labour – Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph

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Tony Blair considered a ‘bedroom tax’

“The idea of cutting housing benefit for tenants who have unused bedrooms was doing the rounds in Whitehall at least 12 years ago and was considered by Tony Blair’s government, a former chancellor has said. Alistair Darling said that he was presented with the policy, criticised as the “bedroom tax”, while he was secretary of state for work and pensions between 1998 and 2002.” – The Times (£)

Brexit campaign opens with UKIP split

UKIP glass“A cross-party group aimed at persuading Britons to vote to leave the EU was launched today with a punchy advert – and immediately created a divide in Ukip… Ukip’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, this morning came out in favour of Vote Leave, while his party leader, Nigel Farage, pledged to work “hand-in-hand” with Leave.EU.” – The Times (£)

Douglas Carswell: Why I’m backing Vote Leave

“It’s here! After weeks of preparation, a cross-party, business-backed campaign group to the leave the EU has launched today – and I am delighted to be 100 percent behind it… Being able to work alongside decent, patriotic MPs from all parties, such as Labour’s Kate Hoey, former colleagues Bernard Jenkin and Steve Baker, and John Mills, Labour’s largest single donor, is a pleasure.” – Daily Telegraph

Black claims to be being patronised…

SNP logo white background“Mhairi Black, the youngest politician in the House of Commons, has revealed she is getting patted on the back and “patronised” by older MPs. Speaking at London’s Women in the World Summit, the 21-year-old SNP MP said the condescending behaviour is far worse than she expected before entering Parliament.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Councils consider setting up ‘titan’ schools to solve shortage of places – Daily Mail
  • Charity which cast doubt on sugar claims failed to disclose link to Coca Cola – The Times (£)
  • Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola is returned to hospital – Daily Telegraph
  • Guantanamo detainee has fled to join ISIS – The Sun (£)
  • Russia fails to halt ISIS advance – Financial Times
  • NHS hospitals in worst financial situation for a generation – The Independent
  • Tear gas let off in Kosovo Parliament to disrupt devolution to Serbs – Daily Mail