Cameron 1) Government rules out authorising second Scottish referendum

SNP logo white background“A second referendum on Scottish independence is unnecessary, David Cameron has insisted, as he has ruled out another vote while he is Prime Minister. In a move that will put him on a potential collision course with the Scottish Nationalists, Mr Cameron suggested if Scots hold a snap poll without permission from Westminster it will have no standing. The SNP has said the timing of any future referendum is ‘a matter for the people of Scotland’ as Nicola Sturgeon yesterday said she was considering including it as a pledge in her party’s manifesto for next year’s Scottish parliament elections.” – Daily Mail

Cameron 2) He will strike ISIS abroad if there is a threat to British lives

“David Cameron will order ‘immediate’ air strikes against ISIS in Libya, Syria or anywhere in the world if he believes there is an imminent threat to British lives. The Prime Minister indicated his willingness to use military action as he said the international community is stepping up efforts to ‘put the squeeze’ on the terror group. He held talks with the Indonesian president Joko Widodo on how to tackle jihadis as he begins a four day tour of South East Asia in Jakarta.” – Daily Mail

  • Number Ten ready to strike militants in Libya – The Times (£)
  • Prime Minister claims world is turning up heat on ISIS – The Sun (£)


  • ISIS’ propaganda machine must be destroyed – Sir Graeme Lamb, Daily Telegraph


>Today: Dr Liam Fox MP in Comment: It’s time to end the absurd policy of hitting ISIS in Iraq but not in Syria

Cameron 3) Plan to stop criminals exploiting property market

money“David Cameron will promise today to unmask the corrupt offshore companies that are buying up luxury London properties using “plundered and laundered cash”. In a vow to stop Britain from becoming a haven for “dirty money”, the prime minister will disclose plans to shine a light on the secretive and sometimes criminal companies buying homes in the most exclusive neighbourhoods. He will use a speech in Singapore to condemn corruption and warn that “the UK must not become a safe haven for corrupt money from around the world”.” – The Times (£)

Cameron 4) Leader warns Conservatives not to take 2020 for granted

“The Conservative Party must not “rest on its laurels” and take victory in the 2020 general election for granted as Labour faces its gravest crisis in decades, David Cameron has warned. The Prime Minister cautioned ministers who believe that bitter in-fighting within the Labour Party, and the prospect of hard-left Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition, will gift them a third term in office. Some senior Labour figures believe the next election is all but lost, and Tony Blair last week warned the party faces twenty years in opposition if it elects Mr Corbyn, a socialist who advocates the renationalisation of industry and declared Karl Marx to be “brilliant”.” – Daily Telegraph

Cameron 5) Prime Minister to meet EU leaders before party conference…

EU Exit“David Cameron is to hold talks with EU leaders including Angela Merkel before October’s Conservative party conference, as he tries to accelerate progress towards an EU deal this year. At the conference in Manchester, the prime minister wants to update restive Tory MPs on the state of negotiations and assess whether the rest of the EU is ready to enter a final detailed set of talks on settling “the British question”. George Osborne, the chancellor, said in Paris on Monday, after meeting senior French politicians that there was “a willingness to engage” on the part of President François Hollande’s government.” – Financial Times

  • Prime Minister plans negotiations with Merkel on eve of party conference – Daily Telegraph

…as France suggests that Osborne won’t secure treaty change

“George Osborne today stepped up efforts to overhaul Britain’s membership of the European Union with talks in Paris. But the Chancellor was told by French economy minister Emmanuel Macron that treaty change was not possible because EU countries would reject whatever was agreed. UK hopes of securing concessions for countries which do not use the single currency were boosted by the promise of ‘fair treatment’ for those outside the eurozone. Mr Osborne is spending two days in Paris to try to improve relations with the French government, which has been one of the most hostile to UK demands for reform.” – Daily Mail

  • Tell us what you want, French urge Chancellor – The Times (£)
  • Universities urge students to back the EU – Daily Mail
  • William Hill installs Osborne as favourite to succeed Cameron – The Times (£)
  • Cheers replace jeers for the arch-survivor Chancellor – Financial Times


