Tactical voting 1) Boris urges UKIP waverers to vote Tory to defeat Miliband

BORIS blue and red‘Boris Johnson last night urged Ukip voters to ‘swing behind the Conservatives’ to avoid the ‘nightmare’ of a ‘backward-looking Labour government’ propped up by an ‘even more Left-wing’ SNP. The London Mayor claimed Ukip supporters are in ‘increasing psychological conflict’ as they realise a vote for Nigel Farage’s party is a ‘vote for Ed Miliband’. ‘A lot want to come home to the Tories. Any gain by Ukip is a gain by Miliband,’ he told the Daily Mail as he campaigned in the Thanet South.’ – Daily Mail Leader

>Yesterday: WATCH: Ashdown claims 60 Tory ‘bastards’ make up ‘Nigel’s fifth column’

Tactical voting 2) Rifkind: Consider what works best to stop the SNP

‘Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Conservative foreign secretary, has urged Tories in Scotland to consider voting Labour to keep out the Scottish National party. Emotional language must only be used if it is “entirely justified”, according to Sir Malcolm, but the SNP posed such an existential threat that unusual tactics should be considered in next month’s general election.’ – The Times (£)

  • Two million voters could back the Tories to stop Sturgeon – The Sun (£)
  • Miliband accuses Cameron of risking the Union – FT
  • The longer the SNP are a story, the better for the Tories – Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph
  • Darling urges Labour to rule out any sort of deal – The Sun (£)
  • The nationalists are far to the left of Labour – Chris Deerin, The Sun (£)




IDS: Labour hates people who work hard and take risks

DUNCAN SMITH white background‘The former Conservative leader set out a powerful moral case for the party’s policies, which have reduced welfare dependency and got two million more into work. ‘Labour doesn’t understand work. They don’t understand the importance of work in a cultural, social and health sense,’ he said. ‘Instead they’re saying “here are the people we hate”. They hate people who get up early in the morning and work to get a business off the ground, they hate people who take risks, hate people that earn money, hate people that create jobs. They are reinventing the politics of envy.’ – Daily Mail

  • Foodbank organisation claims one million rely on them (though they count visits, not people) – Daily Mail
  • Is the Trussell Trust a charity or part of the Labour Party? – Daily Mail Leader
  • Who will tackle productivity? – FT Leader

Ministers mull sending warship to tackle the Mediterranean migrant crisis

‘Military chiefs are preparing to offer one of Britain’s biggest warships to tackle the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean that has left thousands of migrants dead. The deployment of HMS Bulwark, a 176-metre launchpad for helicopters and small vessels that protected London during the 2012 Olympics, is among options under consideration after ministers yesterday backed a “more formidable operation on the sea” in response to the deaths of up to 1,300 migrants over the past week.’ – The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Jeremy Lefroy on Comment: Flawed and failed – not to mention immoral. The EU policy of deterring migrants by drowning them.

Cameron pledges nine million hours of free childcare a week

cameron-face‘David Cameron will today pledge to deliver nine million extra hours of childcare each week for free in a bid to help get struggling mums and dads back to work. The PM will vow to give everyone in the country a chance to get back to work full-time if they want to – by lifting the burden of childcare costs.’ – The Sun (£)

Shapps denies accusations of sockpuppetry on Wikipedia

‘Wikipedia has blocked a user account on suspicions that it is being used by the Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps, “or someone acting on his behalf” to edit his own page along with the entries of Tory rivals and political opponents…on Tuesday night, he said it was “categorically false and defamatory. It is untrue from start to finish, and was quite likely dreamt up by the Labour press office. Sadly it is typical of the smears coming from those who would rather not debate policy and substance,” Shapps said.’ – The Guardian

  • US Republicans to campaign in Tory marginals – FT

NHS Hinchingbrooke was ‘stitched up’ by quangocrats

NHS‘The health watchdog that damned the NHS’s first privately run hospital ignored a spot check by its own inspectors that found huge improvements in standards. The vital findings have been suppressed for nearly four months, and have only emerged now after the Care Quality Commission quietly revised its report to rate many of the hospital’s services as ‘good’. In January the commission branded Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire as ‘inadequate’ and placed it in special measures, along with a dozen of the worst hospitals in the country. But today the watchdog will upgrade this to ‘requires improvement’ and publish a glowing report.’ – Daily Mail

  • The nurses earning six figures – Daily Mail
  • Burnham ‘plays politics’ with pay – FT
  • Shadow health minister fails to explain Opposition spending plans – The Sun (£)
  • Labour can’t be trusted with the NHS – The Sun Says (£)

The majority of Labour candidates in target seats are sponsored by Unite

‘More than half of Labour candidates in winnable seats are sponsored by just one hard-left trade union. Fifty-four of the party’s contenders for 106 target constituencies are either members of Unite, or are endorsed or partially bankrolled by it. The analysis by the Mail lays bare the extraordinary stranglehold the union’s firebrand leader ‘Red’ Len McCluskey has on Ed Miliband.’ – Daily Mail



Lib Dems promise public sector pay rises

LibDemDead‘Mr Clegg announced on Tuesday that the Lib Dems would ensure employees in the public sector were “no longer subject to real-terms cuts in their pay from the first full year of the next parliament”. The party would issue guidance to public sector pay review bodies to ensure pay increases at least in line with inflation in 2016-17 and 2017-18.’ – FT

Pressure grows on DPP over Janner allegations

‘The decision not to prosecute the Lord Janner of Braunstone over child abuse offences should be reversed amid public concerns of a “whitewash”, an alliance of senior politicians has said. In an unprecedented show of unity during a general election campaign, eleven leading figures from seven parties say in a letter to The Times today that Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions, is “damaging public confidence” in the criminal justice system with her ruling.’ – The Times (£)

Calls for an end to easily abused postal voting

ballot_box‘The integrity of the election result is under threat from the widespread practice of families filling in their postal votes together, legal experts have warned. The Law Commission is being urged to ensure that May 7 is the last time that millions of Britons are allowed to choose to vote by post instead of going to a polling station. Lawyers say that the sanctity of the secret ballot is threatened by mass postal voting and there is a risk of coercion where heads of families decide how all their relatives will vote.’ – The Times (£)

News in Brief

  • Academics call for a ban on rugby in schools – Daily Mail
  • Contestants on Bear Grylls’ survival show ate a rare crocodile by mistake – The Sun (£)
  • Trade accused of crashing Wall Street from his house in Hounslow – The Times (£)
  • In pictures: Ed Miliband, lectern fan – Daily Telegraph
  • Tesco reports £6 billion loss – WalesOnline
  • Auschwitz accountant pleads for forgiveness – Daily Mail
  • Deadly diet pills easily available online – The Sun (£)
  • Animal cruelty prosecutions rise – Daily Telegraph
  • Madonna attacked for quoting Thatcher – The Guardian

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