Labour conference 1) Corbyn welcomes hardliners back into the party…

Jeremy Corbyn“Jeremy Corbyn has given a trenchant interview marking the start of Labour conference in which he said the punishment of those involved in student riots was too harsh, blamed Nato for provoking Russia into invading Ukraine and defended his relationships with Irish republican terrorists. The new leader also said that he welcomed “anyone” to join the Labour party, including those members of Militant who were expelled by Neil Kinnock more than 30 years ago and went off to form rival parties.” – The Times (£)

  • Corbyn welcomes back Trots and Marxists – Daily Mail
  • Expelled militants return as Labour turns sharply left – The Times (£)
  • Cruddas warns ‘left wing militant hatred’ could tear Labour apart – Daily Telegraph
  • Councillors being pressured to adopt a hard-line left stance – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn will resist any bid to unseat him as leader – The Times (£)
  • Secret plot to oust Labour moderates after far left victory – The Times (£)


  • Labour’s routed right has no future as a bitter sect – Spencer Livermore, The Guardian

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Labour conference 2) …and hints at planned tax increases

“Labour will today signal a major tax raid on the middle classes as the party shifts even further to the Left. John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor and a follower of Karl Marx, will use his conference speech to call for a ‘new economics’ to redistribute wealth from the better off to those on benefits. New leader Jeremy Corbyn gave the first hint of the new direction yesterday when he warned of inheritance tax hikes.” – Daily Mail

  • Party plans to redistribute wealth with raids on middle class – Daily Telegraph
  • McDonnell sets out tax rises for the wealthy and businesses – Financial Times
  • Shadow Chancellor’s socialist blueprint – The Sun (£)
  • Labour’s raid on inheritance tax – Daily Mail
  • Robin Hood tax on banks divides Shadow Cabinet – The Times (£)
  • Labour faces a tough time convincing voters on the economy – The Guardian
  • Osborne attacks £218bn hole in Labour’s spending plans – Daily Mail
  • Party considers largest social housebuilding drive since the 1970s – The Guardian

Home Nations:

  • First Minister and Shadow Welsh Secretary give glimpse of Labour in power – Wales Online
  • Islington MP claims SNP are only pretending to be left-wing – Daily Telegraph


  • Corbyn did well except on Scotland – Lesley Riddoch, The Scotsman

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Corbyn on inheritance tax

Labour conference 3) Leadership softens Trident line amidst disunity at the top

Unite“Labour’s new leadership has signalled its readiness to compromise on the economy, Syria and the Trident nuclear deterrent as Jeremy Corbyn tries to maintain harmony in his deeply divided shadow cabinet. Britain’s opposition party said on Sunday it would allow a free vote over government plans to join the US-led coalition in air strikes in Syria, despite Mr Corbyn’s deeply held pacifist beliefs.” – Financial Times

  • Humiliation for Corbyn as conference spurns Trident debate – The Times (£)
  • Trade unions join MPs to block debate on nuclear arsenal – The Independent
  • Unite deals its first blow to leader it championed – The Sun (£)
  • Corbyn faces bruising week as Labour rejects Trident vote – Daily Telegraph
  • New leader’s speech snubbed by his predecessors – Daily Mail


  • Tories dismiss mad Jezza at their peril – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun (£)

John McTernan: Labour members deciding policy is a daft idea

“It has become fashionable in modern politics to praise the wisdom of ordinary party members. Openness and involvement are all the rage. The latest twist is Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to give control over Labour policymaking to the membership at large. This is a really bad idea.” – The Times (£)

  • Party prepares to unveil new plans to give members a say in making policy – The Independent

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Labour conference 4) McDonnell called for ‘direct action’ against Tory MPs

Johnmcdonnellmp“Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell last night faced fresh questions over his active support for violence and intimidation. It came after it emerged that he had said Tory MPs should not be allowed to ‘show their face anywhere’ without being subjected to ‘direct action’.” – Daily Mail

  • Shadow Chancellor praised students for ‘violent insurrection’ – Daily Mail
  • Gloria de Piero compares her upbringing to Cameron’s – Daily Mail
  • Prescott savages Harman over Shadow Cabinet concerns – Daily Mail


  • Labour’s old warhorse biffs Harman, Mandelson, and Miliband – Quentin Letts’ sketch, Daily Mail


Charles Moore: Corbyn’s Islington inquisition give me a warm glow of nostalgia

“We know where we are: we are in that golden period which began when Michael Foot became Labour leader in November 1980 and ended with his party’s utter rout at the hands of Margaret Thatcher in June 1983. It was a happy time when we could shock our readers day after day, just by reproducing what the Left said. And we were energised by the level of hatred aimed at us at Labour Party conferences.” – Daily Telegraph

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Cameron urges the USA to shut Guantanamo Bay…

ISIS“David Cameron last night called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay as he welcomed the imminent return of Shaker Aamer to Britain. The Prime Minister said he was ‘pleased’ that the father of four, the last British resident detained in the prison, was being released. But he stressed it was important for the fight against terrorism around the world that the camp is now closed.” – Daily Mail

…tries to bring Iran into an anti-ISIS pact…

“David Cameron will hold talks with Iran’s President Rouhani tomorrow in an attempt to build a world alliance of old enemies to defeat IS. And the PM admitted last night he was “comfortable” with Russia joining a coalition to crush the terror group. The move could alarm critics given the UK’s bitter rows with Russia over Ukraine and Iran’s support for terrorists targeting British troops in Iraq.” – The Sun (£)

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…and pledges to spend aid budget spreading green energy in the third world

aidgraphic“Billions of pounds from Britain’s ballooning aid budget will be spent on helping Third World countries cope with climate change and adopt ‘green energy’, it was revealed last night. David Cameron announced a 50 per cent increase in the amount of aid spending on the controversial initiative – taking the total to £5.8billion over five years. That is the equivalent of the annual budget of the Ministry of Justice.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister promises £6bn to combat climate change in developing countries – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron says he’s ‘too busy’ to sue over Call Me DaveSky News

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Elliott and Banks both start hiring staff for prospective ‘Out’ campaigns

“An exploratory committee of MPs from the Conservative and Labour parties and one from the UK Independence party is becoming the “parliamentary planning committee” for Mr Elliott’s group. There is one complication. Arron Banks, a former Ukip donor, is hoping that his rival Leave.Eu group will win approval from the Electoral Commission as the official Out campaign.” – Financial Times

  • More people now want to leave the EU than stay in – The Times (£)
  • Institute of Directors urges Corbyn to back EU reform – Financial Times
  • Dutch trigger a referendum on loss of sovereignty to Europe – The Times (£)


  • UKIP rides high on anti-EU support – Brian Monteith, The Scotsman

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News in Brief:

  • UK sends troops to Somalia and Sudan – Daily Mail
  • Russia and Iran proclaim victory as Western leaders accept Syria will stay – Daily Telegraph
  • Putin slams ‘failed’ US war on ISIS – The Times (£)
  • Shell abandons arctic drilling campaign in face of collapsing oil prices – Financial Times
  • Gilmour calls people to resist criminalising protest – The Independent