Labour in Brighton 1) Corbyn says: I have what it takes to be Prime Minister

Woolfie Corbyn“He says he wants to use the conference to persuade people “including those who are not Labour voters” he is offering “something very different”, including an alternative to austerity, which focuses on investment and expansion of the economy…“I hope they will give me a fair hearing,” he says. “And I hope they will understand that I am the representative and the product of a growing democratic movement.” – The Observer

Labour in Brighton 2) Dugher warns that Labour moderates face re-selection and “punishment beatings”

“In an explosive intervention Dugher, a close ally of Gordon Brown, said plans to force all Labour MPs to face reselection before they can stand again would lead to “punishment beatings” — a term usually associated with the IRA — of party moderates. He spoke out as Labour officials revealed that Corbyn will give the hordes of supporters who paid £3 to vote in the leadership election a say over party policy.” – Sunday Times (£)

Labour in Brighton 3) Simon Danczuk – The party I love is now a bullying cult

Simon Danczuk“A leader walking away from the media in silence and repeatedly dodging questions about his attitude towards the Queen doesn’t suggest more open politics. And gangs of Corbynistas aggressively bullying and attacking anyone who dares to disagree with their hard Left position on social media is hardly inclusive. This feels less like big tent politics and more like a bizarre cult.” – Mail on Sunday

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Air strikes on ISIS.  Prime Minister weighs whether or not to push for a Commons vote…

“It has now been suggested the vote could be delayed until later this year.  A source close to the Government said: “Dealing with the Labour Party is a bit like trying to negotiate with the Syrian government. It is virtually impossible because no one knows who is in charge.” Mr Cameron has previously said he would push for a vote with or without new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s backing.” – Sunday Express

…As Putin pushes him to accept Assad deal

Vladimir Putin“He is prepared to cut a deal with Vladimir Putin to allow tyrant Bashar al-Assad to remain as Syrian leader if that will harden action against IS. The Russian president believes that is the best way to stop the violence. The plan will be presented to Parliament as part of a renewed case for Syrian air strikes. Ministers face a knife-edge vote on bombing Syria, with Labour reluctant to back it without a plan for the country.” – Sun on Sunday (£)

EU diplomats: Cameron’s EU renegotiation “has stalled”

”We just haven’t heard anything from the British about what they want for ages,” said one EU diplomat. “It does seem to have stalled. It’s very awkward for us all.” “There is not a word,” another exasperated senior official added to The Sunday Telegraph. “Not a single word typed on a single sheet of paper”…Philip Hammond admitted last week that there were no quick deals in sight and that Britain still did not have “hard and fast demands”. He said the government was still testing the “appetite” for reform among member states.” – Sunday Telegraph

Janet Daley: If the era of democracy is over in Europe, it’s time for Britain to get out

daley“So I repeat: what is it that we are accepting? That national governments are fit to rule only if they disregard their own populations’ concerns and interests in favour of an EU consensus enforced by an unelected Commission? Of course, in this case there is not even a proper consensus: there is just a mandatory directive made necessary by a German decision – taken without consultation – to create an impromptu new policy on migration.” – Sunday Telegraph

Call me Dave wash-up: Mark Field denies being the source for Pig-gate story

“Last night, Field issued a furious rebuttal that he was the source, saying he “categorically denies” the allegation. The MP for the Cities of London and Westminster has told friends he will seek to identify those briefing against him, force their resignations and sue them for damages…Field, who was a contemporary of Cameron’s at Oxford, where he edited the student newspaper Cherwell, was named last week on a list of six MPs who fitted the description of the source.”  – Sunday Times (£)

UKIP civil war 1) Banks abuses Carswell, Farage backs Banks…

UKIP glass“A spat between Carswell and Banks led to the donor accusing the Clacton MP of being “borderline autistic” and suggesting he should be deselected if he failed to toe the line.  The row has overshadowed Ukip’s autumn conference in Doncaster, where party leader Mr Farage declared that winning the EU referendum trumped all other party issues.  But Mr Farage showed little mercy for his only sitting MP yesterday, accusing Mr Carswell of “siding with his public school friends” in the Conservative Party.” – Sunday Express

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UKIP civil war 2) …As he is accused of stitching up mayoral race to block Evans

“Suzanne Evans, Ukip’s deputy chairwoman, was the frontrunner in the selection. However, in a move that has ignited a new civil war in the party, Peter Whittle, its culture spokesman, was chosen to run instead. Evans was also placed third on the party’s list for the Greater London Authority, giving her little chance of being elected next May…Farage denied he had interfered. “It’s f****** bollocks,” he said. “I had no say in the process at all. All I can say is it’s the most extensive selection process we have ever done.” – Sunday Times (£)

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Sturgeon “backtracks on her vow to give a home to Syrian refugees”

SturgeonThe Scottish First Minister made national headlines after she claimed she would be ‘absolutely happy’ to open her home to people fleeing war and violence in the Middle East. But as the first of the 20,000 Syrian refugees due to come to Britain by 2020 arrived on Tuesday, Ms Sturgeon said she would not be offering them the chance to stay at her home. Her spokesman said: ‘She said she would be willing to do it if that’s what it took, but she did not say that there were any plans for that to happen.” – Mail on Sunday

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