  • As Osborne renegotiates, he should remember French farmers at their barricades – Ross Clark, The Times (£)


Janan Ganesh: An early EU poll would end Cameron’s term

CAMERON EU fence“A spry 48-year-old with so fresh a mandate, and so feeble an opposition, should not entertain retirement any time soon. This is why his rumoured interest in an early referendum on the EU would, were it to materialise, be the mistake of his career. It would end his premiership before it needs to end. Whenever the referendum comes, Mr Cameron’s authority will start to wither the day after. If Britons vote to leave the EU against his recommendation, the ignominy will be unsurvivable. If, as the odds suggest, he persuades his compatriots to stay in a slightly revised EU, the Reaper will close in more gradually. But it will close in.” – Financial Times

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Warning that Osborne’s living wage could devastate social care

“In a letter to the Government, the UK Homecare Association (UKHCA) warned of a spiralling funding deficit when the Chancellor’s flagship policy comes into force. The letter, seen by the BBC, claimed ‘there is a serious risk of catastrophic failure’ if councils do not provide care firms with extra funding. In his Budget this month, George Osborne announced workers over 25 years old will be paid a minimum of £7.20 an hour from April 2016, rising to £9 by 2020. The current minimum wage is £6.50 an hour for over-21s. Most home care is purchased by local councils, but the UKHCA fears the size of contracts will not be enough to pay the higher wage.” – Daily Mail

  • Ethnic minorities twice as likely to be hit by cuts, report finds – The Independent
  • Savings for customers as Chancellor caps credit card fees – The Times (£)

Ministers back online rights for under-18s

Culture shield“Youngsters should have the automatic right to demand the deletion of pictures and information held about them online, ministers will say today. They will back proposals for a string of internet ‘rights’ for the under-18s to prevent them being embarrassed later on in life. The policy is being led by Baroness Joanna Shields – the former managing director of Google in Europe and one-time Facebook boss, who was appointed a life peer by David Cameron last year. The ‘rights’ that businesses and groups are being urged to sign up to include giving every youngster the right to ‘easily edit or delete all content they have created’.” – Daily Mail

  • Hayes pledges to combat radicalisation of young people – Daily Mail


  • Living with digital embarrassment is one of life’s little lessons – The Times (£)

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Women and Equalities Committee to investigate transgender equality

“The Government’s new Women and Equalities Committee has announced that its first inquiry will be around equality for transgender people. The historic committee, which was created in June to scrutinise the effectiveness of the Government’s equality policy, is launching with look into how existing policies help trans people in Britain. Over the next few months, it will consider how far the UK has to go before trans people have full equality – and how outstanding issues can be most effectively addressed.” – Daily Telegraph

Labour leadership 1) Report finds Labour now less electable than ever

Miliband Labour Left“Three out of four people think Labour is less electable than it was at the May general election, while a new study shows that the party cannot regain power in 2020 by focusing its appeal on left-of-centre voters. A poll by ORB for The Independent suggests that voters think Labour has gone backwards since its crushing defeat under Ed Miliband. Only 24 per cent of people believe the party is more electable than it was in May, while 76 per cent say it is less electable. The gloomy findings came as an analysis by the Labour-affiliated Fabian Society found that the party must broaden its appeal to people who voted Conservative in May to have any chance of returning to office at the next election.” – The Independent

  • Candidates attack ‘predictable and out of touch’ campaign – The Guardian
  • Defeated candidates savage Labour’s strategy – The Sun (£)

Labour leadership 2) Successors to Militant wish Corbyn well

“The successors to the Militant Tendency have backed Jeremy Corbyn’s candidacy to be Labour leader. The Socialist Party – the new name for the group purged by Neil Kinnock in the 1980s – said it ‘wished him well’. Earlier this week the organisation denied claims that it was one of the parties attempting to infiltrate Labour to ensure the election of a hard-Left leader amenable to their views. But the militants pointed out that the new Labour election process, which allows people to pay £3 for a vote in the contest, was making it possible for them to get their views across.” – Daily Mail

