Cameron suffers first Commons defeat on purdah…

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron suffered his first Commons defeat since the election last night – over Europe. Tory rebels joined with Labour to reject ministers’ plans to relax restrictions on government campaigning in the run-up to the EU referendum. The Prime Minister lost the vote on so-called ‘purdah’ rules by 312 to 285. A Labour amendment was nodded through the Commons meaning the normal Whitehall restrictions – which ban the Government from using its resources to campaign in the final 28 days before the poll – will be applied.” – Daily Mail

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  • Brexit would harm peace process, warns Irish minister – The Guardian


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  • Government caved to Europhile lefty councils on bin collection – Damian Thompson, Daily Mail



…as he makes case for British troops securing ‘safe havens’ in Syria…

“British forces could be deployed to Syria to help set up ‘safe havens’ for refugees, David Cameron said yesterday. The Prime Minister – who has previously ruled out the idea – said yesterday that the creation of safe zones was ‘certainly the right sort of thinking.’ He told MPs that Turkey and the US would need to contribute militarily, with Britain also potentially involved.” – Daily Mail

  • Britain must be prepared to deploy, warns Mitchell – The Independent
  • Prime Minister reveals British drone used to kill Britons for the first time – The Times (£)
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  • Family of slain ISIS fighter could sue Britain for millions – Daily Mail
  • Reaper drone become symbol of war on terror – Financial Times
  • Corbyn attended Cairo conference which called for attacks on British troops – Daily Mail

…and vows to save orphans of war

Syria“David Cameron vowed to prioritise the rescue of war orphans under a plan to take in 20,000 vulnerable Syrian refugees. The PM yesterday significantly boosted the number to be given haven in the UK. His announcement followed last week’s shock images of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi — and is a victory for The Sun’s campaign for the UK to accept 3,000 of Syria’s orphans.” – The Sun (£)


  • The Prime Minister fools himself into thinking a few bombs and taking 20,000 refugees will make a difference – Max Hastings, Daily Mail
  • Would Mrs Thatcher have been so daintily restrained? – Quentin Letts’ sketch, Daily Mail


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Nigel Dodds MP: A Commons vote on Syria could be a huge victory for Corbyn

“Unionist MPs, to put it mildly, are hardly opposed to the use of British military force abroad or at home in pursuit of the national interest. Yet this brings us to the heart of where George Osborne is so mistaken. For what have the wars he has supported so much in the last decade done? Simply this: the imprudent use of British force has put the public off using it at all. The direct result of having intervened where we shouldn’t is that there is no longer any public support for intervening when we should.” – Daily Telegraph

Two hundred organisations call on Osborne not to cut science funding

OSBORNE red and blue“An unprecedented coalition of almost 200 life sciences organisations in the private and public sectors has come together to appeal to the UK government to spare science from cuts in this autumn’s spending review. Chancellor George Osborne has said in the past that supporting the sector is a “personal priority”. Chief executives of drug companies, bioscience investors, learned societies and medical charities have now written a letter to the FT, expressing their concerns…” – Financial Times

Party scrambles to distribute more leadership ballots…

“An emergency batch of Labour leadership ballot papers will be dispatched today after complaints that thousands of people have not received their voting slips days before polls close. There were calls yesterday for the voting deadline to be extended as more concerns emerged that some had not been given the chance to vote. The party has already weeded out more than 4,000 people from other parties and hard-left groups seeking votes.” – Daily Mail

…as Corbyn’s critics back away from bid to elect shadow cabinet

Labour holes“Jeremy Corbyn will not face an immediate challenge to his authority if he wins the Labour leadership election after his opponents in the party backed down from pushing for a return to shadow cabinet elections. Some of Corbyn’s critics have been mulling the idea in the belief that they could better keep him under control if his shadow cabinet were to be elected by the parliamentary party, where he does not have the support of many MPs.” – The Guardian


  • Make no mistake, Labour is at war with itself – Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph

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Rachel Sylvester: Corbynistas loathe the country they want to lead

“The Corbynistas are Roundheads in a Cavalier age, collectivists in an era dominated by individualism. They behave as if they think consumerism is selfish, aiming to be wealthy is bad and having choice in education is a dangerous thing. In short, they seem to loathe the attitudes of most 21st-century voters.” – The Times (£)

Labour MP tells House up to 1,750 Britons could seek assisted death each year

Aid shield“Up to 1,750 British people could die by assisted suicide every year, MPs will be told when they vote on historic right-to-die laws on Friday. Dozens of MPs are expected to back a Bill to allow terminally ill adults to end their lives in the first Commons vote on the issue for 18 years. Labour MP Rob Marris, who proposed the measure, said a shift in attitudes since the rise of the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland and more acceptance of individual choice meant it has a chance of success.” – Daily Mail

  • Policy ‘puts elderly at risk’, warns Butler-Schloss – The Times (£)


  • Assisted dying must be legalised – Sir Keir Starmer, The Times (£)
  • MPs must be brave, and finally give us the right to die – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

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Northern Ireland Assembly suspended over IRA logjam

“Northern Ireland’s power-sharing Executive has been suspended following a Provisional IRA row. First Minister Peter Robinson said there will be “no further meetings” until the Stormont dispute is resolved. His party, the Democratic Unionists, had failed in a bid to secure a four-week adjournment of the NI Assembly after police said members of the Provisional IRA shot a man dead.” – The Sun (£)

Last Scottish Liberal Democrat MP risks losing his seat on TV

Lib Dem bird cage“Alistair Carmichael, the former Scottish secretary, faces losing his Commons seat today in a televised hearing over his involvement in a government leak. The Liberal Democrat MP’s election to the Orkney & Shetland constituency in May could be annulled at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. A government memo leaked a month before the election claimed that Nicola Sturgeon had told the French ambassador to the UK that she would “rather see” David Cameron in Downing Street.” – The Times (£)

  • Carmichael trial is less than riveting viewing – The Independent
  • Ex-Scottish Secretary asked court to dismiss bid to unseat him – The Guardian

News in Brief:

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