Plans to choreograph some ‘theatre’ to persuade voters Cameron has fought in Brussels

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron will orchestrate a ‘bang the table’ row with the French to try to convince voters he has secured a good deal from Brussels, senior Tories have admitted. Former health secretary Andrew Lansley is reported to have told business leaders last week that the Prime Minister plans to ‘choreograph’ a row with French president Francois Hollande before putting his new deal on Europe to voters in an in/out referendum in the following months. Another senior Tory said it was vital for the Prime Minister’s talks to have some ‘theatre’ to persuade voters that Mr Cameron had fought hard for Britain in the negotiations, which will be conducted behind closed doors.” – Daily Mail

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Hancock to ensure every young person earns or learns

“Matthew Hancock, the paymaster-general, will pledge today that the “earn or learn” taskforce that he chairs will introduce a no-excuses policy towards youth unemployment. Ministers have already announced that from April 2017 significant reforms to youth benefits will come into force, which will mean under 21s no longer receiving housing benefit. Young claimants who refuse to take a job, apprenticeship, traineeship or unpaid work experience after six months will have their welfare stopped altogether.” – The Times (£)

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GCSE results dip after Gove reforms…

michael-gove“Schools are bracing themselves for exam turmoil next week amid warnings that new reforms to GCSE could lead to a dip in some grades. Extensive changes to qualifications taken by 16-year-olds are culminating this year in a move expected to give a rough ride to some schools. The reforms, first championed by former education secretary Michael Gove, are aimed at toughening up qualifications and halting grade inflation.” – Daily Mail

…as he and Whittingdale continue to clash over the licence fee

“Tory plans to scrap criminal penalties for those who fail to pay the BBC licence fee have caused a Cabinet split, it emerged last night. Justice Secretary Michael Gove is urging David Cameron to press ahead with the Tory pledge to prevent 150,000 people a year receiving a criminal record for non-payment of the £145.50 fee. But Culture Secretary John Whittingdale is resisting the move, warning that a Government review has identified ‘serious problems’ with the idea.” – Daily Mail

Ministers u-turn on tobacco companies’ contribution to cleaning streets

cigarsmoke“Ministers have told councils not to accept help from the tobacco industry to clean up the 122 tons of cigarette butts, packets and matches dropped in the UK every day. In what has been seen as an apparent U-turn by the Government, a junior Environment minister last month rejected the offer by cigarette companies to provide money for cleaning Britain’s streets. It came six months after Kris Hopkins, then a Local Government minister, said he wanted tobacco companies to ‘make a contribution to put right the wrongs as a consequence of their product’.” – Daily Mail

Fallon claims Britain will be put at risk if Labour won’t match defence spending

“Britain will be at risk from Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Islamist extremists if Labour does not commit to the Government’s military spending, the Defence Secretary has warned. Michael Fallon has written to Labour’s four leadership candidates asking them to match the promise of spending two per cent of GDP on defence. He said if the contenders did not make the pledge “it would send a message to Putin and Islamist extremists that the UK is no longer a major player in global security”. Outsider Liz Kendall is the only Labour candidate to say she will maintain the two per cent promise.” – The Sun (£)

New Labour rearguard 1) Brown intervenes against Corbyn (although doesn’t explicitly admit it)…

BROWN Gordon open mouth“Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has intervened in the Labour leadership contest by indirectly firing a warning about the danger of electing veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn. He could not bring himself to mention Mr Corbyn by name, but Mr Brown set out to clearly distance himself from support for the frontrunner by making it clear he disagreed with many of his economic and social policies. In a speech in London titled Power for a Purpose, Mr Brown did not reveal who his choice for leader would be but said that the party needed to become ‘credible’ and ‘electable’ once again.” – Daily Mail

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New Labour rearguard 2) …as Mandelson’s failed attempt to halt contest revealed

“Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit en masse to stop leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn and force the party to suspend the election. It also emerged that Liz Kendall urged Yvette Cooper to stand down because Andy Burnham is the only candidate who can win – but Miss Cooper refused. The claims lay bare the desperation by the Labour hierarchy to try to stop Mr Corbyn from succeeding Ed Miliband as leader in less than four weeks’ time.” – Daily Telegraph

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New Labour rearguard 3) John McTernan: Miliband’s silence as his party falls apart is a disgrace

MILIBAND Red Ed“It is never too late to bring a party to its senses and Ed must now play his part. He needs to make an intervention in the leadership debate to hammer home three points. First, he should say: “I now know that Labour cannot win from the left. I believed that the global financial crisis had changed everything; that there was a place for a populism of the left that channelled public anger; that there was a new majority for a more left-wing Labour party. I was wrong. The majority of voters supported right-wing parties and the answer is not to ignore them.” – The Times (£)

Labour staff fear purge if Corbyn wins

“Dozens of Labour staff members and Shadow Cabinet aides could be dismissed within hours of Jeremy Corbyn winning the party’s leadership, it has emerged. The Independent understands that large numbers of Labour staff members are on contracts that expire the day after the new leader is elected. This means Mr Corbyn and his new shadow cabinet team will have a completely free hand at choosing who works for the party, with little or no legal obligation to existing staff. Labour aides, who have worked for the party for the past five years, fear those around the new leader will use the opportunity to “purge” party HQ of those considered to be on the right, and replace them with people whose views are more in tune with the new leader.” – The Independent

Boris Johnson: There’s blame to spare for this fiasco

LABOUR dead rose“The next group of culprits are all the New Labour old guard: Alastair Campbell, Mandelson, and above all Mr Tony himself – they have been cloth-eared in their response, hectoring Labour supporters who still haven’t forgiven them for the Iraq war; and as for Blair’s suggestion that Corbyn-backers “get a heart transplant”, it conjured an unfortunate image of our zillionaire former PM, jetting off to California for expensive organ-swapping procedures that are simply beyond the means of most people in this country.” – Daily Telegraph

>Today: Paul Abbott’s column: We need to start selecting candidates whilst Labour is in chaos

Burnham claims that only he can unite Labour

“Andy Burnham said today that only he would be able to prevent “civil war” in the Labour party by uniting left and right after a bitter leadership campaign. The shadow health secretary said both the leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall, who is seen as the Blairite candidate, had “something positive to say” and he wanted a radical agenda to “unite all parts of our party”. He also hinted that he would attempt to lure the former foreign secretary David Miliband back into domestic politics in order to get “Labour’s best team out on the pitch”.” – The Times (£)

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