Javid proposes tough new strike rules

On strike‘David Cameron wants to stop strikes being called on the back of derisory ballot turnouts. Bullying on the picket line and on social media will also be outlawed. ‘Rolling mandates’ that allow union leaders to keep calling strikes indefinitely will be ended. Business Secretary Sajid Javid says the shake-up will ‘balance the rights of unions with those of working people and business’. But TUC leaders accused the Government of ‘going where even Margaret Thatcher feared to tread’.’ – Daily Mail

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Brussels tries to force Britain to put £1 billion towards the Greek bailout

‘Arriving for the meeting in Brussels, the Chancellor told reporters: ‘Let me be very clear. Britain is not in the euro, so the idea that British taxpayers are going to be on the line for this Greek deal is a complete non-starter.’ But hours later, a cross-looking Mr Osborne left the meeting without further comment. EU officials said the European Commission would defy his objections and recommend providing the Greeks with finance using money from all states – including British taxpayers.’ – Daily Mail


Hunting vote dropped after intervention of SNP saboteurs

STURGEON debate‘Ministers were on Tuesday forced to adapt their plans for so-called “English votes for English laws” after resistance from Conservative MPs. But they believe their case has now been reinforced by the fact that another bill — to relax the ban on fox hunting — is not on Wednesday’s order paper. The government dropped its plans to hold a vote on the hunting bill after the Scottish National party pledged to join Conservative rebels and Labour in voting against the move, even though it would not apply in Scotland.’ – FT

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May plans Calais ‘secure zone’

‘Theresa May yesterday unveiled plans for a huge “secure area” for Brit lorry drivers in Calais to protect them from the migrant chaos – in a big victory for the Sun. The Home Secretary said 230 trucks – the equivalent of a 2.5 mile queue – would be able to wait in the buffer zone in complete safety. But she admitted it may not be in place until December – infuriating haulage chiefs who said they felt “let down”.’ – The Sun (£)

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Cameron: Cutting the 45p rate is not a priority

cut taxes‘Asked about a potential abolition of the 45p rate, Mr Cameron said: “That is not our priority. That is not our plan. We set out the tax cuts we want to achieve in this parliament, frankly they are pretty challenging in order to reform all those. We want to get the personal allowance to £12,500, and we made a good step towards that in the budget. We don’t want people paying 40p until they get to £50,000 — we’ve got quite a long way until we get to that.” In some of his most frank comments to date, he added: “That’s where we are going to spend our tax-cutting money rather than anything else.”’ – The Times (£)

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Millionaire luvvies ride to the BBC’s defence

‘Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench and Sir David Attenborough are among the star names today warning David Cameron that his plans to reform the BBC will damage Britain’s global standing. In an open letter to Downing Street, more than two dozen figures from the world of arts and entertainment claim that “a diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain”.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • Their wage bill nears £1 billion – Daily Mail
  • Government report set to oppose decriminalising the licence fee – Daily Mail

Burnham openly challenges Harman over welfare reforms

Andy Burnham‘Harriet Harman, Labour’s acting leader, faced open defiance yesterday in a deepening row over Conservative plans for fresh benefits curbs. Andy Burnham, the frontrunner in the leadership contest, revealed that he had challenged her in a heated shadow cabinet meeting on the “unsupportable” proposals. Ms Harman has been criticised by three of the four candidates after warning that the party would not win back voters if it continued to offer “blanket opposition” to every proposal for cutting the cost of welfare.’ – The Times (£)

Labour politicians invited to discuss airstrikes in Syria

‘Three of Labour’s most senior MPs made a rare appearance at the government’s National Security Council on Tuesday as ministers look to secure cross-party support for a potential bombing campaign in Syria. Harriet Harman, Labour’s interim leader, Vernon Coaker, the shadow defence secretary, and Dan Jarvis, the shadow Foreign Office minister, all attended the government’s top security committee on Tuesday morning.’ – FT

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Iranian nuclear deal divides Israel and the USA

OBAMA on Iran‘An historic nuclear deal struck yesterday by Iran and six world powers risks triggering an arms race in the Middle East, the West’s allies in the region warned last night. While President Obama hailed his greatest diplomatic triumph and David Cameron said that the world would be a safer place, officials in Israel and Saudi Arabia denounced the deal as a catastrophic mistake that gives Iran a green light to continue funding terrorism.’ – The Times (£)

Ofsted raises extremism concerns over children who vanish from school

‘Ofsted said that in some problem areas, a ‘high number’ of pupils are simply vanishing from school registers in the middle of their studies with only vague details recorded of where they have gone. The schools watchdog raised concerns as part of its ongoing monitoring of so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ schools in Birmingham as well as several in East London.’ – Daily Mail

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