“Vote leave – take control”

EU Exit“The message of a new, cross-party campaign vying to get the UK to leave the EU could hardly be clearer. On Friday, the group, which contains politicians and, crucially, financial backers from across the political spectrum, launches officially… This new campaign, Vote Leave, is funded by major Conservative donor and City millionaire Peter Cruddas, John Mills, Labour’s biggest private financial backer, and Stuart Wheeler, for years a Tory donor but more recently a supporter of UKIP” – BBC

  • Boris wanted as figurehead by both sides in EU referendum campaign – Guardian
  • Vote Leave supports votes for 16-year-olds – The Times (£)
  • Carswell defies Farage to join Vote Leave – Daily Mail
  • ICM poll shows majority for Brexit unless UK gets powers back – Daily Express
  • The campaign to keep Britain in the EU is faltering – Independent editorial
  • Cameron holds talks with Merkel – The Sun (£)
  • Now we see that Germany, like Britain, doesn’t believe in common EU rules – Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph



May tells EU to “up its game” on deporting migrants

“Theresa May urged Europe yesterday to ‘up its game’ on deporting hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers as the European Union unveiled plans to create camps in Africa to house expelled migrants. ‘We need to break the link between people making the dangerous journey to Europe and being able to stay in Europe,’ the home secretary told a meeting of EU interior ministers. ‘The UK has always argued that we should be sending economic migrants back’” – The Times (£)

Hunt seeks to avert doctors’ strike

HUNT Doctor Carla Millar“The Health Secretary has promised to review a controversial new contract for junior doctors in a bid to stop them going on strike. Jeremy Hunt has written to their union, the British Medical Association, setting out ‘cast iron assurances’ that trainees will not be forced to work longer hours for less pay. The Department of Health confirmed that the letter was an attempt to bring the union back around the table to discuss the contract ahead of a possible strike within the next two months” – Daily Mail

Brittan’s family demand apology from Watson

“Leon Brittan’s brother has demanded an apology from Labour deputy leader Tom Watson for making ‘unfounded’ sex crime allegations about the former Home Secretary. Sir Samuel Brittan, 83, called on Mr Watson to say sorry directly to his sister-in-law, Lady Brittan, for accusing her late husband of rape and child abuse. Tory MPs joined demands for an apology, saying Mr Watson had destroyed Lord Brittan’s reputation with ‘unforgiveable’ slurs” – Daily Mail

  • How Watson pressed for paedophile investigation – The Times (£)
  • Boris says Met’s behaviour “completely unacceptable” – Daily Telegraph
  • Abuse claims are turning into a witchhunt – Norman Lamont, Daily Telegraph

Corbyn snubs Queen to go on holiday

Woolfie Corbyn“Jeremy Corbyn snubbed meeting the Queen today as he avoided a ceremony to join the Privy Council because he wanted a mini-holiday. The Labour leader had been expected to attend the swearing-in ceremony which involves kneeling in front of the monarch and kissing her hand while swearing an oath of allegiance. Aides say he had other commitments including ‘some relaxation time’ which meant he could not attend” – Daily Mail

  • Aides say Corbyn will join Privy Council – Financial Times
  • Lefties create grassroots movement to support Corbyn – The Sun (£)
  • Social media disconnecting Labour from wider public, says Tristram Hunt – Guardian

Utley: “The Left are stuck in the early Eighties”

“Like so much else about the politics of the Left these days, the scenes of hate-filled demonstrators spitting and yelling ‘Tory scum!’ at Conservatives attending their Manchester conference took me straight back to the early Eighties. In particular, I remembered the morning of October 10, 1980 — 35 years ago tomorrow — when a gob of phlegm landed on my shoulder as I arrived at the Brighton conference centre to hear Margaret Thatcher deliver her now-famous speech, ‘the lady’s not for turning’” – Tom Utley, Daily Mail

  • The gap in quality between Tory and Labour has never been so wide – Philip Collins, The Times (£)
  • Cameron pig’s head story did not meet news standard – The Times (£)

Brown says Cameron risks “double betrayal” of Scotland

Brown Hands UP“David Cameron is risking a ‘double betrayal’ of Scotland if his government fails to make urgent changes to the Scotland bill, Gordon Brown has warned. The former Labour prime minister said the package of new powers for Holyrood must be amended to give MSPs unconditional authority to top up welfare payments, without any risk of such decisions being vetoed by the UK government. He said such changes were necessary to fulfil the pledge of more powers made by Westminster before last year’s independence referendum” – Guardian

  • Corbyn fails to lift Scottish Labour – Scotsman

Russian cruise missiles crash in Iran

“At least four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from a Russian ship in the Caspian Sea crashed in Iran, US officials have claimed. A US government source said Russia had been flying cruise missiles over Iran into Syria in attacks on rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But reports have emerged today that some of them had crash landed before reaching their targets” – Daily Mail

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