  • His victory would essentially form a ‘new party’ claims socialist group – The Independent
  • Labour gives leadership vote to 99 per cent of new supporters – The Times (£)
  • Harman claims to be weeding out bogus voters – The Guardian
  • Left winger wants to create ‘National Education Service’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Mary Beard is latest celebrity to back Corbyn – Daily Telegraph
  • Islington MP would ‘fight shadow cabinet plots’ – The Sun (£)


Labour leadership 3) …as Burnham tacks left

LABOUR dead rose“The shadow health secretary will be clear that he is not attacking Mr Corbyn and that dire warnings of “oblivion” for the party are counterproductive. Instead, he will say that he offers an alternative vision for a Labour party that has become frightened of its own shadow and lost a sense of conviction, preferring so-called “retail politics”, a technique to offer policies that which effectively bribe parts of the electorate. Attacking many of the political tools used by New Labour, a faction within Labour which once saw Mr Burnham as one of its own, he will call for a return for a bolder more ideologically-driven approach in a speech in Leeds entitled Recapturing the Spirit of 45.” – The Times (£)

  • Front runner claims Labour too timid to create the NHS today – Daily Telegraph
  • Burnham criticises ‘frightened’ Labour for lack of radicalism – Financial Times


  • There’s more to politics than managerialism – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)
  • How bad must it get before Labour elects a woman? – Anne Perkins, The Guardian

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Dan Hodges: The only way for Labour to win in 2020 is to elect Corbyn now

““Never forget how you felt,” Neil Kinnock used to remind his party. Sadly, the Labour Party in general has forgotten. But the Left hasn’t. And they don’t want to replace the longest suicide note in history with the longest and most suicidal leadership election in history. Which is why I’ve rejoined Labour to vote for Corbyn. The battle between Labour’s modernising and traditionalist factions can only be resolved once there is a clear victor. And at present the modernisers are too weak… It’s time to call the Left’s bluff. If the 7/5 Truthers genuinely think people voted for David Cameron because Ed Miliband’s Labour Party was too harsh on welfare, or too tough on public spending, or too interventionist on foreign affairs, fine. Let’s put it to the test. Let’s put the Left to the test.” – Daily Telegraph

Disgraced peer steps down from the Lords

LORDS logo“The peer caught up in a sex and drugs scandal said on Tuesday he would step down from the House of Lords. Lord Sewel, who is the subject of an investigation by the Metropolitan Police, had previously said he would not return to the upper chamber until after any investigations into his alleged use of drugs and prostitutes had been completed. However, he said on Tuesday: “I have today written to the Clerk of the Parliaments terminating my membership of the House of Lords. The question of whether my behaviour breached the Code of Conduct is important, but essentially technical.” – Financial Times

Comment and Editorial:

>Yesterday: Nadhim Zahawi MP’s column: Our institutions suffered a self-inflicted loss of public trust – so it falls to us to rebuild

News in Brief:

  • British aid funds hangings in Pakistan – Daily Mail
  • Green Party would-be candidates challenge job-share ban – The Independent
  • The end of free banking? – Daily Telegraph
  • Greek Prime Minister linked to secret bank raid plot – The Times (£)
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  • No MP has asked for pay rise to be donated, claims watchdog – The Sun (£)
  • Cameron to raise case of death row Briton with Indonesian President – The Independent
  • Your will can be ignored by judges – Daily Mail
  • Foreign Office warns Britons to stay clear of Calais – Daily Telegraph

And finally… Boris apologises for breaking bike law

“Boris Johnson has apologised after giving his wife a lift on his bicycle – saying he was unaware it was against the law. The Mayor of London was spotted riding through North Kensington with his wife Marina Wheeler sitting on the saddle while he stood on the pedals. As the bicycle was only designed for one person, it meant Mr Johnson was risking a £200 fine under the Road and Traffic Act.” – Daily Mail