Cameron tells SNP told they will never overrule English MPs on English matters…

SNP logo white background“David Cameron has said the wishes of English MPs will never again be ‘overruled’ by those in Scotland as he paved the way for England-only votes. The Prime Minister slapped down claims that he was creating a ‘second class status’ for Scottish MPs under proposals to prevent them amending laws which only affect England. Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, he told the SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson: ‘English MPs are entirely excluded from any discussion of Scottish health, Scottish housing or Scottish education.” – Daily Mail

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…but is accused of being bullied by Boris over a new runway

“David Cameron was accused of allowing himself to be ‘bullied’ by Boris Johnson yesterday amid signals he could ignore a major independent report calling for a third runway at Heathrow… despite the clear-cut conclusion, Mr Cameron – who ordered the £20 million review – is wavering over the idea in the face of concerted Cabinet opposition led by London Mayor Mr Johnson. Last night, ministers were ordered to tone down their anti-Heathrow rhetoric, following legal advice it could spark a court challenge if Mr Cameron decides to back a new runway at Gatwick.” – Daily Mail


  • This report got Cameron off the hook, but it’s not the last word – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian


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  • Minus Boris, MPs aligned according to flight paths – Donald Macintyre, The Independent


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Duncan Smith announces reforms to child poverty policy

idspic“Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, said he would be introducing new legislation to remove the official measure, under which children are deemed to live in poverty if they live in a household with an income less than 60 per cent of the national median income. He said it would be replaced by rules ordering ministers to report regularly on new measures covering educational attainment and numbers of children in workless households. “Eradicating child poverty is an absolute priority for this government, and I have consistently argued that it is not enough to tackle the symptoms without also tackling the underlying causes,” he said.” – The Times (£)

  • Work and Pensions Secretary redefines child poverty – Daily Telegraph
  • New Tory definition is about more than money – The Guardian
  • Did IPSA cut off IDS’ official credit card? – Daily Mail

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Allister Heath: The Chancellor must stun us with a radical tax-cutting Budget

“There is only one reason to accumulate political capital, and that is to spend it to maximum effect. George Osborne’s Budget next week is a once in a generation opportunity to remodel Britain. If the Chancellor wishes to be remembered as one of the great reformers, a statesman in the mould of Lord Lawson or Lord Howe, he must stun us all with his radicalism. With five years to demonstrate their positive impact, there is no better time than the present to push through politically painful but vitally important reforms on tax, spending and planning. Labour is temporarily debilitated and grateful Tory troops are the most loyal they will ever be, ahead of the looming bust-up over Europe.” – Daily Telegraph

MPs may be asked again to endorse bombing ISIS in Syria

Syria“Ministers are considering ordering bombing raids against Islamic State strongholds in Syria in the wake of the Tunisian beach massacre, the defence secretary said today. Michael Fallon said it was ‘illogical’ for the RAF to be bombing IS positions in Iraq, but not joining the American-led assault on their bases in neighbouring Syria. ‘IS has to be defeated in both countries,’ he said. ‘It’s evil in Iraq is being directed by its headquarters in Syria.’ Mr Fallon said the prospect on fresh bombing raids would increase if it emerges that the massacre of 30 British tourists in Tunisia last week was ordered by the IS leadership in Syria.” – Daily Mail


  • Our Arab allies are being hung out to dry in the fight against ISIL – Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph
  • Amazing grace should keep us tolerant – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

Hunt to put prices on medicine to renew social contract between public and the NHS

“A price tag will be stamped on medicines, with the slogan “Funded by the UK taxpayer”, under a plan to cut waste in the National Health Service. Jeremy Hunt, health secretary, said it was important that patients understood there was “no such thing as a free health service” as he called for a new social contract between the public and the NHS. All pharmaceuticals over £20 would have an “indicative cost” shown on the packaging once the scheme was rolled out next year. “This will not just reduce waste by reminding people of the cost of medicine, but also improve patient care by boosting adherence to drug regimes,” said Mr Hunt in a speech to the Local Government Association in Harrogate.” – Financial Times

