Osborne told he must wait for EU treaty change

OSBORNE non-broken sword“George Osborne will be told that the European Union treaty change he wants to protect the City of London from eurozone interference will not be ready before a British referendum. Mr Osborne is concerned that the eurozone’s in-built majority in the EU can jeopardise the economic interests of the City, Britain and other non-euro countries, which are sometimes absent when important decisions are taken.” – The Times (£)

  • Coulson claims Cameron could be ousted over Europe – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn admits voting to leave Europe in 1975 – Daily Mail

Dozens of towns and cities embrace Chancellor’s devolution offer

“Dozens of British towns and cities have taken up George Osborne’s offer to bid for new powers as ministers vowed to let local areas and companies run more services traditionally managed by Whitehall. The Treasury announced on Friday that it had received 38 bids for more local control over education, transport, healthcare, housing and economic development. These included offers from every major city in England, as well as Cardiff, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness — a signal that parts of Wales and Scotland are also embracing the chancellor’s devolution “revolution”.” – Financial Times

Cameron criticised for attending cricket as Northern Irish crisis deepens

Northern Ireland“David Cameron was facing growing criticism last night for attending a cricket match as the Northern Ireland political crisis rolled on. As the prime minister attended the fourth one-day international between England and Australia, at Headingley, Leeds, officials in Downing Street indicated that there were no plans for him to visit Belfast. Pressure is mounting on the British and Irish governments to intervene in Northern Ireland to avoid the collapse of the power-sharing government.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister bats away cricket criticism – Financial Times
  • Prime Minister warns IRA should be disbanded ahead of talks – Daily Telegraph
  • Independent investigation into paramilitaries could be set up to stave off collapse – The Independent
  • DUP ministers to be reappointed and resign again to keep posts from Sinn Fein – Belfast Telegraph


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  • London hasn’t taken the decline in trust in the Assembly seriously enough – The Guardian editorial

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MPs reject assisted dying bill

“MPs have overwhelmingly rejected the legalisation of assisted dying in England and Wales after an impassioned four-and-a-half hour debate in which party lines were set aside. Members voted by three to one against giving second reading to a bill tabled by the Labour backbencher Rob Marris, to allow terminally ill patients to be supplied with a lethal dose of drugs.” – Daily Telegraph

  • MPs throw out right-to-die law – The Sun (£)
  • Assisted dying campaign sets sights on courts after Commons defeat – Daily Telegraph

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Ministers 1) Duncan Smith’s pension reforms under fire…

DUNCAN SMITH white background“In 2013, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘The single-tier pension will mean people have certainty in what they can expect from the State – 35 years’ worth of National Insurance contributions will mean a full basic state pension.’ The Government said the new system would be simpler and fairer, with more women able to claim a pension in their own right, and the current confusing system of top-ups and credits scrapped. But for hundreds of thousands of savers approaching retirement age, this is not proving to be the case.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 2) …and Gove faces pressure to abandon criminal fines

“The outcry over the new financial penalties for anyone convicted of a crime presents Michael Gove with a crucial test of his willingness to jettison flawed policies inherited from Chris Grayling, his predecessor as Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor… As evidence mounts of disproportionate penalties being handed out, the Commons Justice Select Committee will examine the impact of the charge as part of an inquiry into court fees.” – The Independent

Ministers 3) Boris lobbies for Indian students

boris-johnson“Boris Johnson is attempting to reverse the sharp decline in the number of Indian students enrolling at British universities by lobbying his brother, the higher education minister, to support a new visa enabling Commonwealth students to stay and work in the UK after the end of their degrees.” – Financial Times

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Ministers 4) Senior Tories accused of ducking the press

“Tory ministers are avoiding live interviews as they increasingly rely on carefully scripted statements and speeches, a journalist has claimed. Chris Hemmings, who works at London radio station LBC, said that despite the prominence of the refugee crisis, one of his colleagues had not been able to interview a Home Office minister since May’s general election. The lack of senior Conservatives willing to appear on Sky News has reportedly been raised as a concern at a news meeting, he said…” – The Independent

Up to 30 Labour MPs prepared to defy new leader to support strikes on Syria

Syria“At least 30 Labour MPs are now prepared to help David Cameron launch airstrikes against Isil in Syria despite Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to a military intervention, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. In what could be Mr Corbyn’s first major test as Labour leader, the Prime Minister is understood to be considering calling a Commons vote on airstrikes in Syria in October.” – Daily Telegraph

Matthew Parris: If we must bomb Syria, at least tell us why

“Instead of demanding the unlikely — that our government abandon all thought of joining the dogfight over Syria — let me make a less ambitious request. Could we first, at least, just agree what it’s for? Before we commit to escalating military action, may we have from ministers a fact-based and reasonably specific statement of its purpose, and of the extent of our commitment to the implementation of that purpose?” – The Times (£)

Labour’s big day: Shadow cabinet resignations expected to attend Corbyn coronation…

corbynleader“Jeremy Corbyn faces the resignation of up to a dozen shadow cabinet ministers on the first day of his leadership as senior Labour figures refused to serve under the hard-Left MP. With Mr Corbyn expected to win the leadership contest today, Labour’s most experienced politicians will refuse to serve after deciding they cannot publicly support his policies.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Front-runner would delegate PMQs to his front bench – The Sun (£)

 …and the rush of key decisions facing whoever wins the Labour leadership

“Political campaigning forbids preparation for victory – there’s no time and it looks presumptive. The following four days, however, will be a brutal introduction to frontline politics and its halogen media glare. “I don’t think Jeremy has any idea about how may decisions he will have to take and how fast,” said one MP who knows him better than most. Others insist he is ready to hit the ground running.” – The Times (£)

Comment and Editorial:

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Burnham prepares IPSO complaint over Sun sting

Andy Burnham“The Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham is understood to be preparing a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) against The Sun after it deployed subterfuge, hidden cameras and a baby in a sting on him that it then used to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.” – The Independent

Khan beats Jowell to Labour’s mayoral nomination

“Sadiq Khan has been named as Labour’s candidate to replace Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. The former shadow justice secretary defeated Olympics supremo Tessa Jowell, Labour MPs Diane Abbott, David Lammy and Gareth Thomas, and transport campaigner Christian Wolmar. The result will be seen as an early indication of the mood in the party ahead of the announcement tomorrow of the new Labour leader.” – Daily Mail

  • Shock win for left-wing candidate – The Sun (£)
  • Knives will be out if Labour fails in May – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn ‘unstoppable’ as fellow left-winger wins mayoral primary – Daily Mail
  • Analysis: Labour select bus driver’s son against millionaire Etonian – The Guardian

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Tim Stanley: Is Labour just handing England to the Tories – London included?

Labour England“Sadiq Khan has won the Labour nomination for mayor of London. From that we can probably guess that Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership race. Zac Goldsmith has probably won the London mayoralty race. And the Tories could elect a piece of roadkill as their leader and still win the 2020 election.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

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  • Cabinet ministers’ email hacked by ISIS sympathisers – Daily Telegraph
  • Taxpayer cash splashed on huge pay for housing chiefs – The Times (£)
  • Russia urges US military link-up in Syria – Financial Times
  • At least 107 dead after crane collapses in Mecca – The Independent
  • Hospital patients a third more likely to die at weekends – Daily Mail