Cameron omits Heathrow critics from aviation committee

Heathrow“David Cameron has packed a new aviation committee with supporters of a third runway at Heathrow, signalling that expansion of the west London airport is likely to get the green light. The group, which will debate capacity in the south-east and be chaired by the prime minister, includes the two strongest advocates of the third runway: George Osborne, chancellor, and Sajid Javid, business secretary. None of Heathrow expansion’s most vocal critics…have been invited” – Financial Times

Labour 1) Kendall comes under pressure to quit

“Liz Kendall is coming under pressure to quit Labour’s leadership race and thwart Jeremy Corbyn as the party’s establishment launches an all-out offensive against the hard-left candidate. Labour’s ‘existence as an electoral force’ depends on denying Mr Corbyn a stunning upset, Lord Mandelson said last night. Tony Blair said that a win for the veteran socialist would condemn the party to at least 15 more years of opposition” – The Times (£)

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  • Kendall and Cooper would refuse to serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet – Guardian
  • Labour has regressed several decades in a few weeks – George Eaton, New Statesman
  • One eye throbbing, Blair kept lapsing into aw-shucks burbles – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Corbyn policies that the public agrees with – Independent

Labour 2) “The polls are tosh: Corbyn will finish fourth”

CORBYN Jeremy“Remember the general election, when most reports on voting intention turned out to be total tosh?…Well, here we go again. As at the election, it’s a silent majority that appears to have been largely missed in the polling. These people are not going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. He is going to finish fourth, just as everyone expected when he first squeaked into the contest” – Atul Hatwal, Labour Uncut

  • Half of Labour MPs who backed Corbyn desert to rival candidates – Daily Telegraph
  • Farage gate-crashes Labour candidates’ live radio hustings – Daily Telegraph
  • Labour has become like Millwall: nobody likes us but we don’t care – Mary Creagh MP, New Statesman
  • Miliband is to blame for Corbyn’s rise – Alex Massie, Spectator
  • Labour should be seizing the chance to reinvent itself – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • Farron’s faith is a strength, not a fatal flaw – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)


Child abuse cover-up at the heart of government

“MI5 urged a cover-up of child abuse allegations against a senior MP to avoid political embarrassment for Margaret Thatcher’s government, according to newly unearthed Whitehall files. The documents, which were thought to have been lost or destroyed, were found in a Cabinet Office storeroom of ‘assorted and unstructured papers’. A key paper from November 1986 shows Sir Antony Duff, then director-general of MI5, writing to Sir Robert Armstrong, the cabinet secretary, about inquiries into an MP said to have ‘a penchant for small boys’” – The Times (£)

May pledges review of custody deaths

Theresa May 14-04-15“The Home Secretary will today announce an independent review into deaths and serious incidents in police custody. In a keynote speech, Theresa May will launch the inquiry after admitting it was too hard for families who have endured the ‘pain and suffering’ of loved ones dying after being locked in police cells to get answers. She is determined to solve the problems faced by those fighting for justice following the deaths of relatives” – Daily Mail

Tax merger could hit high earners

“Merging income tax and national insurance could make high earners hundreds of pounds worse off, tax experts have said. The chancellor has commissioned a study into the creation of a single ‘earnings tax’ that will report back in time for the next budget. The Tories’ manifesto commitments to raise the personal allowance and the starting threshold for higher-rate tax mean those earning more than £47,500 would pay up to £230 a year extra in tax under a merged system” – The Times (£)

Cameron to announce new jobs in Wales

Wales flag“Prime Minister David Cameron will today come to Wales and say there is ‘real potential’ for the Ministry of Defence to give up land at St Athan so the new Aston Martin SUV can be made in the UK. The Conservative leader will also announce a £390m contract with Oakdale-based General Dynamics to support armoured fighting vehicles, which will bring 250 jobs to South Wales” – WalesOnline

Mundell tells Sturgeon to “come clean” over second referendum

“Nicola Sturgeon is today called on to ‘come clean’ and ‘be honest with the people of Scotland’ on whether or not she will include a full-blown commitment in the SNP’s 2016 Holyrood manifesto to holding a second independence referendum in the next five years. In throwing down the challenge to the First Minister, David Mundell also signalled that if there were just a form of words in the Nationalists’ policy programme to allow ‘maximum flexibility’, then this would not be a mandate to hold another poll” – Herald

Kuenssberg becomes BBC political editor

Laura Kuenssberg“Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg yesterday made history as she became the BBC’s first woman political editor. The 38-year-old will take over from Nick Robinson. The longstanding political editor is taking the summer off to recover from treatment for lung cancer, before joining the line-up on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme” – Daily Mail

  • The BBC faces its most deadly political threat since its foundation – Peter Oborne, Independent

News in brief

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  • Capital exodus from China reaches $800 billion – Daily Telegraph
  • Alzheimer’s drug heralds pharma revival – Financial Times
  • US navy seizes submarine with eight tonnes of cocaine – Guardian
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