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Jo Johnson plans overhaul of British degrees

jojohn“Traditional degree marks will become obsolete and a new 13-point system will be introduced because too many students are receiving firsts and 2:1s, the universities minister has announced. Jo Johnson said the current system of marking university students, which was developed in 1918, is “no longer capable” of giving employers the information they need. He said that a new 13-point grading system, modelled on those used in America and Denmark, will now be introduced alongside the current honours to allow businesses to differentiate between the thousands of graduates getting high grades.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Universities minister wants to help businesses find top graduates – Financial Times
  • Change needed to stop students coasting, claims Johnson – The Guardian
  • Ministers say teachers can now ‘confiscate, keep or destroy’ unhealthy snacks – Daily Telegraph

Justine Greening: We’ll spend money to keep would-be migrants at home

“Today I am announcing a major boost to our international development investment that forms a crucial part of this approach: £217 million in support for Africa will help 2.5 million refugees and vulnerable people in the Sahel region, including South Sudan, Sudan, the Central African Republic and Nigeria. By establishing schools and training opportunities, providing shelter, clean water and food, and building medical facilities, we will help to stabilise the chaotic states that people are leaving and so make people’s lives more tolerable where they are.” – The Times (£)

  • UK is giving citizenship to 200,000 migrants a year – The Sun (£)

Labour 1) Burnham goes deeper into the red

LABOUR dead rose“Andy Burnham is lurching even further to the Left in a desperate bid to win back support from Jeremy Corbyn, according to Labour sources. Internal soundings suggest the veteran Islington MP is now third in the race to succeed Ed Miliband, pushing Blairite candidate Liz Kendall into a disastrous fourth place. The veteran Left-winger, who has given his backing to convicted terrorists in the past, is popular with Labour activists for his opposition to austerity and Britain’s nukes. Bookies’ favourite Mr Burnham has noticeably changed his strategy in recent days by pledging a clampdown on private schools and attacking the “right-wing media”.” – The Sun (£)

Labour 2) Blair asked Clinton to help him lobby for EU presidency

“Tony Blair appeared to ask Hillary Clinton to lobby Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, on his behalf in support of his bid to become President of the European Union. In October 2009 an aide to Hilary Clinton sent her a memo saying that he had been approached by Jonathan Powell, an adviser to Tony Blair. The memo said: “Jonathan Powell tells me that remarks about Tony would be appreciated but that what would really be significant would be your conversation with Merkel.” Mrs Clinton, who at the time was the US Secretary of State, responded by saying “OK”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • And she ridiculed Cameron for trying to block its creation – Daily Telegraph
  • Hillary’s emails reveal Cherie’s keen lobbying for Qatari – The Guardian

Senior European politician claims Farage is right ‘too often’

UKIP glass“Nigel Farage is “right too often” about the failings of the European Union, the vice president of the commission has said. Frans Timmermans, the second most powerful man in Brussels, said he is “terribly annoyed” by how frequently the leader of the UK Independence Party appeared to correctly diagnose the bloc’s failings – particularly its handling of the migration crisis – even when he strongly disagrees with his proposed solutions. “What I really like about the man is his incredible sense of humour,” he said.” – Daily Telegraph

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News in Brief:

  • MPs may use Lords whilst Commons is repaired – The Guardian
  • Own goal ends English hopes in women’s world cup – Daily Mail
  • Merkel shuns new Athens compromise – The Times (£)
  • Tsipras refuses to bow to threats to shut down the Greek banking system – Daily Telegraph
  • Tunisian jihadists have drawn up a summer hit list – The Independent
  • Saudi prince makes one of history’s biggest philanthropic gestures – Financial Times
  • Retired police may be called to fight terrorists – Daily Mail

And finally… the Tories auction a replica Edstone

“It might not mean much now to Ed Miliband, but there is one corner of Britain in which the Ed Stone remains wildly popular: the Conservative party. Tory headquarters created an exact replica of the hubristic symbol of the 2015 general election campaign and then sold it at auction to raise money for party coffers. It is understood to have been bought by an unknown bidder for £130,000.” – The Times (£)