Terror response: Cameron threatens to bomb ISIS in Syria…

Cameron Fightback“RAF raids on Islamic State could be extended to its Syrian strongholds, David Cameron suggested yesterday. The Prime Minister said ‘military solutions’ must form part of the response to IS in the wake of the Tunisian beach massacre. ‘We do need to crush IS in Iraq and Syria,’ he told MPs. His remarks came in a statement to the House of Commons setting out the response to what he called the ‘generational struggle’ against extremists. Mr Cameron said a minute’s silence would be held at noon this Friday to commemorate the beach victims seven days on.” – Daily Mail

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  • Silence, followed by a war of words – Ann Treneman, The Times (£)
  • We need sympathy for the victims before shaming begins – Donald Macintyre, The Independent

…and urges schools to look out for ‘future terrorists’

“Schools will be told today to look out for pupils being groomed by extremists as David Cameron warned that Britain was engaged in a “generational struggle” against terrorism. The move is the first wave of what the prime minister called a “full spectrum” response to extremism in schools, universities and prisons, as well as the exposure it is given in the media. He vowed to “take on the radical narrative that is poisoning young minds”. The measure came as the prime ­minister announced a national minute’s silence at midday on Friday for the victims of the terrorist attack in Tunisia, in which about 30 British citizens are feared to have been killed.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister calls fight with extremism ‘struggle of our generation’ – Financial Times

Rachel Sylvester: Cameron prepares to drain the terrorist swamp

Rachel Sylvester“For David Cameron, though, this is no longer just a question of sympathy for the families or solidarity with the Tunisian government; it is also about the survival of British values and traditions. There is an “existential threat” to this country, he told the BBC. The Islamist extremists have “declared war on us” and “they are attacking our way of life and what we stand for”. The creation of a “poisonous death cult” that is “the perversion of a great religion” is “the struggle of our generation”. It was a deliberate change of tone. Britain must be “more intolerant of intolerance”, he later told MPs. For Mr Cameron, this has become a fight against an ideology — every bit as era-defining as the Cold War — rather than just a question of security.” – The Times (£)

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English Votes mechanism could be introduced before the summer

“Proposals to give English MPs a veto on English-only laws will be revealed on Thursday and could become law before the summer, senior government sources have told The Telegraph. Number 10 hopes to use an obscure parliamentary procedure known as standing orders to lock Scottish MPs out of shaping legislation that only affects English voters. The move needs just a single vote of approval from MPs to be put into law in a move that would circumvent the months of parliamentary scrutiny which comes with full legislation.” – Daily Telegraph

EU 1) Osborne warns Brits in Greece to take enough cash for their entire stay

Euro meltdown“British families going on holiday to Greece should take enough Euros cover their entire trip in case their credit cards stop working and cash machines run dry, George Osborne announced today. The Chancellor said the government was preparing ‘for the worst’ over the crisis and urged tourists to do the same. He also announced that 3,000 expat OAPs living in Greece will be given support to set up new British bank accounts to have their pensions paid into, amid fears they could be stopped from accessing their savings.” – Daily Mail

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EU 2) Allister Heath: Leftist politics has destroyed Greece

“If Greece votes yes on Sunday, the government will collapse and the EU will once again have succeeded in removing a government it doesn’t like. If Greece votes no, it will be out of the euro, at least in practice, this time next week… When it becomes obvious that Greece no longer remains in the euro, the state will legislate to redenominate all euro assets and liabilities into the new drachma, which by now will be collapsing very quickly, while formally defaulting on what’s left of its euro-denominated debts. This will trigger another massive set of bankruptcies and ensure that, for a time at least, no foreign company will want to deal with a Greek company.” – Daily Telegraph


EU 3) Javid attacks CBI for Europhile stance

JAVID Sajid black background“Sajid Javid on Monday rebuked big business over its pro-European stance, suggesting the CBI’s enthusiasm for continued EU membership could hamper the prime minister’s renegotiation efforts. The business secretary, in his first address to the industry body since taking up his post in May, said pre-empting the outcome of negotiations “doesn’t work” and implored business to adopt a more circumspect position. “I’ve heard that the CBI thinks the UK should remain in the European Union no matter what,” Mr Javid said. “…Does it really make sense to say, so early in the process, that ‘the rules of this club need to change, but don’t worry — we’ll always be members no matter what?” – Financial Times

