Osborne praised in China for downplaying human rights

OSBORNE penknife“George Osborne was given an embarrassing endorsement by China’s state media today after playing down the country’s dire human rights record during a tour this week. The Chancellor, who spent five days in China promoting trade links this week, was praised for his ‘pragmatism’ and ‘modest manner’ after focusing on business, rather than human rights.” – Daily Mail

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More young activists turn fire on party worker at centre of bullying allegations

“A former leading young Conservative has confirmed that her decision to resign was influenced by the “Tatler Tory” accused of bullying an activist who later committed suicide. Sarah-Jane Sewell, who was twice elected deputy leader of Conservative Future, confirmed yesterday that a letter announcing her sudden resignation from the role has made reference to actions by Mark Clarke. An official complaint from Miss Sewell, 25, is believed to be among at least 25 about the behaviour of Mr Clarke, 37, received by Conservative party headquarters.” – The Times (£)

Labour leader claimed 9/11 was ‘manipulated’ to blame Bin Laden…

BLAIR demon eyes“In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for using the September 11 attacks in New York to allow them to go to war. In a series of further articles, Mr Corbyn also appears to endorse controversial conspiracy theories about a “New World Order”.” – Daily Telegraph

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…as he sets up conference clash on Trident…

“Jeremy Corbyn has thrown his weight behind efforts to force a vote next week on whether Labour should abandon its support for replacing Trident. Mr Corbyn said that most delegates at the party’s conference, which starts tomorrow in Brighton, want to discuss the future of Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent, making a clash over the issue all but certain.” – The Times (£)

…and withdraws from Sinn Fein event

Sinn Fein logo“Mr Corbyn was due to speak at the fringe event alongside MP Paul Maskey and MLA Jennifer McCann in Brighton on Sunday. Sinn Fein said Mr Corbyn had agreed to take part in the debate about Northern Ireland politics before he was elected as leader of the party and given his new commitments, the new shadow secretary of state, Vernon Coaker, will take his place.” – Belfast Telegraph

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McDonnell pledges to support Osborne’s ‘budget responsibility’ charter

“Labour’s new shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said the party will support George Osborne’s fiscal charter designed to guarantee “budget responsibility”. But Mr McDonnell has insisted Labour will adopt a different approach to the Conservatives, opposing tax cuts and focusing instead on tackling tax evasion and avoidance.” – The Independent

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Powell pledges to oppose Tory education plans

School“The Conservatives will drag England’s schools into the past by reviving grammar schools, demoralising teachers and cutting resources, according to the new shadow education secretary. Lucy Powell, who took over the education role last week following Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory, said Labour would fiercely contest any move by the government to allow the revival of selective schools. A decision on the proposed expansion of a Kent grammar school is expected soon.” – The Guardian

Matthew Parris: Whether Lib Dem or Labour, snuggling up to the party base is electoral death

“Reader, I would like to introduce you to a paradox. It’s a sharp one in our politics just now, and likely to get sharper. I’ll call it the Paradox of Internal Democracy. It can be briskly defined. The Paradox of Internal Democracy states that: “The more attentive an organisation becomes to those within, the less attentive it will be to those outside.”” – The Times (£)

UKIP face fresh civil war as Carswell and Banks fall out

UKIP glass“UKIP was tonight embroiled in a fresh civil war after Nigel Farage accused the party’s only MP of having ‘residual loyalty to his old friends in the Tory party’. Douglas Carswell walked out of the party’s conference after a disagreement with the Ukip leader over which cross-party out campaign they should support in the EU referendum.” – Daily Mail

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Dan Hodges: Farage has clung on too long, and he knows it

“This conference could have been a moment of renewal for Ukip. A fresh, more moderate leader. A genuine commitment to work constructively with the “Out” campaign, and use the forthcoming referendum as a platform to relaunch the party. An opportunity to reach out to working-class Labour supporters disillusioned by Jeremy Corbyn’s own toxic brand of middle-class Trotskyism. Instead Nigel Farge has chosen to again make Ukip’s annual gathering about Nigel Farage.” – Daily Telegraph

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