Cameron criticised for referring to “swarm” of migrants…

Cameron“British troops and police from forces across the south of England are to join efforts to tackle the growing Channel tunnel crisis in Kent… David Cameron, under pressure to respond to what is fast becoming the biggest crisis of his new premiership, was criticised for blaming the problem on a ‘swarm’ of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya. Jeremy Corbyn called the remark inflammatory and unbecoming of a prime minister while Andy Burnham, another Labour leadership contender, said that it was disgraceful” – The Times (£)



…and illegal migrants take out half of Surrey’s 999 response capability

“My police officers are regularly called away from their jobs protecting the citizens of Surrey and sent to the M25 at Cobham services, where they have to run around mopping up hordes of illegal migrants… No one knows how many we missed. The last time they were sent to Cobham, police caught 20. These operations take out virtually half of Surrey’s 999 response capability and can tie up our nine prisoner vans for hours” – Kevin Hurley, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner, Daily Telegraph

Boris: Heathrow would be a “ginormous” error

boris-johnson“Boris Johnson is renewing hostilities with Downing Street today with a fresh warning not to make a ‘ginormous, short-sighted and environmentally catastrophic’ decision over Heathrow. The mayor of London believes he has uncovered a key fact buried by the Airports Commission that undermines the case for a third runway at Heathrow. An analysis by Transport for London of the commission’s final report found that Heathrow would only serve four domestic destinations by 2030 if it got a third runway. It now serves seven” – The Times (£)

Roe: London will lose social housing

“The leader of a flagship London Tory council today warned that David Cameron’s right-to-buy scheme could strip the capital of ‘huge swathes of social housing’. Westminster leader Philippa Roe… said associations were likely to use money from the sale of London homes to build a greater number of properties outside the capital, where development is cheaper” – Evening Standard

Osborne sells some RBS shares at a loss…

Osborne“The sale of Royal Bank of Scotland shares is expected to begin within days, spelling losses for the taxpayer of hundreds of millions of pounds. Bankers acting for the government began calling potential investors this week in preparation for a multibillion-pound sell-off that could come as early as Tuesday, The Times has learnt. George Osborne has pledged to sell three quarters of the UK’s 79 per cent holding in RBS within this parliament” – The Times (£)

…and caps public sector pay-offs

“Plans to end six figure severance payments for civil servants will be set out on Friday as George Osborne tries to save about £100m a year by curbing pay-offs. The BBC, which has been criticised for severance deals for top executives, will be outside the scope of the new law but will be told to follow suit and limit payouts to a maximum of £95,000.The new cap will be enshrined in legislation and will cover most big public employers” – Financial Times

Cabinet Office questions peerages for Tory donors

“David Cameron is at war with top civil servants over his plans to stuff the House of Lords with Tory donors. The Prime Minister has put forward a list of almost 40 Conservative supporters to be elevated to the peerage… But civil servants in the Cabinet Office are understood to have caused significant delay in the process by raising questions over the appropriateness of ennobling so many simply because they have put money into Tory coffers” – Daily Mail

German call for EU reform helps make Cameron’s case

EU FLag“Germany is pushing to strip key powers from the European Commission in a move that will help David Cameron’s case for reform in Brussels. Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, is seeking to separate the commission’s increasingly political role from its central job as the enforcer of European Union rules. It comes amid concerns that Jean-Claude Juncker, the commission president, is failing to enforce eurozone austerity targets” – The Times (£)



Farage accused of launching “UKIP front organisation” to run EU no campaign

“Nigel Farage has been accused of being behind a ‘blatant UKIP front operation’ to ensure that a group of alleged party sympathisers secure official designation as the main no campaigners in the EU referendum… Farage, the UKIP leader, has come under fire after Arron Banks, a major party donor, wrote to the electoral commission to request that a new Eurosceptic group, The Know, is designated as the official no campaign” – Guardian

  • Farage also accused of hijacking Scots elections – Scotsman

Siemens worried by Rudd’s cuts to wind power

Amber Rudd“One of the world’s biggest industrial conglomerates has weighed into a row about green energy measures that the Conservative government has watered down or scrapped since it took office. Germany’s Siemens, a top global wind turbine maker which is investing £160m in a Hull factory, has urged ministers to dispel industry concerns… For business groups such as Siemens, the most disquieting changes have been those set out by Amber Rudd, the new energy secretary” – Financial Times

TaxPayers’ Alliance tots up tax

“The average family will pay £734,000 in taxes over their lifetime, researchers claim. Households will typically pay £253,040 in income tax, £146,775 in VAT and £92,795 in National Insurance contributions… Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘This shows just how heavy the burden of taxation falls on every family across Britain’” – The Sun (£)

Elder Miliband could come back if Corbyn wins

David Miliband“David Miliband could return as an MP if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader to try to take advantage of the hard-left candidate’s likely downfall, leading Blairites have suggested. The comments came as divisions within Labour deepened. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) endorsed Mr Corbyn and urged him to purge the party of Blairites, calling them a ‘virus’. David Miliband has refused to deny that he still has ambitions in British politics” – The Times (£)

  • Another trade union backs Corbyn – Independent
  • Corbyn’s supporters are idiots – Philip Collins, The Times (£)
  • Why women are fascinated by Corbyn – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail



News in brief

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