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Tyrie supports Osborne plan for permanent tax simplification watchdog

“Parliament should be told every year whether the tax system is getting simpler or more complex, Andrew Tyrie has told the chancellor. The Treasury committee chairman threw his weight behind George Osborne’s plan to create a permanent watchdog in charge of simplifying the tax system, despite saying the move was “not in line with my instincts”. In a letter to the chancellor about the future of the Office of Tax Simplification, Mr Tyrie reluctantly endorsed the government’s plan to remove the quango’s “sunset clause”. The move was heralded in the Conservative party manifesto, which promised to put the office on a permanent basis and expand its role and capacity, saying it had resulted in many improvements to the tax system since its creation in 2010.” – Financial Times

Hundreds of coasting schools to be turned into academies

BARRIE CHARACTER EDUCATION“Hundreds of coasting schools face being turned into academies over the next Parliament under tough criteria announced today. The Department for Education will introduce strict new rules in a bid to ‘shine a spotlight on complacency’ at under-performing schools. The measure is expected to hit schools in middle-class areas which have high-attaining intakes but simply focus on raising pupils over the C-grade borderline. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said such schools may be failing to ‘stretch every pupil’ and have so far fallen under the radar.” – Daily Mail

  • Morgan raises the bar with new GCSE grade criteria – The Guardian
  • School governors to be named on national database after Trojan Horse scandal – Daily Telegraph
  • Budget cuts undermining pupil premium – The Guardian

>Today: Suella Fernandez MP in Comment: Education is the engine of aspiration – just look at free schools

Labour leadership 1) Burnham strikes out at Miliband over anti-business stance…

“Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham has launched a bitter attack on Ed Miliband’s anti-business agenda – despite previously claiming the party’s election manifesto was the “best” he had ever run on. Andy Burnham wrote to the bosses of Britain’s biggest companies hitting out at his old boss’s “failure to seriously engage” with job creators. In a damning assessment, he also claims Mr Miliband “didn’t even want to listen to what was important” to the private sector. A copy of his letter to business chiefs has been seen by The Sun.” – The Sun (£)

Labour leadership 2) …yet plans to scrap fees designed to reduce frivolous employment tribunal claims

LABOUR dead rose“Upfront fees paid by workers who take cases to employment tribunals should be scrapped, Andy Burnham, the front-runner in the Labour leadership race will say. In a controversial move, the Coalition Government introduced charges of up to £1,200 in 2013 after business complained about frivolous claims.  But The Independent revealed in April that the total number of claims at employment tribunals slumped by almost 70 per cent – down from 340,000 in the first three months of the 2013-14 financial year to just over 110,000 in the third quarter of 2014-15.” – The Independent

Labour leadership 3) Unrepentant Kendall refuses to soften message

“An unrepentant Liz Kendall said Labour had to stop recoiling from the task of winning back Tory voters, as key figures in her leadership campaign asserted their right to criticise rivals Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper as continuity candidates committed to the same policies that lost the 2015 election. There have been reports of splits in her camp as some urge her to tone down her calls for change, and recognise the party membership are not in the mood for a shift to the political centre ground. One of her campaign aides, John Woodcock, writing in the New Statesman, expressed his concern that the leftwing candidate Jeremy Corbyn was winning strong applause at party hustings for his positions on Trident spending and foreign policy.” – The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Pressure mounts on CPS chief to resign over Janner – Daily Mail
  • Half get more money than they pay into the state, claims think tank – The Times (£)
  • Courts will ‘grind to a halt’ this week, say protesting lawyers – Daily Telegraph
  • Criminal bar association may ballot for strike action – The Independent
  • MI6 HQ flies rainbow flag – The Sun (£)
  • Scotland Yard creates SAS-style unit to tackle terrorist gunmen – The Guardian
  • Victory for foes of shale gas as Lancashire councillors reject fracking – Daily Mail
  • One in five MPs employs a family member – Daily Telegraph
  • ONS figures show poor pay more tax than rich – The Independent

And finally… Cameron celebrated election win with £500 hamper

Cameron Downing Street Election 2015“David Cameron celebrated his general election victory in style – with a £500 hamper from Royal grocers Fortnum & Mason, it was revealed today. The Prime Minister accepted the gift from the upmarket retailer the day after last months’ election on May 8. The revelation was buried in the first register of MPs’ financial interests since the election which was published this morning.” – Daily Mail